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Cold Shower

Yoji walked into the bathroom that morning with no intent other than taking a shower. He had a towel thrown casually over one broad shoulder, and he was stark naked. No one would be up this early in the morning, so he didn’t fret about his appearance as he opened the bathroom door and stepped in.

Aya looked back at him from behind the transparent shower curtain. “What are you doing, Yoji?” he demanded as his fingers worked up a lather of shampoo in his hair.

The taller man hadn’t expected anyone to be up. “I didn’t know you were in here.” He turned to the sink and looked at his sleep-worn face in the mirror, brushing back strands of long dark hair from his emerald eyes.

Yoji paused suddenly when he saw Aya’s reflection behind him. The red head was staring at him. Not merely looking, but staring. Those amethyst eyes studied the tall, muscular form of his body as he combed his hair. Aya finally realized that Yoji could see him in the mirror, and his face blanched visibly. It turned as scarlet as his hair.

“So Aya, what are you doin’ up this early?” he asked, turning around and leaning on the sink, leaving the whole front of his body naked to the other man’s gaze. It was rather amusing to watch his comrade.

His voice betrayed no emotion. “Couldn’t sleep. Haven’t been able to in a while.” His eyes flicked quickly to Yoji’s groin before glancing away.

Yoji smiled evilly and dropped his towel from his shoulder to the toilet. “Mind if I join you? Uses less water that way.”

“Definitely not.”

“Aw, come on Aya. I don’t bite.” He winked. “Unless you want me to.”

Aya glared at him before turning away and grabbing a bar of apple- scented soap as if to end the discussion. Yet Yoji would not be deterred from his new target. He stepped into the shower as casually as he did when he was alone.

He could not help admiring his leader’s long, white body. Aya was slender and lean, but his muscles did not bulge. Instead, he looked all soft and vulnerable. Yoji knew that the young man’s strength could compare with his own when angry. It was a dangerous combination, to be so damn beautiful, yet as deadly as a viper.

“Get out.” Aya said vehemently in his deep, resonant voice.

“Why? We’re both guys, Aya. Does that make you uncomfortable?” Yoji leaned closer to him and reached around him with both arms in order to grab the shampoo.

Aya gasped slightly and backed away. “Of course not.”

“Of course not. Then you won’t mind if I take a shower with you. Right?” He suppressed a chuckle when the red head glowered at him. “Don’t be so damn edgy. That’s one of your problems. Afraid to let people get near enough to touch you.”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are.” Yoji reached out and placed a hand on Aya’s slender arm.

Aya flinched at the touch.

“See what I mean?” The man sighed in mock compassion. “Now let me under the water so that I can wash my hair.” He poured a load of shampoo in his long hair and stood under the water when his comrade moved. “Thank you.”

Aya grunted in response and crossed his arms. Yet he could not help himself. His eyes roamed all over Yoji’s body. It was so firmly muscled and masculine, broad-shouldered and narrow-wasted, with a flat stomach and long legs. He bit his bottom lip as his manhood began to swell, reacting to the image of the man’s body.

Yoji scrubbed his head with his fingernails, working in the shampoo.

“You’re doing it all wrong, Yoji. You use your fingertips, not your nails. That’s not good for your scalp.” He placed the tips of his fingers on Yoji’s scalp and began to massage the lather into it.

“Ahhh... that’s good Aya.” He smiled to himself and leaned into the touch. This was going perfectly so far.

He combed his fingers through Yoji’s long, dark blonde hair as he rinsed the suds from it, watching the rich foam slide down the man’s broad back and gather at the tip of his crack. He found his mouth watering. Closing his eyes tightly, he let out a long breath and sucked back in more air.

When his hair had been thoroughly rinsed, Yoji turned and smiled down at Aya. “Am I the only one who enjoyed that?” he said huskily.

The red head blinked once, unsure of how to answer. He was not one who lied easily. “In what sense of enjoyment?”

Yoji grinned and leaned closer, forcing his comrade to back slightly into the tiled wall. “You know what I mean.” He brought his mouth close to the younger man’s neck, letting his hot breath flow teasingly over it.

Aya wanted to push him away. Wanted to punch him. Instead, he found himself unconsciously tilting his head back, further exposing the white tendons in his neck. “I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Yes you do.” Chuckling, Yoji let his hand rest on Aya’s narrow shoulder. “I see the way you look at me. Of course I would notice.” He leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the throbbing vein in his neck, letting his teeth scrape it before moving away completely.

