Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WK characters or names. This fic is a little sappy, a little angsty, a little dramatic... a little bit of everything that Yoji and Omi would have to go through in a real relationship. Please enjoy reading this fic!


Sweet Summer Nights: Part Two

Omi turned the hose all the way on cold and smile evilly to himself. *I’ll teach you, Kuduo Yoji. You know that I don’t appreciate being tickled.*

“Hey Omi, where’s the clippers?” asked Ken. “This lady keeps complaining that the leaves are too thick on her carnations. She won’t leave me alone until I trim ‘em.”

“They’re hanging up on the wall beside the spade and all the other tools, Ken-kun. Where they always are.”

“I already looked there.”

Omi huffed. “Someone misplaced them, then. Look in the drawer next to the register. That’s where Yoji usually misplaces things.”


The boy tested the water, letting it run over his fingers. Good and bitingly cold. Perfect. He almost jumped out of his skin when his target suddenly appeared before him, shades in place and hair drawn into a tight ponytail. He wore tight black pants and a tank top, exposing his flat stomach and sexy navel.

“Good morning, Omi.”

He swallowed, remembering his recent initiative. “Have you had a shower yet?”

“Not yet. I’m waiting until...”

“Well, why not go ahead and take one!?” he yelled, turning the hose on and pointing it directly at his comrade. Icy cold water drenched the man where he stood.

Yoji did not move, save a small cry as the freezing liquid gushed over him. His hair dripped, now limp. His clothes were soaked as well, clinging to every curve and line of his masculine body. He looked down at his chest to find his nipples hard with cold. “Look what you did! That’s painful!” he whined. He placed his hands over them as if to warm them.

“It’s only what you deserve after tickling me last night, Kuduo Yoji. I told you I would get my revenge.”

“Why you conniving little monster!” he joked. “You’re in for it now!”

Omi hadn’t expected a return assault. His eyes grew wide with sudden trepidation.

“That’s right, my little Omi-chan. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Dripping wet, he pounced on the boy, knocking him roughly to the floor and pinning him down. He tickled him mercilessly, making sure that his own drenched body touched Omi’s enough to get him wet as well.

He squirmed to no avail under the man. The cold body above him sent liquid dripping all over him until he was damp himself. He cried and gasped as he was tickled, the torture almost more than he could handle. “Please, Yoji! Stop!”

“What was that? Did I hear someone begging me to stop?”

“Please!” He felt warm breath on his ear as his attacker moved up to talk into it.

“I’d rather hear you screaming at me to continue.”

“THAT’S IT!” He pushed Yoji off of him with amazing strength.

Aya suddenly appeared around the corner. “Stop playing around. It’s time for the noon rush.” He looked disapprovingly at their bedraggled appearance.

Yoji stood, shoulders trembling with suppressed laughter. Omi stood beside him, a glare on his boyish face that could have melted every arctic ice cap.

“Ken and I can handle things while the both of you clean up.”

Omi sniffed indignantly and made his way up to his room to change.

Yoji grinned ruefully and followed him until he entered his own apartment.


Later that day, Omi stood counting the money from the register. They had closed an hour ago. He wrote down the figures in a log and went to check their stock. He met Yoji on the way to the supply room. He ignored him and brushed by.

“Hey, Omi.” he called, catching up to him.

“Hm?” he asked angrily.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No. Just annoyed.”

Yoji sniffed. “Awww. Poor little Omi-chan. Is dinner still on for tonight?”

He smiled. “Of course.”

Yoji watched him bend over and read the label on one of the lower shelves. *For a guy, he sure has one sexy ass.* His hands itched to cup that tiny bottom and squeeze it hard enough to hurt. *What the hell am I thinking? It’s Omi for chrissake!*

As if he felt the gaze, Omi suddenly straightened. He glared at Yoji suspiciously.

“What?” the man asked.

“Nothing...” he said, a crafty tone in his voice. “Could you check the pine chips up there? I can’t see it from here. Aya usually does it for me, but he’s not here right now.”

