Since I am mixing the names from both Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and the American Ronin Warriors I am putting this Character name guide in.  I’m sorry if I couldn’t decide which names that I liked better, some are just better than the others….I can’t help it!!!  YST=Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Japanese Version), RW=Ronin Warriors (English Version),  OC=Original Character (These I made up to fill in the ‘girl’ blanks).  P.S.  All Japanese phrases and words used in this story are translated after the sentence in italics for everyone unfamiliar with them.

Names used in story                                            The Japanese/English version

In the Korin no Akari Okoku                               Korin of Light Kingdom               

King Seiji Date (YST)                                           Sage Date  (RW)

Queen Melina   (OC)                                              ----------------------

Sir Ryo Sanada (Name used in both YST and RW)  --------------------

Sir Rowen Hashiba                                                Touma Hashiba  (YST)

Sir Shuu Rei Faun  (YST)                                     Kento Rei Faun  (RW)

Sir Cye Mouri                                                        Shin Mouri  (YST)

Lady Chandra  (OC)                                              -----------------------


Kurayami no sono Wakusei Okoku                      Darkness of the Planet (Kingdom)

King Arago  (YST)                                                Tulpa (RW)

Lady Kayura  (Name used in both YST and RW) ------------------

Sir Kale  (RW)                                                       Anubis (YST)

Sir Sekhmet  (RW)                                                 Naaza (YST)                

Sir Shuten Douji  (YST)                                        Anubis (RW)

Lady Reinara  (OC)                                                ------------------

Sir Dais  (RW)                                                       Rajura  (YST)

Lady Siren  (OC)                                                    ------------------


Peasants and Other Non Kingdom Sworn Characters

Mia Kouji  (RW)                                                    Natsuti Kouji (YST)

Jun  (YST)                                                               Yuli (RW)

Sir Gerald  (OC)                                                      -----------------

Byakuen (YST)                                                        White Blaze (RW)

Mukara (OAV YST)




                             PROLOGUE:  A WHISPERING OF WINDS

            Cye Mouri, or rather Sir Cye Mouri as he was one of the four knights which defended the Korin no Akari Okoku, walked along the stone path of the castle’s outer wall.  He was looking for the other knights; King Seiji was calling an emergency meeting.  Dressed in a light sky blue tunic over a short-sleeved deep ocean blue shirt and tan breeches the brown haired boy nodded politely to the people he passed.  Some would say that you could see his gentle soul through his large blue eyes.  He was the oldest knight, only fifteen, a year older than the others.  Cye found his best friend Shuu all too easily; the large knight was in the kitchen eating away.  Cye smiled brightly as he entered the room.  The big man was dressed in an orange tunic with dark brown breeches.  Shuu looked up from eating a turkey leg and grinned, food and all.  He scratched his blue gray hair in embarrassment.  His blue eyes twinkled with joy to see his friend. 

            “Hey Cye.” He said after gulping the mouthful, “What’s going on?”

            “Sorry to cut your meal short.” Said Cye his light voice coated with his British accent, “But Seiji-sama ordered an emergency meeting.”

            Shuu’s usually cheerful face turned into a deep frown, “Was it another village?”

            Cye’s smile faded and was replaced by a solemn look, “Yes.”

            “Damn.” Said Kento as he slammed his fist on the table standing up.  He walked out of the room in a rush leaving the food amazingly untouched.

            Cye took a breath then continued his trek to fetch the others; he had to admire Kento.  If it was one thing the big man had a big heart, the suffering of the people really tore at him.  Cye walked up to the top most tower top where he found Rowen.  The blue haired youth always seemed to stay in the highest places possible but that could be from his link to the heavens.  Like Cye suspected the boy had dozed off in a pile of books.  There were at least thirty surrounding him.  He was into inventions and research but rarely was fully awake until one in the afternoon; he never got up before twelve anyway.  He wore a long sleeved royal blue tunic and black pants, very causal.  Cye smiled as the gentle breeze swept through his hair and saw that it was Rowen’s doing.  The boy had his index finger pointed and was waving it melodically in the air even though he seemed to be in a state of rest.  Cye looked over the side of the tower to where the wind was blowing and saw several of the village kids flying kites.  Normally on a windless day like today they wouldn’t be able to fly their kites but it seemed that Rowen was helping out just a bit.  

            Cye put a hand on Rowen’s shoulder, “Ro, wake up.  Seiji-sama wants to hold a council.”

            “Wha?” murmured Rowen as he looked up sleepily his dark blue eyes barely open but his finger still continued it’s rhythm keeping the wind flowing, “Seiji?  What’s he want?  It’s not even twelve thirty yet, doesn’t he believe in letting people rest?”

            “You’d get enough rest like everyone else if you would stop staying up all the night.” Said Cye giving the youngest knight a reprimanding look, “You should give Seiji-sama’s name the proper respect you know.  He’ll get agitated with you again.  Remember what happened last time?”