Aya closed his eyes and held his breath. He had been dreaming of something like this for the past two months, ever since he had accidentally walked in on the man taking a shower. The vision of Yoji’s naked body had haunted his dreams. This was like a fantasy becoming reality. Groaning, Aya tilted his head back even farther, a silent plea.

“That’s what I thought.” Yoji answered the young man’s plea, bringing his mouth down to kiss his neck.

The red head gasped as Yoji’s lips opened and slid over his jugular. It was hot and wet, burning his skin like a damp brand of possession. He closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip, trying to keep quiet. Why was he letting Yoji do this? Why didn’t he push him away? His loins were churning like never before, consuming him in uncontrollable waves of intense desire.

“That’s good Yoji,” he whimpered, entwining his fingers in that long, silky hair. How he had dreamed of doing that.

Yoji sucked up and down his neck, drinking in the water that poured down it. He was growing erect very quickly. He was completely mesmerized by the taste, smell, and chaotic beauty of Aya. Growling, he pushed his captive roughly into the wall and began to bite gently at his neck.

Aya could feel the man’s cock swelling against him, and as he was pushed into the wall, he made sure that it rubbed thoroughly against his thigh. This brought a strangled grunt from Yoji, who rubbed into it harder.

“Aya, how long have you been attracted to me?” he asked breathlessly.

He pondered his reply. “Two months. I never thought about it until I saw you naked that day. Ever since then I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.”

Yoji smiled. “I’ve wanted you since the first moment I laid eyes on you. You are very beautiful.” He captured Aya in a savage kiss, pushing his tongue past the silky entrance of his lips and running it over his teeth. Then it entered him, tasting the inside of his mouth like a hungry creature. He let the tip of his tongue lick over Aya’s own sleek muscle, his smooth cheeks, and the roof of his mouth.

“Mmm,” he moaned. His eyes opened as they parted. “You’re good at that.”

“Comes with experience, my dear Aya.” Yoji replied, licking his way once again down the long column of his neck.

Aya arched his back and wrapped his arms around Yoji’s neck. He cried out when the man bit his collarbones, bringing forth a sharp yet pleasurable sting. His hands slid down the man's firmly muscled back and gripped his ass in two powerful hands, bringing him forward roughly.

Yoji was surprised by the sudden action. He looked down into Aya’s glowing amethyst eyes and smiled. “Impatient, aren’t we?” he asked teasingly. His mouth traced an invisible pattern to the red head’s nipples.

“Yoji!” he called as his nipples were licked with the tip of Yoji’s experienced tongue. His breath came in short panting gasps, and he was so hard it hurt.

Yoji sucked a nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he did so. He enjoyed the way Aya gasped and moaned with every gentle touch. It made him incredibly hot. He alternated between the hard little nubs, working one with his mouth while pinching the other with two fingers. “You taste so delicious,” he murmured.

Aya slid his hand down Yoji’s taught chest and stomach. He caressed the rippling muscles there with his fingertips. Slowly, languidly, his hands reached their goal. He gripped Yoji’s testes with one hand, massaging them between his fingers, while his other hand wrapped around the thick shaft of his cock. Its size was overwhelming, and he wondered how much it was going to hurt to have it thrusting inside of him. The thought made him shiver with ecstasy. He began to stroke it while kneading his silky jewels.

“Aya...” Yoji groaned. His thighs went taught, bulging with muscle. “Oh yeah, that’s good.”

Aya smiled quickly. It was barely discernible before he once again covered with a nonchalant frown. “Let me suck you.”

Yoji drew back from him slightly. “You’ll get no objections from me.”

Aya got down on his knees and put his nose in Yoji’s fine dusting of pubic hair, smelling of it deeply. The scent of his arousal was intoxicating. Letting both of his hands caress the man’s testes, he licked the tip of his erection. The taste of his precum filled Aya’s mouth with its bittersweet flavor. He swirled his tongue around the velvety tip of Yoji’s cock and took it into his mouth, suckling on it with a delighted fervor. He went down on it slowly, taking inch after inch into the steaming cavern of his mouth.

“Unh!” Yoji cried, shoving his hips forward.

Choking, Aya refused to let go. It slid past his gag reflex and down his throat, where he swallowed it up. He would have liked to make the man come, but then they wouldn’t have energy for the sex that he was intent on having.

“Damn, Aya. You’re good at that.”

He released Yoji’s swollen organ. “It comes with experience, my dear Yoji.”

