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Coffee Break

The shop had only been open for three hours, and Yoji was already growing restless. He checked his watch for what had to the fifth time during that same minute. Sighing with frustration, he pushed the sunglasses up the bridge of his nose and continued to trim a rose of dead leaves. Boring...

He looked up as someone walked past. Omi smiled at him and waved on his way to the stock room, bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief. Yoji could take a hint. Smiling a bit evilly himself, the blonde put down his clippers and followed his ginger-haired obsession.

“Where are you going?” Aya asked him.

Yoji smiled disarmingly. “Taking a coffee break just a couple minutes early.”

Looking at him speculatively, Aya shrugged and returned to his ministrations.

Yoji opened the door to the stock room silently and slipped inside. The air was cool and the lighting dim. Omi was writing down stock numbers and quantities in a small notebook with his favorite green pen. He never noticed Yoji as the man approached him with soft, cat-like steps, and suddenly grabbed him from behind.

“Aih!” he screamed, immediately aware of the familiar arms that encircled his torso. “Damn it Yoji! You know I hate it when you do that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry baby. Want me to make it all better?” He turned the boy around to face him and plastered the small body to himself. Smirking seductively, he covered Omi’s sweet lips with his own, slipping his tongue between them to explore the cavern inside.

Gasping, Omi melted into the kiss, caressing Yoji’s tongue with small movements of his own as it invaded his mouth. The man could almost reach his tonsils with that talented muscle, and he sucked it in as far as it could go. God Yoji could do such things with that tongue... The thought of what his lover had just done that morning caused Omi to groan with lust.

“Yoji, will you do that thing again?” he asked in a breathy murmur, a voice that he knew turned him on.

Yoji groaned himself. He loved it when Omi asked for things, especially in that young seductive voice. “Oh yes! Yes baby I will!” Shoving a pile of wrapping paper off a metal table, he turned Omi around and had him bend over. “I have ten minutes of my break left. Are you sure we can come in that small amount of time?” he challenged, cupping the boy’s small, firm ass in both hands and giving it a squeeze. His hands slid around to unzip his lover’s shorts.

“You know you could make me come in less than five minutes if you wanted to,” he whispered huskily. “Please hurry Yoji! I’ve been turned on all morning!”

“But we just had sex twice before work.”

Omi moaned lustily as Yoji pulled his shorts down, and he leaned over the table, exposing his bare ass for the man. “But you’re just so sexy with those sunglasses and tank top. Every time I look at you I want those arms around me, and those hands touching me everywhere.”

The blonde laughed richly and smacked his underage lover on his tiny ass. “Spread ‘em wide baby.”

He did so willingly, letting out little whimpers at each contact of flesh. Yoji spread his cheeks apart and bent between them, kissing around the sensitive mound of his entrance teasingly. He smiled as Omi cried in ecstasy at his ministrations, and he ran his tongue all along the crack in his bottom. Bracing himself for the reaction he knew he would get, Yoji licked a wet circle around the boy’s opening and scraped it gently with his teeth.

“Oh GOD!” he cried, bucking into Yoji’s mouth. “More of that please!”

The man smiled and spread those pale globes even wider, caressing the flesh with his wet lips. Every strangled cry that left Omi made Yoji even harder until he was painfully erect. He encased his lover’s slim shaft in a fist and pumped it slowly as he dove his tongue inside that tight canal, noticing that it was still slightly loose from their previous experience that morning. The blonde reached his tongue inside as far as it would go and twisted it around inside Omi’s warm entrance.

“Yoji I’m gonna come! Take me now. Fuck me please!” he begged in his childish voice, swaying his hips to the rhythm of Yoji’s mouth.

“We’ve got seven minutes, babe. Can you hold out that long until I come all in you?” Yoji asked, giving the boy’s bud a few more stabbing licks before moving up and positioning himself.

“I’ll try. I know how you like a challenge.” He wiggled his butt and moaned as his lover pressed up against him.

Yoji unzipped his pants and drew out his throbbing, nine-inch cock. He swirled the generous amount of precum around the tip in order to lubricate and nudged against Omi’s sweet crack. He smiled as the youth pushed back into him, wanting to be fucked so badly. This turned Yoji on so much, to see such a small and slender boy begging to be rammed up the ass.

“Are you ready hun?” he asked in his syrupy voice.

“Oh YES, Yoji-kun! Hurry before Aya finds us!” He spread his legs a bit wider to allow the man better access. “Make it hurt. I’ve wanted you so bad all day!”

Yoji shoved his cock into Omi’s tight canal before the boy had even finished his sentence. Omi let out a screech and clawed at the metal table. “Quiet, babe. We don’t want Aya finding us, do we?”

He shook his head vigorously as Yoji began to move in and out of him slowly, letting him get used the thick shaft that filled him. The blonde murmured his lover’s name as he went on like that for a few minutes, refusing to let the pleasure end too quickly. Then he sped up, increasing the delicious friction little by little. He had Omi begging for more within a few minutes.

“Let me come, Yoji, please!”

“Oh, but Omi-chan! I enjoy your helplessness.” He laughed and roughened the pace, slamming his hips into Omi’s with each thrust, getting close to climax himself. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Damn you, Kuduo! If you make me wait any longer than I’m gonna make you sleep alone tonight!” he threatened.

Yoji gave him a mock gasp. “You little devil. Just for that, I’m going back to work.” After saying that, he withdrew his length from Omi’s small body and tucked it back into his pants.

Omi turned around and looked at him with fire in his eyes. “Yoji- kun!!!” he screamed. He stood there, supporting himself on the table, legs trembling with his shorts still around his ankles. His erection was fixing to burst, red and swollen with passion-blood. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he bent down to pull his shorts back up.

“Damn it, baby. You know I was just playing along,” he said, moving over to put his arms around the boy.

“You’re so cruel!” he replied, sniffing.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry.”

“Then prove it, bitch.”

Yoji threw his lover into the floor and crawled on top of him, ripping his shorts off once again. Growling with a sudden burst of lust, he slammed home with one solid thrust.

Omi arched off the grass mat, mouth wide with a silent scream as Yoji rammed that gorgeous cock in and out of his tight young ass. “Oh GOD Yoji! Fuck me harder! Make me bleed.”

Grunting with the effort, Yoji thrust into his lover with all his strength. Omi was so tight and so deliciously warm, surrounding him in a blanket of desire. Every thrust sent him pounding into the floor, and gradually their cries grew louder. Yoji leaned down to kiss his ginger- haired beauty on the lips, muffling their screams of pleasure.

Biting hard into Yoji’s delicate lips, Omi came. His seed bathed the man’s sweating chest in strings of glistening pearl. Yoji came at nearly the same time, giving a little growl as he pumped hot cum deep within the boy. Still he shoved into him, waiting until the climax was well over to soften his thrusts.

“Oi, Yoji-kun... that was wonderful. Is your break up yet?”

He looked down at his watch and slid out of the boy, aware of the small amount of blood and great quantities of semen. “I’ve got one minute left. I think we oughtta clean up a bit.”

They cleaned one another with some dustcloths and kissed passionately. “Meet you next coffee break?” Omi asked breathlessly as they parted.

“Sure thing, baby.”

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