Bastard to World Revolutionary


“We have to be swift to realize our goals of which we are so close.” said a voice in a dark room.

Several torches made a semicircle around a golden throne chair in which sat a dark demon his hands folded over and his chin lying upon their backs as he looked at the kneeling figures before him.  He casually reached out and took his wine glass sipping then placing it gently back down, “You have only found two of the five relics.  You disappoint me greatly.”

“Bu-but Master Graf we have only had two months-“ piped up a white haired elven boy.

“That was time enough!” snapped the man in the throne and the boy cringed back a bit, “I do not want to hear any of your pathetic excuses!”

“Sire, let us try again we will find them without fail.” growled a red haired half-orc.

“That you will or pay the price for failure.” said Graf frowning at them.

“It will please Your Majesty to know that we have located a third before this council was called.  In the kingdom of Lahan lays the Rod of the Stars.” said a man with long black hair which was thrown over one shoulder, he smirked at the others who frowned.

“Once again you prove your worth to me, Citan.  Then go, you shall have your time-one month.  If they are not all recovered in that time I shall have to make a demonstration.” said Graf waving a hand, “You are dismissed.”

The five bowed then rose and exited the room quietly.  They walked down the hall together.  They soon moved into the courtyard.  A blond half-elven boy with his long hair bound tightly in a braid moved to the front of the pack, “I thought that he’d fry one of us for sure this time.”

“He may yet, Bart.” answered the man Citan his dark hazel eyes frowning.

“Hey, don’t worry so much there’s no way he’d fry you.  I bet it’ll be Emeralda.” said Bart his one good bright blue eye shining mischievously.  The other was hidden behind an eye patch.

“You watch your mouth Bart!” snapped the white haired elf suddenly turning about angrily.  His blue green eyes blazed brightly.

“It’s true!  She’s the weakest and besides she hasn’t gotten one relic of her own.  She didn’t even locate one.” said Bart smirking.

“And who’s fault is that!” yelled the boy.

“Enough!  Who are you to stick up for me anyway!” yelled the girl in question.  Her emerald green hair reflecting the light and her eyes flashing, “I haven’t proved my worth once and what he said was true.”

“Chew on that, Billy-boy.” smirked Bart pulling Emeralda close to him and giving her a kiss.  He looked up from the kiss to see Billy twitch for a moment then turn and walk off.  He knew it was a struggle for the boy not to run, “You are free to join us whenever you want!”  He shouted after Billy with a smirk.  He didn’t move as an arrow buried itself in the ground beside him or let the smirk fall from his lips at the glare from Billy’s raged face before the boy turned again his walk faster this time.  Bart burst out laughing.

“It’s not wise to provoke him like that.” said Citan calmly watching the retreat then glancing off in the direction that the half-orc had gone, “Stay away from the archery range Rico!”

“I’ll provoke him all I want.  He’s the first to reject an offer from me and I’m not going to stand for it.” said Bart letting go of Emeralda.

“You and your offers.” smirk Citan.  He watched Emeralda head for the stables.

“Hey, I’ve not had a complaint yet.” said Bart smiling wickedly at Citan.

“There’s never been anything to complain about.” said Citan then grabbing the younger boy and kissing him, “Absolutely nothing but the fact is our young friend has a clean track record and he seems to want to keep it that way.  I even gave him an offer of my own.”

“Rejected you too?  Now that sounds far fetched.” smiled Bart, “Something must be terribly wrong with him to reject your affections.”

“Maybe he needs a bit of coaxing?” said Citan tracing Bart’s face.

“I tried that and nearly ended up in the infirmary.” said Bart pulling his shirt down a bit to show a scar on his left shoulder.

“Really now Bart you should have known better than to try and force your affections on him.  You can’t force a colt to bear the saddle willingly by tossing it upon the horse’s back and expecting it to behave as a conditioned beast of burden.  Remember he’s not hopeless, he is terribly love-struck with our dear Emeralda.”  Said Citan smiling then walking towards the residence section of the castle with Bart beside him.

“I know that but I shall make sure that his life is a miserable as I can make it until he sees my reason.” said Bart.