“You like to suck cock, eh?” He laughed outright as Aya got back on his feet and faced him, glowering softly. “Well, you’re damn good at it. Got any bath oils around here?” His emerald eyes landed on a bottle of apple-scented oils, and he grabbed it eagerly.

Yoji lubricated two long fingers with the oil, his gaze never leaving Aya’s. Then he gently pushed the young red head into the wall, kissing all over his neck, chin, and mouth. The tip of his index finger ran teasingly over the soft mound of Aya’s opening.

“Come on, Yoji. Fuck me hard.” He gasped as one finger entered him, slick with lubrication. Spreading his legs farther apart, Aya moved forward, begging it to be done harder.

“As you wish.” He shoved in a second digit before Aya was ready, stretching him open painfully. “Is that how you like it?”

“Yes!” he cried as the fingers shoved forcefully into him. It had been a long time since he had been entered, and he wanted it done hard.

Yoji finger fucked him for a few minutes as they kissed. He stretched open that smooth, tight little canal as quickly as possible. He rubbed his fingers along that special spot inside Aya, causing the young man to cry out and beg for more.

“More, Yoji! Oh yeah. Do it to me hard.” His head rested against the wall as he arched his neck.

Yoji took one of Aya’s legs and pulled it up against his chest so that he could have access. He withdrew his fingers and grabbed the red head’s round ass. He let the tip of his cock slide across Aya’s puckered opening before thrusting gently inside.

“Oooh!” he wailed as the thick organ seared into him. He rested his head on Yoji’s broad shoulder as the man shoved forcefully into him, tearing into him. “That’s it, Yoji. Fuck me good!” he screamed through clenched teeth.

Yoji said nothing, only concentrated on entering Aya’s canal. He didn’t want to rip him, so he went inside as carefully as possible while putting enough force into it to satisfy his lover. When he was all the way inside, he rested a moment to let Aya grow accustomed to his size.

“Damn it! I said to fuck me hard, you bastard.”

“I never knew you had this side to you, Aya.” He grinned egotistically and drew completely out of Aya before ramming swiftly back inside. “Is that better?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” His deep voice echoed from the tiled walls as Yoji rode him as hard as possible.

The older man gritted his teeth and put as much force as possible into each stroke, pounding into Aya so hard that he was sure he had to be ripping something. Yet the red head only demanded more, so Yoji was forced to give in. His hips slammed into Aya’s with each thrust, causing his lover to be continuously banged against the wall. They were both crying out loud now, caught up in the storm of lust.

Yoji’s lower torso was suddenly being bathed in a hot stream of seed, which erupted like a flow of pearly lava from Aya’s cock. Amazingly, Yoji went into climax at the same time, unable to hold himself back as he filled Aya with his burning hot semen. They convulsed as orgasmic waves took over them.

Aya went limp against Yoji. His knees were too weak to support him any longer. He let one more moan, one more blast of cum, and went completely still. He could still feel Yoji’s seed filling him, overflowing him, running down his inner thighs as it leaked out.

“Oh good god, Aya.” Yoji breathed raggedly, leaning against him as they were supported against the wall. “You are one delicious treat.”

Aya opened his eyes to look up at the man, and smiled. “You fucked me good, Yoji. I see that your reputation serves you well.”

“You think so?” His legs trembled slightly as he backed away. The shower had grown cold, cooling their burning skin. He looked down at his newest lover admirably. “You weren’t too bad yourself.”

They wrapped their arms around one another as their strength returned. Yoji leaned forward and kissed Aya tenderly.

“How did this happen?” Aya wondered out loud.

“I seduced you,” Yoji said, grinning.

The red head raised one brow and gripped Yoji’s waist with both hands. They kissed again, wrestling with their tongues as the cold water soothed them.

Their passion was broken when they heard a crashing sound from the doorway.

“Aya! Yoji-kun!” Omi stood in the doorway, blue eyes wide in shock. “What the hell...”

Aya blinked dumbly at the boy, too surprised to answer right away. “We were just, uh...”

Yoji cut in abruptly. “Fucking each other.”

Omi recovered from his initial shock. “So you two are going out...?”

“No. We just felt like having some good sex, and we happened to find each other. No big deal.” Yoji stepped out of the shower and grabbed his towel. “How about you, Omi? Are you interested?”

The boy’s mouth fell open. “No way!”

“Your loss.” The man dried himself off, blew a kiss to Aya, and exited the room.

