Twisted Sight:: Chapter 1

            “Maxwell, wake up now!” yelled Wufei rushing into Duo’s bedroom.

            “Mmmm, go…away.” argued Duo groggily from his sleep then rolling to one side.

            “Get up, Trowa’s been captured.  We need to get him out now before they transfer him to the main base.” said Wufei.

            “Aw man!” exclaimed Duo bolting up his wide violet eyes popping open and his long chestnut braid flailing out, “I thought that it was supposed to be a easy mission.  What the hell happened?”

            “It was a trap, baka!” said Wufei then grabbing Duo by wrist yanked him out of bed and started dragging him toward the door.

            Duo tried to pull his wrist free, “Hey, hey, HEY!  I’m still in my boxers and tee-shirt, what do you expect me to do dressed like this?”

            Wufei let go with a sharp grin, “You can distract the guards.”

            “Wha?!  Ah, you’re horrible!” shouted Duo then slamming the door dressing quickly.

            In the command room for the Rebels, Chandra the leader of this small group, gave them a layout of the base in which Trowa had been captured at.  She was extremely worried about him.  Taking their orders Wufei and Duo took a transport to the base stopping just out of sensor range.  Quickly and quietly, they infiltrated the Gundam base and effortlessly made their way down to the detention area where Trowa was being detained.  They found him there impatiently tapping his foot, “It’s about time guys.  What took you so long, I’m about to miss having dinner with Chandra.”

            “Hey, lover boy, you’re out now so don’t be so snappy.” said Duo in a joking voice then pulling a face.

            They turned to make their escape when they heard the sound of a readying gun from one of the two exits and then Heero Yuy of the Gundam organization walked out into the open, his gun level.  From the other side there was another priming sound and Quatre walked out, trapping the three between them.  Wufei took stance.

            “Well, which one do you want to take on, Duo?” asked Wufei his dark black eyes pooled with excitement for the fight ahead.

            “I’ll take spandex boy for a whirl.” Said Duo then dashing toward Heero skillfully dodging the bullets fired.

            “I’m with you, Duo.” Said Trowa following close behind his emerald eyes narrowed in concentration.

            Heero turned out to be more of a problem than before assumed.  The three exchanged punch after punch, Duo taking the brunt of the hits being Heero’s main target.  No matter how hard they tried neither of them could land a punch on Heero.  He was just too fast.  Finally, to the blessing of Trowa’s speed they managed to knock Heero over and to the side.  Trowa and Duo made a break for it.

            “C’mon, Wufei, while he’s down!” shouted Duo as he turned to see Wufei and Quatre still fighting.  He raised his gun and fired forcing Quatre to either jump back or be hit allowing Wufei to make a speedy escape.

            When they got back to the safe house Duo was immediately sent to the medical room to be treated for his bruised and fractured ribs.  Heero had not pulled any of his punches.  Soon he was bandaged, but just because he had so many of them injured Trowa gave him a strong pain killer to deaden his senses and make him rest.  Duo blinked awake, must have fallen asleep, only to see Wufei sitting at the chair by his bed.

            “Hey Duo?  Good to see you awake again.  You’d better get well soon.” Said Wufei looking at Duo worry was in his eyes, “Just so you know, Trowa and I have another mission to take care of.  We have no choice but to leave you here alone at this safe house.  Will you be alright?”

            “Yeah, sure.  You know me.  I’ll find something to amuse myself with while you guys are gone.” Smiled Duo then wincing, “Man, that guy musta ate his Wheaties for breakfast or something like that. Geesh.”

            “Take care, Duo.  We’ll be back as soon as we can alright?” asked Wufei more to reassure himself than Duo.

            “Sure, no prob.” smiled Duo.

            He watched as Wufei left the room then closed his eyes and fell back to sleep.  This time when he woke up he saw two faces staring at him.  Duo yawned sleepily and bid his eyes to focus only to gasp at what he saw.  It was Heero and Quatre!  He opened his mouth to yell when a soft long fingered hand clapped over it stifling the sound.