“Really, now.  You never learn do you Bart?” asked Citan as he opened the door to a room, “You’ll only inspire his wrath which I think is a thing of beauty in of itself.”

“Elves can be so stubborn and vicious but I think that I would like him less without those traits.” said Bart.

“Here enough talk of that, let me take your mind off that subject for a while.” said Citan then he closed the door.

“That damned cold-blooded half elf!”  Billy hissed before drawing his bow and letting an arrow fly. It neatly clip an apple from atop a white-haired man’s head, who was painting a landscape while Billy practiced.

“You really should calm down.  He enjoys making you mad so you shouldn’t let him get at you so.” said the man setting another apple upon his head.

Billy smiled a bit, “You, Sigurd, are just afraid that I’ll miss.”

“Nothing of the kind dear boy.” smiled Sigurd.

Billy drew another shot, “It’s strange to see.  The Captain of the Guard to the most powerful demon warlord in the world painting landscapes…with an apple on his head.”  He let loose the arrow then smiled a bit more.

“Well, I could say a lot about a short haired elven boy who is one of the Circle of Five, the most powerful demon in the world’s elite fighters, who is in love with a girl comprised of nano-machines and is being stalked by a hot-tempered half elven boy who sleeps with half the villagers and castle personnel.”

The apple was struck though again and Billy drew for another shot as Sigurd placed another apple on top of his head, “Nice come back.”

“That’s eleven poor uneaten apples which have come to their fate as victims of archery practice, though I don’t see why you even bother.  You’re the best marksman Ashenbar has ever seen.” said Sigurd.  The apple was shot off.

“You make it sound so terrible.” said Billy collapsing his metal bow and placing it in the basket attached to his wooden quiver as he walked to reclaim his spent arrows, “Perhaps we should give them a funeral.”

“Now who’s being strange and back to normal all at the same time.” said Sigurd finishing his painting, “Well you should take my advice and not let him continually get the best of your anger.  If not more poor apples may die.”  Sigurd smiled.

“Thanks Sigurd.” said Billy pulling the arrows out.  He smiled. 

“You wanted the red ones?” asked Emeralda who was perched atop Rico’s broad shoulders reaching up at the apples on the tree.

“Yes.” said Rico.

“Why not green?” she asked.

“They are not as ripe as the red ones are.” said Rico, “They still need to grow.  On most plants the color green stands for growth.”

“Green stands for growth?” asked Emeralda looking at her own hair.

“We almost have enough.” said Rico as Emeralda dropped two more apples into the basket that he held, “I can smell that apple cobbler cooking already.”

“You’re funny Sir Rico.” smiled Emeralda she picked seven more apples before vaulting gracefully off of Rico’s shoulders and to the ground, “Is apple cobbler a good dish?”

“Yes, you should try some I think that you might like it.” said Rico.

“But I have no need for the consumption of food and it would be a waste.” said Emeralda, “My nano-machines take care of me.”

“Who told you that?” demanded Rico his brow furrowing.

“Sir Bart did.” came her simple reply.

“He…says a lot of things.” said Rico a slight under-tone of a growl in his voice, “You shouldn’t take everything that he says as law.”

“But it is the logical truth.  I need not eat.” said Emeralda.

“But you can taste.  You would be missing out on one of the greatest sensations to biological creatures if you didn’t at least eat every now and again.” said Rico with a soft smile.

“But-Sir Bart would be mad at me if I did.” said Emeralda.

“Look, if I saved you some till after dinner would you try it?” asked Rico slightly vexed, “He’s not your master you know.”

“If Bart won’t find out I shall try it.” smiled Emeralda.  Whether she ignored or just didn’t hear Rico’s second statement it passed unmentioned.

“Good girl, now off with you.  And take care, Bart has a habit of coloring the truth and stretching it to suit his whims.” said Rico then he turned toward the kitchens glancing back over his shoulder to see her skipping after a butterfly.  I wonder what he told you to make you hate Billy so much?  He wasn’t going to pry after all; he didn’t want her to hate him with the vengeance that she did the elven boy.

   Two days later----Lahan---157 miles away

“Your majesty!!” cried a voice, “Your majesty!!!!”

