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     Welcome to the Fushigi Yuugi information site.

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     This anime series is a shoujo created by Yuu Watasi.  It is a nineteen VHS series (eight Suzaku, eight Seiryuu--the TV series, and three OAVs) and manga.  The story revolves around a junior high school student named Miaka Yuuki and her classmate Yui Hongo who find a strange book in the library called, "The Universe of the Four Gods" and what happens to them once they get teleported inside the book and  become two of it's characters: The Suzaku no Miko (The Priestess of Suzaku) and the Seiryuu no Miko (Priestess of Seiryuu).  As the Miko they must find their shichiseishi (Seven Star Warriors) and call forth the beast god of the land to grant three wishes so that they may return to their own world.  However, along the way the friendship between the two girls will be tried as they are Mikos of two warring countries. 

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Three Of Byakko


Two Of Genbu