            “Shh, no one’s here so screaming is really unnecessary besides it’ll just make Heero mad.”  Said Quatre then taking his hand away from Duo’s mouth.

Duo fuzzily fought as the two picked him up and walked out of the house carrying him between them.  He cursed as he drifted off again, damn painkillers.  Eventually the painkiller lulled Duo back to sleep before he could panic further.  When he came too this time, he found himself in a detention cell but he recognized it as the main Gundam base detention cell.  He was in deep now.  Duo heard a loud clicking sound heading his way then before him stood Dr. J, the leader of the Gundam, the man responsible for the attempted take over of the entire world.

            “Well, you’re awake now it seems.” said Dr. J.

            “What do you want old man?” growled Duo.

            “Why cooperation of course.  You are to become one of the Gundam pilots,” answered J.

            “As if I’d do that willingly!” shouted Duo.

            “You can of course do this one of two ways.  You can either train or we can start testing mind control drugs and you’ll end up doing the same thing.”  Said J, “I would suggest you train of your own will the mind control drugs are still rather crude at the moment and you might be paralyzed.” 

            Duo ground his teeth, “I guess you give me no choice.  I’ll train.”

            “Splendid.” Said J opening the cell, “You now have free reign of the house.”

“Good.” said Duo cautiously stepping out.

“Just one thing.” Said J, “That collar on your neck.  If you step one foot out of this building your spinal cord will start to bleed and won’t stop until we drag your sorry body back in.  If you try to take it off it has a nasty ten thousand volt shock to it.  I wouldn’t try that if I were you.  You should report to the A3 room on the second floor.  You will be staying there with the other pilots.  They, of course, will be in charge of training you.” Duo made and obscene gesture as Dr. J walked away.  Well, he seemed to have no choice in this matter.  He would play along…for now.

After a while of getting lost in the numerous corridors, Duo finally found the A3 room.  Without knocking, he walked in.  Heero and Quatre were there both sitting casually in a chair.  Quatre looked up from the book he was reading and Heero from the gun he was assembling.

“You’re late.” bluntly stated Heero.

            “Like I’m supposed to know where everything is.” Snapped Duo, “So what now?”

            “We could start your training,” said Heero giving Duo a venomous look.

            “No, Heero.  He has not recovered enough yet.  Tomorrow we’ll start.” said Quatre.  Heero snorted then went back to assembling the gun.  Duo looked about at his surroundings, there was hardly a thing in the room.  Four chairs, one desk, and three beds.  The walls were bare of any decoration.  In fact, Duo didn’t see any thing besides the furniture and a pile of mission papers on the desk.  He pulled up a chair to the empty desk and sat there for a while.  After a while, he became bored.

            “Do you have any paper?” asked Duo.

            Both pilots looked very surprised at such a request but Quatre shrugged and fished out some blank printing paper from the desk drawer beside his feet.

            “What do you want this for?” asked Quatre watching Duo pick up a pencil.

            “I’m bored so I’m going to sketch.” said Duo starting his picture.

            “I’m bored, too.” Said Heero in a low growl as he got up from where he was sitting and stalked over to where Quatre was reading.  In one swift movement, he snatched the book from Quatre’s hand and threw it to the desktop.

            “Books can be distracting.” Said Heero then nearly pulling Quatre out of his chair started a deep kiss.  Duo’s jaw nearly hit the floor at that.  When the kiss was over Quatre gently pushed Heero away.

            “We have a guest.” said Quatre.

            “So.” Mumbled Heero in a low purring tone, he leaned closer.

            “Heero.” Said Quatre giving a slight frown, “Not now.”  Heero frowned deeply then Quatre gave him a quick kiss, which seemed to calm him down a little. 

            Duo collected his jaw from the floor and just went back to sketching.  He did NOT just see that.  After a while of sketching Duo was down to his last piece of paper when Heero walked over and grabbed up the pile of drawings.  He began looking through them.

            “Hey, give those back!” shouted Duo.

            “Useless.” Said Heero looking at all the sketches of miscellaneous people and objects.  Effortlessly he shredded all the papers.  Duo’s eyes went wide is shock.