Omi stared at his red headed leader for the longest time, curious and shocked. “Ken and I were going to go out for breakfast if you and Yoji would like to go.”

Aya considered it for a moment, realizing how weak his knees were. “I need to rest up for a while before going anywhere. Yoji might want to go, though.” He grabbed a towel and began to buff himself dry.

“Okay. Bye, Aya.” He smiled sweetly and took off down the hall as if eager to tell Ken of his discovery.

Thirty minutes later, Aya had dressed himself and was heading toward the kitchen. He could smell an omelet, and he hadn’t realized just how hungry he was until the aroma met him. He found Yoji in the kitchen, alone, cooking some eggs with cheese, chives, onions, and chopped ham. His mouth began to water.

“Hungry?” Yoji asked, spooning a large omelet off the pan, setting it on a plate, and putting it on the table.

“Yes.” Aya grabbed a fork and dug in.

“Sex will always work up one’s appetite.” He winked. He made his own omelet and sat across from his comrade. They ate mostly in silence, watching one another.

Finally, Aya spoke up. “Yoji, I didn’t mean for that to happen this morning. In fact, I would prefer it if it never happened again. Understand what I’m saying?”

“Why not?”

“We aren’t a very good influence for our younger comrades, you know, having sex in the shower. Fucking like animals in heat. It’s just not a very respectful position for us.”

Yoji grinned. “What’s wrong with having sex? I enjoyed it, and you enjoyed it. I wouldn’t mind taking you again right here and now, in this kitchen.”

Aya’s breath stopped short. Now that was something he wouldn’t mind doing. The image of Yoji entering him from behind while being draped over the kitchen table was making him hard already. “No, we can’t do that.”

“I bet you’re sporting a hard-on right now, Aya. Stand up and let’s see.”

“I bet you are, Yoji. Why don’t you let me see?” He glowered at the blonde across from him.

Yoji shrugged and stood. His cock was straining against his pants as if it would jump out at any second. “I’m not embarassed to admit that you can make me hard with a mere thought. Come on, Aya. Let’s fuck right here.” He sat on the table and began to unzip his pants.

“Yoji! We shouldn’t...”

“Since when did risks bother you, oh mighty leader?” He brought out his throbbing member. “Come on, cock sucker. Suck me dry.”

Aya closed his eyes and swallowed, but could not get the image of that giant cock out of his head. He remembered the taste and smell of it, the feel of it inside of him... “Damn you, Kuduo Yoji.” He stood in front of the older man, glaring at him.

“Can’t resist a good blow job, can you Aya?” He chuckled and pushed his hips forward slightly. “Make me come.”

Aya caved in. He placed his hands on Yoji’s chest and shoved him into the table. The man’s head banged against the wood. Aya swallowed up his erection in one gulp, sucking on it with a bruising force.

“Ahhh. Yes, Aya. Oh, that’s good!” He smiled and thrust his hips upward, burying himself even farther in the red head’s mouth. “Suck me good, baby.”

Aya could barely fit the thick shaft between his lips. It filled his mouth and throat, its musky scent teasing his nostrils. With a groan and the scraping of teeth, he took it all into him, sucking up and down.

Yoji moaned and writhed under the pressure. “I’ve never had anyone take me that deep before,” he said. His blonde locks spread around his lust-heated face. “You’re the best cock sucker that I’ve ever met.”

Aya knew that Yoji meant no insult. It was only dirty talk, which proved to turn the both of them on. He growled and sucked as hard as he could.

With a stranlged grunt, Yoji came. He filled Aya’s throat with his seed, sending spray after spray into it. His moans had become sharp screams, which he did nothing to suppress. “Damn, Aya! You swallowed it all,” he said as he slid out of the red head’s mouth.

He wiped his lips the back of his hand. Yoji’s flavor had to be the best he had ever tasted. “You taste good.”

“So I’ve been told.” He pulled Aya down on top of him and kissed him passionately. “I’m glad that Omi and Ken are gone.”

“So am I.” He kissed the man back.

Yoji suddenly grinned and sat up. “Look. I’m still hard.”

Aya looked down at his throbbing cock. “Was it not good enough for you?”

“It was awesome. But I want to fuck you, Aya. I want to do you hard, right here. Is that okay with you?” At the young man’s nod, he stood and walked to the refrigerator. “Hey, we’ve got chocolate syrup.”