An old man looked up at the servant who had entered bearing with him a soldier who had arrows sticking out of his armor, which was punctured in too many places to count.  The man was bleeding profusely; he would live for much longer.  Suddenly the castle shook as a magical spell slammed into its side blowing stone chips everywhere.  An army from Ashenbar was attacking.

“Sir, they score twenty thousand men…our force is depleted…the castle will be taken and the relic….” The man died.

  “We have no choice, we must release him.  The dark warrior.” said the king rising from his chair.

“Fei!!  Get back here this is no time to be playing games!!  The castle is falling down for heaven’s sake!!!” shouted a girl with long red hair chasing down a boy of seven who had long black hair which was pulled back into a ponytail save for one long bang that stubbornly refused to lay back.  He was laughing.

“But this is fun Elly!” smiled the boy finally stopping.

“Fun if you want to die here, Fei, they are evacuating the castle.” said Elly grabbing the boy by his hand, “Now come along.”

“Ok, Elly.” the boy smiled brightly.

“Miss, Elly, the king requests your presence at the Relic chamber.” said a soldier rushing in, “Bring Fei as well.”

Elly’s face fell but she gripped Fei’s hand and following the soldier into the castle halls.  They soon entered into an enormous room that looked like something from a dream with its white marble walls and crystal floor.  The elders of the priests that guarded the relic were there as was the king and the priestess’.  The king looked up at her as the guards left closing the heavy marble door to stand outside and protect the room from invasion. 

“It is time to release, Id.” said the king.

“But King Balthazar, you can’t be serious!” said Elly pulling Fei close to her.

“Our kingdom is about to fall to Ashenbar.  The relic can’t fall into their hands, if they obtain all five of the relics they will be able to open the gate to the Netherworld and resurrect the Demon god.  They already have two, they must not be allowed to continue this madness!” said Balthazar giving Elly a stern look, “You knew one day that it would come to this, Elly.  You must.”

“B-but I can’t.” said Elly blushing and looking down at Fei who looked back up at her confusedly.

“You must!  Or we will all be destroyed!” said one of the priests.

“….but it’s…embarrassing…” blushed Elly.

“Someone has to!” wailed another priest.

“I’ll do it if you don’t want to Elly.” said a voice as a girl with long blond hair that was made of tight curls stepped forward wearing a priestess outfit.

“Princess Maria…” gasped one of the priests.

“Hey!  HEY!”  Shouted Elly tightening her grip on Fei, “Ok, I’ll do it.”

She walked with Fei over to a magic circle, which was etched into the crystal floor and knelt in front of Fei so that her face was level with his.  He looked even more confused. 

“What-“ started to ask Fei.

“Be quiet and stand still this is hard enough as it is.” snapped Elly. 

“Ok.” said Fei smiling not understanding.

Elly took one last look at the people around her then took a deep breath.  A white light illuminated her, “Take this offering and undo the seal that was placed.”  She moved her hands up and gently placed them upon Fei’s shoulders and kissed the boy.  Suddenly there was an wave of magic sent forth so powerful that it nearly knocked them all to their feet and in place of the small boy was a tall man who had a wicked grin etched upon his face and he was…. naked???

“Ha, I am Id and once again I am free to dominate the world!  AHAHAHAHAH!” laughed his deep voice.

“Please Id you must save Lahan from the forces of Ashenbar!” pleaded one of the priests. 

“I don’t think so.” said Id who was now miraculously dressed in a warrior mage’s outfit.

“B-but-“ stammered one of the priests.

“I have to kill you King Balthazar one of the Triad who imprisoned me!” said Id turning to the king and falling into a magic casting stance

“So be it Id.” said Balthazar.

“Hah, revenge at last!!  AHAHAH!!” laughed Id.

Elly looked at the monster that Id had become his long black hair was flying loose and his canine teeth pointed to fangs and on top of all of that he wasn’t going to save the kingdom, he was going to kill King Balthazar.  She had to do something!!  She looked over and saw a rod sitting on top of a pedestal.  She grabbed it and bashed Id across the head with it.

“Fei you knock that off right now!!” she shouted at the now teary-eyed evil warrior mage.