            “Heero, that was not necessary.” said Quatre frowning again.  Heero snorted then sat down.

            Duo’s brow creased as he checked his anger.  Giving up on being mad, Duo thought carefully over what he would make his last drawing of.  Eventually he decided to draw an ocean cliff side with Wufei practicing with his sword at its edge.  He wondered how Wufei was.  He looked up for something to protect the picture from Heero in when Quatre pushed a box of color pencils to him.  Duo smiled then colored his picture.  It turned out to be more beautiful than he had first thought.

            “Here.” Said Quatre handing him a picture frame, “Keep it as one of your two possessions.”

            “If you like it, you can have it.” said Duo smiling then holding the picture out to Quatre.

            Quatre frowned sadly, “I can’t.  I already have two items.  We are only allowed two.  It cuts back on sentimental objects.”

            “What a bunch of crap.” Muttered Duo then fixed the picture in the frame and hung it on the wall next to what he presumed to be his bed, “what two things do you have?”

            “I have this book.” Said Quatre then pulling out a cardboard box from beneath his bed and took out a violin.

            “You can play the violin?  Hey, can I hear?” asked Duo intrigued.

            Quatre shouldered the violin and took up the bow but Heero walked up and caught his elbow.  He whispered, “I had plans.”

            “We need to get up early tomorrow to start his training.  We can’t afford that.” Said Quatre then giving Heero a soothing look started to play the violin.  Duo listened entranced by the quality of some of the musical scores.  Duo thought that it was simply amazing.  Looking over he saw that Heero had drifted off into a trance-like stare listening to the music and eventually the ill-tempered pilot fell asleep.  In fact, Duo was feeling a bit sleepy himself.  He yawned and stretched put on his bed.

            “Good night Duo.” said Quatre softly while continuing to play.  Soon Duo found himself deep in the land of dreams.

            Duo awoke the next morning, the music seemed to have continued playing all through his sleep giving him a comforting slumber but he noticed that the other two boys were still asleep in their beds.  Quietly he got up, he needed no mirror to tell him that he looked like a mess and needed a shower.  Duo started to turn back and go to his bed when he noticed that Quatre was awake and watching him.  “Shower” Duo mouthed not wanting to wake Heero ‘the killer’ Yuy.  Quatre pointed to a nearby door.  Duo smiled his thanks then went and took a warm shower that made his still aching ribs feel a bit better.  When he got out Heero and Quatre were waiting for him.  So began his training.  Hand-to-hand combat was first, Heero’s idea.  It took all day, they took very few breaks to rest or eat.  Duo was exhausted by the end of the day and very sore.  He was sure that every bone in his body was severely bruised.  He lay down on his bed carefully wincing all the while.  He couldn’t believe that that evil sadist, or at least that’s what he thought, Heero Yuy had smiled the whole time Duo took those hits.  Duo frowned; Man he hated that guy.  Duo heard light footsteps and looked up to see Quatre walk in.  Quatre looked over at him with concern.

            “You’ll have a harder training tomorrow.  It’s supposed to start early.” Said Quatre, Duo groaned, “But,…I could arrange for it to be later in the day if you are too tired.”

            “That would be nice…” mumbled Duo as exhaustion sucked him into the vastness of sleep.

            When Duo awoke, it was well into the afternoon, he rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up feeling his aching body protest.  Duo looked around as he always did only something was different this time.  He could hear the shower running but when he looked over to see if Heero was asleep, he saw that it was Quatre who was lying in the bed.  He seemed to be in a deep slumber.  Duo frowned, he didn’t think that, that was how Quatre would be able to arrange for his extra rest but then when he thought over how Heero acted and considered how hard that it would be to convince him into agreeing to do anything nice for someone else he should have known. 

Duo yawned and sat up slowly only to meet Heero’s cold glare as the temperamental Gundam pilot walked back into the room.

            “Get up, it’s time to train.” Said Heero even his voice was as cold as ice.

