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Gundam Wing-

Amazed - by Angelus Kain             NC-17

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WeiB Kruez-

Coffee Break - by Angelus Kain        NC-17

(Not as of yet)

Cold Shower - by Angelus Kain           NC -17

(Not as of yet)

Pretending-  by Angelus Kain            NC-17

(Not as of yet)

Seducing Memories-  by Angelus Kain    NC-17

(Not as of yet)

Sweet Summer Nights- by Angelus Kain      NC-17

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

(not as of yet)


Id Revolution    NC 17 for lots and lots of innuendos and er,...comments  violence

Chapter 1

     It's BASTARD Xenogears style with a little Revolutionary Girl Utena to be thrown in later.  What if Id were Dark Shnider and Elly was Yoko?   And all the other Xenogears characters were evil...well, minus Maria.  What if Graf was their leader and Doc his right hand man?  Craziness ensues...  Look out Elly!


Obsidian and Candles- by Angelus Kain         NC-17 Castlevania- Symphony of the night

(Not as of yet)