“Y-you hit me.” he said.

“You get out there and destroy those invaders!” shouted Elly.

“No.” said Id then he crossed his arms, “I don’t have to do what you say.”

Suddenly one of the walls to the room was bashed in and a dragon and its rider burst in.  Elly nearly got smashed under the falling stone but she managed to move away just in time.  Id glared at the rider.  The man laughed, “Now all of you shall taste the fire from my dragon and die!”

“You think so, eh?” grinned Id up at the man maliciously.

“Who are you, well it won’t matter soon.  Fire!” shouted the man and the dragon let a breath of fire erupt from its mouth.  Id threw up and shield and the flame hit against it harmlessly.

“Is that all your pet dragon can do?” smirked Id.

“Wha-what the hell!” shouted the man angry to see Id still standing there, “I’ll get you.  Attack, bite!”

The dragon snapped forward to crush Id in it’s mighty jaws but Id drew back and sent a stream of his own fire into the dragon’s mouth causing the dragon’s belly to explode leaving the dragon dead.  The man howled in anger, “Y-you killed my precious dragon!!   You bastard!”

“Uh huh.” said Id nodding thoughtfully, “You are next for daring to interrupt my battle and..”  He jumped backwards and powered up a huge spell throwing it at the corpse and the dragon corpse.  Blood exploded a gushing wave but Id threw up a shield so the blood was pushed away, “For daring to endanger my Elly with those falling stones.”

“You did it!” shouted on of the priests looking out of the hole and seeing the army retreating at the sight of such and explosion of blood now that their most powerful warrior had fallen.

“Now my dear, “ said Id grabbing Elly about the waist and drawing her close, “How about a kiss my love.”

She tried to squirm free from his grasp but it was like iron and she couldn’t avoid the kiss.  Suddenly there was another wave of magic and in Id’s place now stood a confused looking Fei who looked around, “Hi, Elly.”

“The kiss works in reverse too.” said Elly a bit awestruck then she bent down and hugged Fei, “Well, it’s good to have you back to your old self.”

“Ok.” said Fei not understanding at all.


“My spies have confirmed that the sorcerer was Id.” said Graf frowning, “We can not let even his resurrection stop us.  Rico, I think you can well take care of this.  Your power should be more than a match for him.  You did fight him before after all.”

“It will be my pleasure, Sire.” growled Rico.  He had a score to settle with Id.  They bowed then were dismissed.  The five dispersed in the courtyard and Rico headed toward the armory.  He put his armor on tightly; this would be a challenging fight if Id was anything like he had been.  He picked up a sword; bare hands were no match for Id’s magic.  He turned to test the blade on a thick log but he saw Billy standing in the doorway.  The elf bowed and entered at his gesture.

“You won’t be coming back.” said Billy.

“You saw that in that future tellin’ relic mirror that you aren’t supposed to be tampering with?” asked Rico with a raised brow.  He smiled.

“Would I do something like that?” Billy asked back with a grin.

“So am I going to die?” he asked.

“It didn’t say—just that you would not be returning after the battle.” said Billy, “So I have brought you something that may help so that in any case you will be victorious.”

“One day you’re going to get in big trouble you know that.” said Rico the taking the two swords that Billy handed him.  He recognized one, “This is your elemental sword of Ifrit, and I can’t take this.”

“Yes you can.  I already sealed the elemental in the blade.  He will attack anyone you choose for him to fight but remember if Ifrit is ever bested he will have a new master.” said Billy.

“So that’s why you smell burnt and the end of your hair is black.” smiled Rico.  He took care to wrap the blade up then he looked to the other sword, “This one I don’t recognize.”

“It’s new.  I placed into it some magic so you won’t be totally magically defenseless when you fight Id.  I have heard he is a powerful opponent.” said Billy, “It was crafted in the true elvish fashion and it is my farewell gift to you for whatever the future holds my friend.”

“Don’t ever underestimate Id; he has powers beyond the normal and abnormal.  He is over four hundred years old after all.” said Rico putting a hand on Billy’s shoulder, “You be careful in my absence.  Your father told Sigurd and I to watch after you and it would be a shame to disappoint him.”

