ARC: The One Blessed Of the Spirits

Innate Power: All five Spirits (Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Earth)


             Background: Born to a poor family, Arc barely got to know his                         father before the man disappeared.  He lived with his mother for several years until his    insatiable curiosity to discover what happened to his father overcame him and he left despite his mother's disapproval and worry.  The journey led him to meet the five Spirits  and discover his destiny as the one Chosen of the Spirits and he must fight against the Darkness.  He also discovered that his father had been the successor to the throne of Sumeria but had instead chosen to live a quiet common life.  His brother, Arc's uncle, had ascended the throne instead.  Having no children of his own, the king then named his nephew as heir to the throne.  Andlel, twisted advisor to the king, wishing to take the kingdom and the holy ark as his own, driven by darkness, framed Arc for the murder of his uncle and chasing him out of the country placed a bounty on him so that he could never return.  Thus, he became an outlaw and defender of the Spirits.

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