            Rowen shuddered at the thought.  Last time Seiji had poured a bucket of ice-cold water on him as a wake up call to train.  He had to stay somewhere else to sleep until the mattress had dried.  It was terrible, “Yeah, I remember.”  His roughish accent coated his voice.

            “Now straighten yourself up and go to the council room.” Said Cye walking away from the mess of books.  As he started down the stairs he heard Rowen shout down to the kids below.

            “Sorry but I gotta go.  We’ll play again later alright.”

            Cye smiled, no matter how anti-social and just plain grumpy Rowen pretended to be he really had a kind heart.  He walked down the descending steps of the tower and made his way to the ground level, he would have to go outside of the castle to find the final knight.  He walked out of the castle gates and into the open field, which separated the castle from a village several miles in front of it.  The sun shone down brightly and it seemed a bit more humid than Cye’s liking without a breeze.  He followed the sound of laughter until he was pounced by a large white tiger.  It roared ferociously then leaned its large head closer and gave him a long lick down the side of his face.  Cye knew that the large beast wasn’t on him with its full weight or he would have been crushed.

            “Byakuen, get off Cye!” came a familiar light tone as Ryo rushed into view.

            The black haired boy smiled down at Cye his deep blue eyes sparkling as he reached a hand down to help his friend back up.  He was wearing a dark red tunic over a short-sleeved rusty red shirt and dark brown pants, which had a few grass stains on it from playing in the grass.  After pulling Cye to his feet Ryo kicked a small round ball toward the tiger.  The ball was made of leather and filled with training armor padding.  Cye brushed his clothes off smiling as he watched them resume playing.  It was a game called soccer.  Dashing into the game Cye caught the ball with his foot and kicked it into the fishing net scoring a point.

            “Point for the great Cye.” Said Ryo laughing, “Seems like you win.”

            “Hey, sorry to ruin the game, Ryo-kun.” Said Cye laughing as well, “But we got to go to a meeting.  Seiji-sama requests it.”

            “Daijobu.” Said Ryo suddenly becoming serious then giving Byakuen a pat on the head, “I’ll be back pal.”  All right.

            Cye and Ryo walked back into the castle grounds matching step for step.  They swept through the grounds quickly as they had gone this same way very often lately.  Soon they reached a door of which seven guards were watching.  The guards nodded at the two then started to unbar the door to let them in.  Ryo walked in the open door and Cye started after then looked to one of the guards.

            “Is everyone here?” he asked halfway in the doorframe.

            “No...” started the guard who was cut off by a shout.

            “Matsu!!  Watashi o matsu!!” came a voice loudly as a dark blue blur rounded the corner at a blinding speed.  Wait!!  Wait for me!!

            The guards quickly jumped out of the way of the speeding person, this was becoming a habit.  There was a crash as the person unable to stop ran into the wall just a few feet from the door.  Cye winced at the sound but it wasn’t unusual, he even began to wonder when the wall would eventually break through from the abuse that it took every meeting.  He watched Rowen crumple to the ground.  Frowning Cye walked over to him and helped the boy to his feet. 

            “Are you alright, Rowen?” asked Cye looking worriedly at his friend.

            “Itai….” muttered Rowen rubbing his nose, which appeared to be very red from its collision with the wall.  Tears threatened to run from his eyes.  Painful.

            “Come on.” Said Cye patting him on the head, “Next time, don’t be late.”

            “Hai…hai.” Sighed Rowen still thoughtfully rubbing his wounded nose as the two entered the room.  Yes…yes.

            Cye turned back to the guards as he entered giving them the nod to seal the room off and to keep watch for any intruders of eavesdroppers.  Cye walked to the circular table and took his seat between Shuu and Ryo.  Shuu looked as if he were going to burst out laughing at poor Rowen.  Cye frowned and elbowed him, which only caused the big galumph to explode into a rancorous fit of laughter.  Cye covered his ears and let out a breath of air.  This always happened, always.  Ryo looked confusedly from Shuu to Cye then to Rowen whose face was now as red as his nose from embarrassment.  Seiji who was sitting between Ryo and Rowen gave Ryo a warning look and they both grabbed one of Rowen’s arms preventing the young knight from jumping up and shouting something at Shuu.  Seiji who had one of his hands around Rowen’s wrist pinning it to the table and the other around Rowen’s mouth stifling his angry shouts chuckled a little at the situation.

            “Now you bring this upon yourself, Rowen-kun.” Said Seiji between chuckles, “You really shouldn’t be running down the castle halls.”

            “Yes, it’s dangerous.” Added Ryo seriously then turning his face toward the still laughing Shuu, “You’re not helping the matter one bit Shuu!”