“I will.” said Billy.

“I didn’t know that you could use the mirror.” Citan whispered to himself, listening by a nearby window, “Perhaps the next relic isn’t as far as we think it is…”

He turned quickly and walked back into the courtyard.  He bowed to Emeralda as he passed, “Good afternoon my dear.” 

“Greetings as well, Sir Citan.” bowed Emeralda.

Citan smiled, “We should…talk…later, Emeralda.  Say about nightfall.”

“If you want.” said Emeralda.  She knew what he really meant. 

“Good.” said Citan then he walked toward the inner most room of the castle, deep in the core past several vaults to which only six people had access and into the relic room.  He looked at the Sword of Death.  It was a very beautiful sword the hilt was made with very dark silver and had intricate patterns on it and the blade itself was solid black and hummed with unused magic.  One day Citan was going to wield that blade but now was not the time.  He walked over to the mirror and looked at the bowl in front of it that was still filled with water.  Silly elf had forgotten to get rid of the evidence that someone had been there, good.  He held his hand above it to read what sort of magic the boy had used to make the mirror work but he could not figure out the specific spell but it was still active.  He grinned.

“Mirror of future sight tell me o where the other two relics shall be found.” he said.

“Den afrr te nes azea be gental ….” came the voice of the mirror as it continued.  He listened closely and memorized what it said.  He didn’t understand the language; it was a dialect of elvish.  When it finished he quickly emptied the bowl and walked to his chambers and took out his quill and scribed onto a sheet of paper the answer the mirror had given him, he had a good memory.  Now he needed the translation but the elvish language was a secret they never wrote a translation into basic.  If one was lucky they would learn to speak several elvish words but it was forbidden to teach outsiders or even half elves the language in its entirety.  He thought then rewrote the message leaving out the first few words then took out several minor ones to keep the message from being understood correctly and added the words at the end of the new message.  He would piece the words together later but he just needed the translation for now and he had an very little idea of where to get it.

    Citan waited till later that day.  He ate with Bart as was his usual and asked the boy if he knew anything about the ancient dialects of Elven language but the answer had been a laughing ‘no’.  Bart had as little to do with his elvish heritage as he possibly could which meant even the language though Bart could speak fluent elvish he could not read it especially the ancient script.  He was only eighteen after all so he could hardly be blamed.  Citan inquired into the village for an elf but there were none living there.  Graf had practically wiped them out in all of Ashenbar.  Those who had lived through had either moved or had hidden in the countryside with the exception of Billy. 

Citan had known Billy’s father, he was an elven lord whose ambitions had rose a little too high and as far as Citan knew the man was still trapped in Limbo, a place between the world of the normal and the realm of purest magic.  He had cast a spell wrong and that’s what had happened.  Billy had followed Sigurd and Rico who had become his care takers from then on into service to Graf and from there his skill rose him through the ranks quickly, he was the second to join the elite right after Citan.  The boy was only fifty-four, one hundred and thirty years younger than himself, who was an immortal.  He was quite the young elf barely into his teenage years, around sixteen in elven terms.  Elves were to live to what they considered was a thousand years, which was tens of thousands in mortal years.  Citan frowned, he knew that he would probably have to somehow manage to get the boy to translate it but that wasn’t going to be easy.  Billy had a sharp mind even for his age and he would have questions, he knew the elvish code about things like translating for non-elves especially if the script was as ancient as he thought it was.  The elf didn’t like him or Bart that much to start with.  Citan was almost quite sure that the boy knew almost as much as he did about what underhanded dealings were going on inside the castle, so Citan had to make sure that he was especially cautious around him.  The boy was dangerous and that’s why Graf had taken to keep him around. 

Citan made his way to the orchard; that was where Billy was to be found at evening meal.  He chose not to eat with the others particularly because Bart would always have something to say to him.  The only thing that was staying Billy’s hand about killing Bart was the fact that Graf had forbidden that the Elite fight amongst each other and Billy would follow Graf’s commands to his death though Bart was standing only on a thin shard of ice.  He saw the elf sitting on one of the pear tree’s branches watching the sunset.  Citan’s mind went over its plan.