“Sure.” He stretched on his tiptoes.

Omi smiled cunningly to himself. His gaze roamed leisurely over the man’s lean, lithe body. Yoji’s thigh muscles grew taught as he stretched to get a better view of the top shelf. He had long legs, narrow hips, and broad shoulders. The perfect man’s body. He swept wavy bangs from his eyes.

“We’ll be fine for a couple of weeks.”

“Good,” he breathed, almost in a whisper. He felt the heat rising in his cheeks.

“Breath taken, Omi?” He smirked and leaned down to talk huskily in his ear. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice you looking at me?”

Omi paled, losing every bit of color in his face. “I... I don’t know what you’re talking about!” It sounded lame even to himself.

Yoji’s laugh echoed from the tiny room’s walls. “I’ll see you at six.”

Omi watched him walk away. Only when the man had turned a corner did he let himself breathe. “Omi, you dummy. Of course Yoji would notice! He has experience in that kind of thing.” Feeling rather stupid and disgusted with himself, he flicked the light off overhead and went up to his room.

Fifteen minutes later, Yoji was knocking on his door. He sighed nervously and went to answer it. “Come in,” he said. He plastered a smile to his cherubic face.

Yoji had changed. He now wore another one of his sleeveless black tank tops and some very tight blue jeans. “What’s for dinner?”

Omi looked away, still embarrassed. “Whatever you want. How does pizza sound?”

“Sounds great to me.”

“Good.” He went to the phone and dialed the number of a pizzeria. “Do you like Canadian bacon and pineapples?”

“Yeah.” He went to the window and looked out into the clear night sky. He listened to Omi’s syrupy sweet voice as he placed his order and hung up the telephone, then sighed. He didn’t want to be alone again tonight, but it was worth spending his evening with the boy.

“You okay Yoji?” he asked concertedly as he approached him.

“Hm? Oh, yeah. I’m fine.”

Omi smiled and led him to the couch. He made sure that they sat a good distance from each other. “The pizza should be here in half an hour. What movie do you want to watch? I have all those over there.”

Yoji crouched to observe the small collection of cassettes on a bookcase. “What’s Shinesman about? It looks interesting.”

Omi laughed. “It’s hilarious! It’s a comedy. Why don’t you put that in while I fix us some drinks?”


“What would you like? I’ve got strawberry soda, coke, and juice.”

“Coke is fine.” He slid the cassette into the VCR.

Twenty minutes later, they were eating pizza and watching just about the funniest movie that they had ever seen. Omi watched Yoji tear into the pizza with a hungry vigor, unlike the spaghetti last night. He seemed in a better mood. The handsome young man licked a string of cheese from his chin and swallowed half of his glass of coke in one gulp. Omi smiled with silent affection.

“Hey, Hitomi doesn’t look that bad, even if she is an airhead,” Yoji stated as he plucked a chunk of pineapple from his pizza and ate it.

Omi watched the blonde on the television. “I guess. She gets on my nerves. She’s so goody-goody.”

Yoji raised one brow and choked on his food.

The boy crossed his arms. “What’s so funny?!”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” He hid his sniggers under a gulp of coke.

Omi huffed and sat haughtily back into the cushions. “You can be so confusing sometimes, Yoji-kun.”

“That’s what makes me so irresistible.”

He wanted to agree, but didn’t dare to. He just blushed and stared into his cup of juice, poking at the ice with one finger.

“Thanks for coming over, Yoji. I really enjoy your company.”

“No prob.” He inched closer to the boy and placed an arm around his shoulders.

Omi tensed under the warm weight of the man’s limb. “What are you doing?”

“Just a little friendly caress.” His breath brushed fleetingly across the boy’s neck. “You smell delicious. What kind of soap do you use?”

“Apple blossom,” he said. He shivered as Yoji’s fingers caressed his shoulder.

“Is it edible?”