“That’s Omi’s.” Aya began to undress. The sight of Yoji hanging out of his unzipped pants was making him so incredibly hot. “I don’t want to play around. I want you to shove you cock into me and do me hard. Right now. No foreplay or sweet talk, just a wild, dirty fuck.”

“Anything my leader commands.” He put the chocolate syrup back in the refrigerator and approached the red head quickly. “Already undressed? You are in the mood, aren’t you? Bend over the table.”

Aya did so eagerly. He rested his chest against the smooth, cool wood of the table and raised his ass in the air. “Come on, Yoji. We don’t need any lubrication. Just hurry up and fuck me.”

Yoji didn’t bother taking off his clothes. He pressed his swollen cock against Aya’s tiny bud and shoved into his unprepared canal. Aya screamed and went rigid as the thick shaft burned through him.

“Oh god that hurts!” he wailed.

“I’m sorry, Aya. Should I stop?” Yoji asked concertedly.

“No. Do me.” He impaled himself himself on Yoji’s shaft, planting his feet firmly in the floor. “Oh yes! That’s... oooh! More! Rip me apart!”

Yoji grabbed Aya’s slender waist and slammed into him. His thrusts were powerful, sending his red headed lover smacking against the table. His cock tore its way into Aya’s orifice, pounding his special little spot. The younger man clawed at the table, screaming in pain and pleasure.

“Harder! Rape me!” He could feel the metal zipper of his lover’s pants scratching at the pale round globes of his ass, and he shoved himself into it. There was something warm and wet trickling down his thighs --- it was blood.

Yoji saw the blood, and would have stopped, but Aya was screaming at him to do it harder. Commanding him to rape him. So he went faster, putting a tremendous force into each and every thrust, slamming Aya into the table, crying out with the sheer barbarity of it all.

“I’m coming, Yoji! Oh sweet god, you’re incredible. Rape me hard! Fuck me until it rips me apart...” Aya’s cum splashed onto the table and dripped in the floor, where it made a small white puddle. He trembled with the release, and screamed until his throat was raw.

Yoji came not long after. He gritted his teeth and dove inside one final time, filling the pale assassin with his seed. It overflowed Aya’s tiny orifice and trickled down his thighs, mingling with the sweat and thin rivulets of blood. A plate rattled on the table as Aya was pushed into it for the last time, and it went shattering to the floor.

He drew out of the young man as gently as possible, his knees weaker than ever. He could barely make it the chair, where he sat and almost passed out. Yoji watched Aya though slitted lids as the red head stood, still bent over the table, breathing harshly. There was blood, cum, and sweat all over his inner thighs.

“Oh god, Aya. I’m sorry.” He stood on quaking legs and went to the sink, where he dampened a soft cloth with warm water.

“Don’t be sorry. That was the hardest fuck I’ve ever had. I asked for it, and I definitely got what I wanted. Thank you.” He winced as the cloth went over the cuts on his opening. “It was so incredible.”

“But I hurt you.” Yoji turned Aya around, pressing their bodies together. He wished suddenly that he was naked so that they could warm one another.

Aya snuggled into his shirt. “Take me to bed. I’m sleepy.”

Yoji smiled tenderly down at him and brushed ruby bangs from his eyes. “You are so strange, Aya. Commanding me to rape you one second, and asking me to snuggle with you the next. I’m not sure which one I enjoy more.”

“Carry me to bed, Yoji.” He sighed as the man picked him up and carried him to his bedrom.

Yoji laid him down on his own bed, hoping that Aya would ignore the messy appearance of his room. “I had fun today. Perhaps we can do it again.” He climbed in beside the already sleeping Aya. He kissed the back of that long, white neck and smiled to himself. “Goodnight, Aya.”


Omi walked in through the kitchen door, and stood paralyzed by the scene before him. Ken stood likewise.

“Who the hell do they think they are, cooking and having sex in here, then leaving their mess for me to clean up!” Omi swore under his breath as Ken walked in behind him.

“They must have had fun. I wonder who this belongs to.” He sniggered and pointed at the pool of semen on the floor, and the drops that littered the table.

Omi blushed. “I don’t know, nor do I want to find out.”

Ken walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around the boy’s petite waist. “How about we have a little experimentation of our own, Omi-chan?” He licked the crease behind Omi’s ear slowly, nibbled at the rim, then sucked the lobe into his mouth.

“Why, Ken-kun. On the kitchen table?” His voice was playfully curious.

“Right here, sweety.” He sat up on the table and unzipped his pants, just as Yoji had done earlier. “Wanna taste?”


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