            “Oh, yea.  I’m just thrilled.” said Duo his voice sarcastic.  Duo got up and slipping into the bathroom dressed quickly then followed Heero down the hall, “So what today?  More bruised or crushed bones?  Hey, I thought that both of you were supposed to train me.”

            “You will be practicing under the Zero system.” said Heero his voice conveying hatred toward Duo.

            “W-wha?  How long?” Duo paled visibly.  The Zero system was too unstable for active use yet!

            Heero turned flashing Duo a vicious smile, “Until I decide it is time since Quatre isn’t here to argue with me.  He won’t wake for a few hours now.”

            “You are so a sick person.” hissed Duo under his breath.

            Continuing to go down several halls, they finally entered a room that had two circular shaped structures.  In both of then was a chair.  Heero motioned at them, “The testing areas of Epyon and Zero.  Here sit, you’d better get comfortable because you are going to be here for a while.”

            Duo sat down and was strapped to the chair, it was like a mental institution chair as it had so many straps and buckles.  He had several wires and other such monitoring devices hooked to him, then the hatch shut.  Duo was going through the simulation pretty well when the hallucinations suddenly hit him.  They consumed his vision, his concentration, his mind.

            “AHHH!!” Duo screamed, he felt as if his mind was being ripped out of his body.

            Duo’s eyes blinked back open and he found himself on the floor beside the testing unit, he must have blanked out.  He saw Quatre’s worried face hovering over him, “Are you alright?”

            Duo opened his mouth to speak, nothing but a slur came out.  His mind was jumbled and he felt so very weak. 

            “Heero, were you trying to kill him!  You don’t start people on the Epyon system, ever!  You just don’t!” said Quatre glowering at Heero who stood nearby.

            Soon Duo found himself lying in his bed, he couldn’t think, couldn’t concentrate.  The system had jumbled his mind so badly.  He tried to sleep but his mind just wouldn’t close causing him to toss and turn violently.  He heard a chair pull up then he saw Quatre staring at him and in a few moments, Duo was lulled to sleep by the musical sound of a violin.


            Wufei stalked back and forth in agitation, he was worried very worried.  Duo had been taken when they had left.  He couldn’t get over the fact that he should have been able to do something.  He should have stayed.  Wufei clenched his fist.  If they hurt his baka he’d, he’d…he didn’t know what he would do.  Trowa entered the room quietly.

            “We’ve found him.” He said softly, “He’s at the main base supposedly being trained.  Chandra is getting his exact location as we speak.  She told me to tell you not to worry that we’ll get Duo back no matter what.”

            “No matter what.” Wufei repeated looking out the window wishing strength to Duo, wherever he was.

            Duo mumbled; somebody was shaking him, he opened his eyes to see Wufei with his finger to his lips.  He mouthed, ‘stay quiet’.  Duo nodded looking up at Wufei with relief.  Wufei helped him to his feet, his mind was clearer so he could walk on his own now.  Taking a cautious glance, Duo saw that the other two were still in their beds asleep.  Quickly and quietly, Wufei led Duo out of the room and following the map that Chandra had given him made his way back to the hall where Trowa was waiting on him.  As silently as possible, the three made their way through the base and had just descended the stairs when they heard the readying of a gun.  Duo’s eyes went wide.   Standing between them and their exit was Quatre his gun drawn and the aim was to kill.  Instantly Wufei and Trowa drew their guns but Duo stepped protectively in front of them, if anyone was going to be shot it would be him. 

            “You are trying to escape aren’t you?” asked Quatre walking toward Duo never lowering his gun.  Wufei and Trowa tensed for battle, “Have you forgotten that your spine will start bleeding one you leave these premises?  No, you can’t escape like this.”

            Duo closed his eyes as Quatre came to stand right in front of him but instead of a gun hammer, he heard a small metallic click and then his neck felt a lot lighter.  Duo opened his eyes to see that Quatre had turned walking away as if he had never seen the three of them.  Putting a hand to his neck Duo didn’t feel the collar.  He looked down seeing it at his feet; Quatre had unlocked it.  Duo stood confused for a moment, but at Wufei’s insistence hurried out of the base just incase the Gundam pilot decided to change his mind.


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