“What?” Omi asked incredulously. “Don’t be stupid.”

Yoji chuckled affectionately and grabbed his comrade by his petite waist, pulling him closer. “You smell good enough to eat.”

“Um... thanks... I guess.” He pushed away and sat trembling on the far end of the couch. He watched Yoji like a scared rabbit looking into the mouth of a fox.

The man tossed back his long mane of wavy blonde hair. “I want a cigarette. Would you like to take a walk?”

“Yeah. Let me get a jacket.”

They exited the building and stepped into the cool night air. A soft wind blew through the leaves, carrying with it the scent of summer sakura blossoms. The sky was a bottomless black abyss, studded with multicolored stars. They walked to a park that wasn’t far away and sat on a bench, listening to the quiet stillness around them.

“A walk was a good idea,” said Omi as he sidled closer to the man.

“Are you cold?”

“A little.” He could smell the pungent cigarette smoke.

Yoji inhaled the drug deeply. He looked down at the boy beside him and placed an arm around his waist, warming him with his own body heat. “You know, Omi, I think I’m beginning to like you.”

The vivacious youngster smiled distantly to himself. “Really? Does this mean that you’ll stop teasing me?”

“Not a chance.” He caressed the boy’s ribs, yet did not attempt to tickle him this time. Now all he wanted was to feel him. “I need to ask you something, but first you must promise me you won’t freak out.”

“Okay.” He sighed and laid his head on his comrade’s broad shoulder.

“First of all, you must know that there is no evil intent in what I’m about to ask you.” He brushed a strand of strawberry blonde bangs from the boy’s neck, relishing the silkiness of it. “I was wondering if I could sleep with you tonight.”

Omi’s body stiffened automatically. From fear or shock or both, Yoji did not know.

“Sleep with me? What do you mean?”

Yoji muttered a curse under his breath. “Just... sleep with you. I don’t want to be alone tonight. It doesn’t even have to be in the same room, as long as I’m in your apartment.”

Omi sighed shakily. “Yoji, you’re more than welcome to stay over whenever you want.” He smiled up at the man.

Yoji felt his heart stir. His hand went to caress the boy’s face. “Thank you for understanding.”

“What are friends for?”

He suddenly wrapped the smaller person tightly in his arms, burying his face into the cherry-scented hair. “My little Omi-chan,” he whispered, refusing to let go any time soon.

Yet Omi did not struggle. He rested his head into the crook of Yoji’s neck. “Your little Omi-chan?”


Smiling to himself, the boy wrapped his arms around his comrade’s neck and snuggled closer. “Don’t let go.” He had never felt so safe and comfortable in his entire life. *Yoji, I’ve never felt this way before. I want you to hold me forever, just like this. Would you hold me tonight if I asked you to?*

“I won’t let go until you ask me to.” Please don’t ever ask me to let go.

“I’m getting sleepy. I... you...” Omi’s voice trailed off as he pondered how to continue. “You’re welcome to sleep in my bed if you want. I’ll take the couch.”

“I couldn’t let you do that. Either you sleep with me in the bed, or I get the couch.” He felt the boy shiver in his arms, and wondered if it was from the cold.

“I... wouldn’t mind... sleeping with you. But only if you want!” He blushed.

Yoji reluctantly leaned back to look deeply into the youngster’s eyes. He let his finger touch Omi’s chin as he lifted his face. “I would be honored.” Before he knew what he was doing or could even stop himself, he was kissing the boy tenderly on the forehead.

Omi closed his eyes and swallowed. Fire was rushing through his body, giving him feelings that he never knew existed until now. His breath stopped, and he looked up into Yoji’s jaded eyes with confusion. *He... he does things to me that I can’t understand. I wish he wasn’t so focused on women...*

“Come on, Omi. We’d better get to sleep.” He helped his companion off the bench.