            “But it’s so *hahhahah* funny!” choked Shuu, “You’d think that *hahahahah* someone as smart as him *hahahahahhaa* would know far better than to run down the hall and slam face first into a wall.  *Hahahahahaha* It’s just so funny!  Did you see him when he walked in?  *Hahahahahaah* Simply ridiculous!!”

            “Shut up, Shuu!” hissed Ryo feeling Rowen struggle to get loose and attack Shuu.

            “Yes, please do.” Begged Cye.

            “Itai...itai.” said Shuu between laughs clutching at his ribs.

            “Stop laughing and you’ll stop hurting.” Said Seiji trying not to laugh himself.

            Finally Shuu managed to turn his laughing into a low level chuckling and after giving Rowen a low whispered talk of not attacking the other knight for laughing Seiji and Ryo released him.  He just sat and glowered at the older knight.  Seiji sighed and retrieved some letters to start the meeting off.  It was important business after all and no laughing matter.

            “To business.” Said Seiji opening one of the folders before him as the others calmed down; “The Liton village was attacked yesterday according to these scout reports.  The reason of the attack is yet unknown so we shall go down to the border village and investigate ourselves.  All refugees shall be given sanctuary within the castle walls until another village can be constructed for them.”

            “Is the damage really that bad?” asked Ryo as Seiji shoved the folder toward him.

            “Check it for yourself.” Said Seiji frowning deeply.

            Rowen pulled out a pair of glasses and snatched one of the other folders from Seiji who just calmly let him take it.  Rowen was impulsive but also one of the best advisors that he had.  Rowen began to mutter as he flipped through the papers with amazing speed.  Ryo frowned at the report that he was reading.  Finally unable to take the silence anymore Shuu stood up.  Anger was written in his every move.

            “It was Arago again wasn’t it!” shouted Shuu slamming his large fist down on the table in a fury, “Hasn’t he done enough!”

            “We’re not for certain that it was him yet, Shuu.” Said Ryo calmly his face saddened by the report, “That’s why we knights are going to go check it out and determine what happened and who was the aggressor.  You know there are four other kingdoms neighboring that border.”

            “But we already know that it’s them!  Why waste time!” shouted Shuu his blood boiling, “Arago’s already attacked several of the border villages, who else could it be!”

            “Calm down, Shuu.” Said Cye softly as he grabbed his friends sleeve pulling him back down to the chair, “We need to see this clearly.  After all it would mean a declaration of war.”

            “Yes, we should much give time and thought to this.”  Said Seiji, “Do we really want to declare war on a kingdom much bigger than ours.”

            “Actually, “ came Rowen’s voice as he looked up from the third folder that he was reading; raising a hand, “I agree with Shuu.  The northern most kingdoms have nothing to gain by striking war with us while they are already being attacked on their southwestern front by the unknown army.  Leaving only the westward kingdom of Kurayami no sono Wakusei.  In which case they would have very good reason for attacking us.  They have already sent a letter discussing the buying of the borderlands from you, which you declined, Seiji-sama.  That in itself would cause them much anger for they seemed quite interested in purchasing the lands.”

            “The people need it more than I needed that money besides it would cut off our contact with the other kingdoms, leaving us defenseless against any eastern attacks.” Said Seiji resting his head on his hands.

            “And you made a very wise decision.” Said Cye smiling comfortingly.

            “The Kurayami no sono Wakusei Okoku do have the means to take what they want and more than likely the will to do it.  They rate very poorly in dealings with the other kingdoms and have not allied themselves to anyone else.  Plus, they did threaten that something would happen if you declined, Seiji.” Said Rowen then noting his mistake quickly added, “Sama.  All logic would seem to outline a conclusion warranting the blame on the Kurayami Kingdom.”

            “Is this thought among the rest of you?” asked Seiji looking around, “What is the ruling of this council?”

            Seiji looked around as the others shifted in discomfort.  Their decision would be the best that any kingdom would have.  He trusted them to help him rule this kingdom; after all he was only fourteen.  The others weren’t much older; Ryo and Shuu were the same age as him.  Cye was one year older and Rowen was two years younger than the others or that’s what they thought.  No one knew exactly how old he was, Rowen himself couldn’t seem to remember.  They all came to this kingdom from the outside so he knew that their judgments would carry outside variables and influences instead of just the kingdoms own biases.  Shuu’s judgment on this matter however was tainted a bit.

            Shuu had been a refugee from the far western kingdom of Konga when the kingdom had fallen to the attacks from the Kurayami no sono Wakusei Okoku.  He had lost almost everything to that war, it wasn’t a long war though, in fact it had been over rather quickly for the kingdom of Konga was rather peaceful.  Seiji the newly declared king at the time had met Shuu at the Tournaments that year.  He was the strongest person the Seiji had ever seen.  Strong in everything, will, heart, and spirit.  Seiji had been simply amazed by the courage he had shown in breaking up a fight, which had started during the Tournaments between two people twice his size.  They had become friends and when it had come time for Seiji to name his Council of Knights Shuu had been the first one he chose.  Not only was Shuu’s brave heart among the council he also trained and led the foot soldiers into battle.  Shuu never left anyone behind so wounded or no Seiji never had a soldier missing in action.  True he had lost some fine soldiers to war but at least they had been properly buried and not lost among the carnage of the war.

