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     MXTRAC:  The Multiple Extreme Japanese Animation Information Collection.

     Well, technically it actually should be MEJAIC but we didn't think that that would be as cool as MXTRAC and that is a lot harder to say after all.  We at MXTRAC know the hunger for anime information that leads to hours and hour spent surfing the web gleaning every last bite of information that you can before you turn into an internet zombie.  While hoping all the while that the information that you come across is correct.

     Here at the ANIME DRAGON, MXTRAC is devoted to bringing you the information that you seek in the fastest and most correct way possible.  If anything on this website is found to be wrong (and can be proven validly) we will gladly change it to be correct so that we can bring you the best anime information possible.

     However, as MXTRAC is also supportive of the Amtgard organization, a part of this site will be devoted to this fun non-profit group.  As stated, MXTRAC owns none of the Japanese Animation displayed on this site nor do we have any claim to the Amtgard organization.  We are just here to provide the most accurate information for anime that we can to the starving fans.  This site is very promotional to the various anime series by giving them the coverage that they deserve.  A separate disclaimer page will be se up with detailed information of the owners of the animation displayed on the ANIME DRAGON.

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