Omi nodded. Tomorrow was Sunday, and he relished the fact that he and Yoji would be able to sleep in together. He had an almost overwhelming urge to hold the man’s hand on their way back to the building, but didn’t dare ask. Instead he focused on the stars. They were more brilliant than they had ever been, it seemed. He smiled faintly and unconsciously leaned closer to the man on his right.

Yoji grinned and placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “They are beautiful tonight, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, sure are.”

Yoji quickened his pace, unable to wait until he had the boy in his arms. They made their way up the stairs and into Omi’s minuscule apartment. Yoji immediately took off his shirt and threw it carelessly on the couch, followed by his jeans.

Omi blushed and looked away before he could see the man in his boxers. His knees trembled violently beneath him. *Please don’t tell me you’ll be sleeping with me like that. I couldn’t stand it. I’d just lose control.*

“What’s the matter, Omi?”

“Um, nothing. I’m going to put on some pajamas.” He hoped that Yoji would get the hint, but he didn’t. “Stay there.”

“What do you take me for? I won’t peek.” He seemed slightly hurt.

“I know. Just thought I’d warn you.”

Yoji watched the boy enter his bedroom and close the door behind him. He shrugged and sat down on the couch to wait. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, letting his breath slow to the steady rhythm of sleep.

Omi changed into a pair of baby blue pajamas with chibi polar bears printed on them. They were cozy and warm. When he exited the room, he was surprised to find Yoji asleep on the couch.

The man lay with his head resting on the back of the encucherment, dark gold hair falling in waves over muscular shoulders. His long, flat torso rose and fell in the steady rhythm of sleep. His lips were parted ever so slightly as he took in the air and sighed. Dusky skin glinted in the lamplight softly. He rolled his head to the side, and his thick lashes left shadows on his face.

“You’re so beautiful, Yoji.” he whispered as he sat next to him. He couldn’t control his eyes, which wandered down the smooth expanse of his stomach to encompass finely toned thighs.

“You think so?”

Omi’s eyes widened in sudden shock, and his face took on a bleached appearance. “I thought... you were... asleep.”

“Nope.” He suddenly grabbed the boy and pulled him down beside him. “Those pajamas are so kawaii!”

“Stop playing around. I’m tired.” He stood and made his way to the bedroom. *I can’t believe he heard me! Oh God, I’m so embarrassed. He’s probably very disgusted with me now, fawning over him like some sick schoolgirl. I feel so dumb.*

Yoji followed close behind Omi. “I’m glad you like my appearance,” he stated tenderly. “Because I like yours too.”

“How could you? I’m nothing special.” He climbed into the bed and crawled under the sheets. “I’m not like you. You’re tall, muscular, sexy, and you know what a woman wants. I’m just a boy.”

Yoji frowned. He laid down beside the youngster, situating himself under the covers. He rolled onto his side to face his comrade. “My little Omi-chan. You’re the most lovely person I’ve ever laid eyes on. Your innocence and smallness is what makes you so irresistibly cute.” He pinched his cheeks softly, with no intention of teasing.

Omi wished that the touch could have lasted much longer. He closed his lids as sleepiness washed over him. The man’s presence made him feel so comfortable, so safe. “Goodnight Yoji. I’m so glad that you see me that way, even though I think you’re delusional.”

“I’m not delusional, Tsukiyono Omi. Believe me when I say that I wish I were more like you. Carefree and content.”

Omi wanted to tell him that until now, nothing had ever made him feel carefree or content, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. “Sweet dreams.”

“Sweetest of dreams.” He wanted to kiss the boy on his rounded cheeks. Yet he did not want to scare of him.

Before he knew it, Omi was sound asleep. Yoji slowly wrapped the boy’s slight body in his arms, holding him like some fragile piece of glass. Omi groaned and unconsciously snuggled deeper into the embrace, whispering Yoji’s name under his breath.

“Yoji, I...” His voice trailed off and he sighed.

“Me too, Omi.” He tightened his hold on the boy and placed the smallest kiss on his tiny neck.

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