            Ryo was a prince of the Rekka Kingdom.  Eighth out of nine sons, so he had basically no inheritance to speak of.  He had been traveling around the countryside seeking some kind of trade with his white tiger companion, Byakuen.  He had stopped by the Korin no Akari Okoku on one of his many travels and Seiji had met him there.  Ryo had stopped by and saw some children training with swords.  Out of the precious time that he had Ryo despite his higher status had stopped to play with them.  It turned out that Ryo not only had an innocent mind but when it came to making fast decisions that regarded the lives of others he was the best to be found.  That was one reason that Seiji had taken him into the council.  Ryo was also head of the Calvary since he was closely bonded with animals and had the common sense to know when to and when not to retreat.  He had rarely lost a Calvary soldier in battle when Ryo came into command.

            Cye had been a victim of a shipwreck.  The boy had washed up upon Korin no Akari’s eastern shore.  They weren’t sure where he came from but he said that it was a faraway land called Suiko.  Seiji had taken him into the kingdom as he did all refugees and gave him a place to stay.  Soon Shuu and Cye had become good friends.  Both boys complemented one another and each boy’s ability compensating for a weakness in the other’s personality.  With the strong bond that the two formed Seiji knew that they would be an almost unstoppable team.  He chose to ring Cye into the council for his calm thinking.  In fact he was probably the calmest of all the Knights.

He had placed Cye in charge of the clerical group, which followed behind the army healing the wounded.  With Cye’s gentle soul and heart he became accustomed to the job quickly and soon became the most skilled healer in the kingdom.   

            Rowen.  Well nobody was quite sure where he had come from, not even Rowen himself knew.  He seemed to remember nothing from the time before he came to Korin no Akari.  Seiji had heard rumors of a strange kid walking aimlessly around the outer village of Kangsky.  Of course he had gone to check it out, for all he knew that kid could have been some sort of threat.  There he found Rowen wandering around the town for no reason what so ever.  He just walked with a book held open in his hands, whenever people would shout at him or ask him his name the kid would just keep walking.  Seiji had finally stopped the kid in his tracks by taking the book from out of his hands.  As if out of a trance Rowen snapped to, but instead of being worried where he was or even to whom he was talking to he just pointed to the book at a passage.

            “It’s a very good book, you know.”

            Seiji couldn’t believe this kid.  He had taken Rowen back to Korin no Akari and had sent out letters to as many kingdoms as he knew of trying to find Rowen’s parents but had no luck at all.  So Rowen came to stay at Korin, he amazed Seiji by reading all of the books in the castle library in under a week.  The kid had even managed to start the translation of several of the ancient scripts.  Something that had taken many linguists several years to do.  As of now he had five of the thousand page scripts translated.  He turned out to be an amazing tactician in the arts of war as well, thinking up loopholes that even Seiji and Ryo, trained princes, had not even thought of.  Seiji accepted him into the council for his amazing abilities, even though he tended to be a little absent minded and forgetful.  Seiji had also made him head of the archers for Rowen never seemed to miss a mark when it came to long and recurve bows.  He has been very helpful in the long-range type battles.

            Seiji himself was a boy with an interesting past.  His mother had died from some unheard of illness when he was just a small child.  More recently his father disappeared a year ago when he went to negotiate with the Unknown army, which seemed to be tearing up villages and towns in the northern kingdoms.  It was said that the soldiers of that army are nothing but demons and spirits.  Seiji had been placed on the throne very early; he was even to be married soon.  Time just seemed not to stop for the young king but his friends helped in every way that they could and he could only thank them for that.  He looked back at his friends shaking his head clear of the memories and back to the discussion at hand.

            “Well?” asked Seiji staring intently at his friends.

            “I vote in favor of checking the village first before jumping into a rash decision.” Said Cye placing his hands folded on the table signifying that it was his final decision.

            “I agree with Cye.” Said Ryo nodding then folding his hands on the table.

            “I agree that we need to check further into this.  There is still the small matter that it might have something to do with the Unknown army.” Said Rowen then folding his hands, “I agree in favor with Cye.”

            “Shimatte…” Shuu grumbled before sighing.  He placed his hands folded onto the table, “I also shall agree in favor of Cye, this may need a little investigation.”

            Seiji smiled then put his folded hands on the table, “Then it is agreed.  We shall go check out the village before we make any decisions regarding the Kurayami no sono Wakusei.”                 

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