“Billy.” Citan called but he knew that the elf had been aware of his presence ever since he had stepped into the orchard.

There was a light sound as Billy jumped down from the tree branch to face Citan.  He was trying not to frown, “Yes?”

“I wish to talk with you.” said Citan.

“Then speak.” said Billy.

“In private.” said Citan.  He saw that Billy’s eyes were cautious and wary of him.

“Where?” asked Billy a slight frown touched his lips.

“The library.  There is no one there at this time of day.” said Citan offering a friendly grin.  Unlike Bart he knew what the right answers to questions were.

“As you please.” said Billy nodding a little his eyes never once dropped from Citan.

Citan smiled again then turned to walk toward the library.  Billy was already on his guard about something.  This was going to be an interesting encounter.  He walked up the stone stairs of the castle and into the main hall.  The cool gray stones were soaking up as much of the setting sun as they could.  He knew that Emeralda wouldn’t be mad if he was a bit late, she never got mad except with Billy but even then Citan didn’t know how Bart managed to make her do that.  The nano-machine girl just wasn’t the type to get angry about nothing.  Citan had been there for her creation.  Quite interesting he had to admit.  However, soon after she was created the inventor had gone mad and his notes had been burnt with him when he took his own life so she was the only nano-machine humanoid in the world.  Cuts to her flesh meant nothing to her as her body could regenerate at amazing rates.  She could even re-grow a lost limb in a matter of seconds.  The only weakness on her was he core which is located at the center of her left chest just like the human heart.  Emeralda was almost child-like in her understanding about the workings of the world.  She had disappeared soon after her creator’s death and she had shown up seventy years later.  She never spoke of where she had been before then.  It was her only guarded secret.  Soon they reached the library.  Citan opened the door and held it as Billy stepped through then closed the door.  They sat down at the table at the middle of the enormous labyrinth of tomes and scrolls.  There was a kettle of tea and two cups.  Citan poured himself a cup.

“Tea?” he asked.

“I drink no tea with you, Citan.” said Billy.  Citan was known for slipping all sorts of things into people’s drinks.

Citan smirked then poured the second cup and pushed it toward Billy, “In case you change your mind.”

“What did you want?  It’s not like you to hold long conversations with me.” said Billy frowning now, “I know that you were listening to what I said to Rico this afternoon.”

Citan flinched only slightly.  His face showed nothing but his regular calm, “What makes you think that?”

“I have very good hearing and I take note.” said Billy folding his hands and putting his chin on them, “Though I must admit I only heard you walk away.  I never realized that you were standing by the window when I entered.  I deemed the time you had been standing there by how bent the grass was.  You heard everything.”

“And what if I did, it’s not like I am going to tell Graf that you were tampering with his precious all seeing relic.” said Citan taking a sip of tea; nothing but calm and detached.

“You might if it suited your purpose.” said Billy, “I am not blind to your dealings around this castle.”

“Nor am I to yours apparently.” said Citan with a smirk, “You will just have to take my word that I won’t speak of that to Graf.  And I am sure if I did you would have some interesting stories of your own to tell him.”

“Indeed.” said Billy giving a slight grin.

“However, what I have asked you here for has nothing to do with that at all and much to do with a favor that I need to ask of you.” said Citan.

“You ask me for a favor?” said Billy and he was on his guard once again, “What dare I ask is that?”

“A translation.” said Citan bluntly.  Leading the elf on would only make him suspicious.

“You have books, you can do that yourself.” said Billy.

“An Elven translation.” said Citan.

Billy paused for a moment, “You know common elvish.”

“Ancient elvish.” said Citan calmly taking another sip of his tea.  He pushed the piece of paper across the table to Billy.  It was the original copy he wrote.

“Where did you get this?” Billy demanded his eyes scanning over the elvish script. 

“Does it matter?” asked Citan calmly knowing that the elf was surprised and now off guard.

“Yes, it matters!” said Billy as Citan took the paper back and appeared to be looking at it.

“I’ll tell you, if you tell me what it says.” said Citan twirling the paper as he took another sip of tea.  

“You know I can’t translate that for you.” said Billy, “It’s forbidden.”

