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Welcome to Naruto Information

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Summary of Series

     Naruto is an anime about a young trouble maker named Naruto Uzumaki who is struggling to graduate a full fledged shinobi from the Ninja Academy.  His goal?  To become the next Hokage and eat ramen.  However, he holds inside of him the spirit of a destructive ox demon which would make him the most dangerous person to all he knows and loves. With him are his teacher Kakashi and two cell mates Sakura and Sasuke, who he sees as his rival.  Together, they must overcome many trials on their journey to become shinobi but what the future holds for Naruto may blow them all away.

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Naruto and Sasuke



Kakashi and Iruka


Itachi Uchiha

 Gara of  the Sand

Hinita Hyuuga

Neiji Hyuuga