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Summary Of Series

     Though titled 'Arc the Lad' the series mainly focuses around the character Elc.  Based off of a Japanese Playstation game "Arc the Lad II ", this anime is about a bounty hunter named Elc who seeks revenge for his village, which was destroyed when he was young.  He believes that the blame lays on an outlaw called Arc who owns a ship called the Silver Noah, which Elc remembered seeing at the destruction of his village.  But with fighting chimeras and the evil White House will Elc find the revenge that he seeks or will he discover the truth about the Spirits, Arc, and White House?  More importantly, can he accept it?

     On the other side, Arc seeks to prevent the nefarious plans of White House from releasing the Darkness, which will consume the world.  However, between fighting against chimeras from White House and Elc with his time running out, will he be able to perform his duty as the one chosen by the Spirits and protect the ark or will all his efforts end with Darkness.

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Elc and Arc

Toshuu and Shuu


Kukuru and Leiza