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Summary of Series

     This anime series started out as a manga by the group Clamp.  It is about a boy named Kamui who holds the future of the world in his hands.  If he so chooses the world of humanity will be destroyed and the world shall survive or humanity shall survive and the world will slowly die.  Ultimately, Kamui has to make the decision and join either the Dragons of Earth (the ones for the earth), or the Dragons of Heaven (the ones for humanity).  There is to be a great battle to decide the fate of the world, however, there seems to be another Kamui who shows up to take the other side of the battle.  So, the gathering of the Dragons has begun and the showdown for the future is on the horizon.   Kamui must face the horrible decision while those closest to him are taken from him one by one only to have to fight against one he loves.  What will the outcome of the future be?

The Cast of the End of the World: (Click Picture for Details)

Kamui Shirou