“What’s the harm?  It is a few sentences, it’s not like a page or an old elvish spell.” said Citan.  He put his teacup down.

“How do you know that?” asked Billy.

“Because someone said this to me.  I don’t think that they would have said anything that was one of the great elvish secrets.  I just want to know what they said to me.” said Citan holding out the piece of paper.

“Said?  There’s an elf in the village?” asked Billy.

“No, he was a visitor.  Not from here.  We engaged in a conversation and you said yourself that I know common elvish but this somehow got into the conversation and I couldn’t understand him.  I would like to know what he said.” said Citan.

“Visitor?” asked Billy his eyes blinked dizzily.

“That’s right, a visitor.” said Citan taking another sip.  His plan was going very well, “You will translate this paper won’t you?”

“I will?” asked Billy he looked very entranced by now.

“Yes, you will.” said Citan pushing the paper forward again.

Billy took the paper again and looked over it, “The two…relics you seek be of thy quest.  One lies…within the depth of the …spirit.  The other lies atop the tallest…pillar of rock in the seal of the ones of…feather.  I can’t read the last script.  It was miswritten, the letters are jumbled.”

“That’s alright.  I have a location now.” said Citan smiling as he took the paper back.  He looked at the entranced elf and grinned.  He had known that Billy would refuse to drink the tea so he had enchanted the scent of the tea and the untouched cup of tea before him had been his mistake, “You are sleepy?”  The elf nodded, “Well, then let me fulfill my half of the bargain.  I got this inscription from the Mirror relic because you forgot to disenchant it.  Too bad you won’t remember having this conversation tomorrow you could learn something from this.  Well, “ Citan smiled, “Goodnight, Billy.”

“Goodnight…” said Billy before his eyes closed and he was well into sleep.

Citan tucked the paper into his pocket and picked the sleeping elf up.  He couldn’t leave him in here in case Bart found him before the spell wore off.  He didn’t want any evidence of this conversation left for anyone to trace back to him.  He looked down at the boy in his arms.  He was a beautiful sight asleep and for a moment Citan wished he hadn’t invited Emeralda to stay with him tonight but that would be just as bad as if Bart found him so he decided otherwise besides he wasn’t into that but it would be nice to just sleep beside such a lovely soft creature.  He smirked then walked to the door glancing back only to incinerate the tea, kettle and all.  Not even ashes were left.  He opened the door and walked out.  To all he passed, Billy had taken too hard of a hit to the head in battle practice.  He quietly stepped past Bart’s room.  The half elf and the Captain of the Guard were a little busy at the moment.  He walked into Billy’s room and laid the boy down covering him up then ruffled the white hair before walking outside the door.  He shut it then stopped and cast a ward on the door.  Nobody would enter until Billy woke the next morning.  That was sure to keep Bart out besides Billy customarily warded his door before he slept for that same exact reason.  Citan smirked then conjuring a cup of tea walked off towards his room.

                     LAHAN-_____Two Days later


“We will be together, forever…” Id reached out to kiss Elly and…

“Waaah!” Elly shouted as she bolted up in her bed covered in sweat.  She looked around and sighed in relief to see that she was not on a grassy hill but in her own bed.  She noticed a lump in the covers beside her and looked over only to see Fei curled up there.  She smiled.  He must have gotten scared in the night and come and crawled into bed with her.  It was almost impossible that the sorcerer Id and the kind little boy were the same person.  She sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I bet you gave me that dream.” she said ruffled his hair.  Suddenly she heard something at her door.  Pulling on her robes she went to the door and opened it only to see no one.  As she turned around she saw a huge figure standing in her way.  Elly opened her mouth to scream but a huge hand grabbed her by the face covering her mouth.  She started to punch at the figure only to have her hand caught and restrained.

“I‘ve come for the Sorcerer Id.  Where is he?” demanded the half-orc.

The hand slackened a little, “I’ll not tell you ever!”

The hand tightened, “Don’t make this difficult.”

Suddenly Fei shot up in the bed his eyes were glowing red and an magical aura burst out from him as magical energies whirled around him, “Get away from her!!”  The magic whipped in the air about him.

“Id!!” gasped Rico.

To Be Continued....

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