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Obsidian and Candles

Alucard smelled him as soon as he stalked into the room. The spicy, musky scent of a human male permeated his nostrils. It was a smell that left him hungry, unsatisified, and completely frightened of himself. It made the half of him that was Vampire rise to the surface, like a serpent from the depths of a black ocean, raising its ugly head and lashing it's powerful body at all that opposed it. Alucard was hungry, and he knew what he wanted. What he desired.

He walked into his bedroom. It was dark and damp, the walls made of cold stone that shone with a wet sheen. The smell was so strong that he had to close his eyes against the instinct to attack the creature that embodied it.

His bed sat in the center of the room, surrounded by heavy velvet drapes of the darkest obsidian black. Alucard lit a series of tall candles with a long match. Many tiny flames cast the room in an eery light, soft yellow patterns racing along the floor.

His cape was thrown over a graceful chair, his jacket and tunic soon following. Silvery white hair cascaded like unbound silk down his bare, opalscent back, pallid skin glinting like polished ivory in the meager light. Slender muscles rippled beneath his flesh as he threw his sword beside the chair. Clad only in leather breeches and boots, he pulled the drapes back from his bed.

Alucard inhaled sharply. His feral golden eyes flowed over the man that lay amongst the pillows. He tested the air with his tongue, his mouth watering as he licked the taste of Richter's scent from his lips.

The slayer lay naked among the black silk, his body glowing with warm blood and health. His cheeks were rosy like the first blooms of spring. His long lashes lay over the finely defined bones of his cheeks, and his full lips were parted as he breathed to the steady rhythm of sleep. Richter's flesh was the color of peaches and cream, and even more delicious. Alucard knew it to be softer than the finest satin ever produced, and much more delicate. He admired the long chestnut tresses that whispered across Richter's beautiful face. They tumbled over his neck and down his slender back, shimmering in the threads of light that Alucard had brought with him.

Richter moaned slightly and stretched sleepily, his smooth thighs growing taught with muscle and his long, slender arms reaching over his head. Alucard took this oppertunity to study the man's perfect chest, which was graced with blushing brown nipples that his mouth ached to taste. His stomach was flat and slightly corded with steel-hard muscle. Golden-brown curls laced around the soft indication of his manhood.

Richter suddenly opened his jewel-blue eyes, sapphire and ice immediately looking to Alucard. "Alucard..." he murmured happily, a lazy smile playing across his lips.

The half Vampire merely stared in return. His deep voice echoed in his throat as he spoke. "Why are you here?" he asked dispassionately, even as his every instinct told him to conquer the slayer before him, to suck the essence from his neck as he took him roughly...

"I do hope you haven't forgotten," the man replied smoothly. His eyes glimmered mischeviously.

Alucard turned away from that shimmering gaze. "Leave. Now."

Richter sat up and tossed back his long chestnut hair. "Alucard, why?"

He tried not to look at that beautiful, naked body. Those long legs were spread ever so slightly, and that neck was now bared to his gaze. "Because, I can't promise you your safety. Last time we were together, circumstances were different."

"Different how?"

Alucard took a deep, shuddering breath and calmly met Richter's gaze. "I have not fed in so long. I need... I can not be with you. Not now."

The slayer gave him a coy smile. "Do you know what the other Belmonts would do if they found out I was here? In the home of a Vampire, naked in his bed with no shame?"

"They would kill you for your insolent behaviour," Alucard interjected casually, as if the topic gave him no pretense of care for the young man.


"And why am I supposed to care for that? It is your own foolish desire that brings you here again. Leave me now." He turned away from the bed, from the ethereal vision before him, and sat down in the chair he had thrown his cape.

"You're not like other Vampires, Alucard. You have a soul. Sympathy. The others just don't see that as I do." Richter slid out of the bed like a sinuous snake and slithered to Alucard. He stood behind the chair and leaned over it, running his hands down the other man's naked chest. "Don't you remember how sweet I was?"

The pale creature held his breath, those warm hands burning against his skin until they dripped searing poison into his veins. "Stop this, Richter," he said rather harshly, ripping the hands away from him. "I was out of control when I took you in the belltower. The killing caused me to lose my rational thought."

Belmonts were never ones to give up easily. He walked to the front of the chair and stood before Alucard, hands on his lean hips. "Don't tell me that I don't make your blood hot with desire. You're immortal, and I am not. That's why you want me. Because I'm human. Warm, filled with life, and excrutiatingly real."

Alucard felt his desire triple. If he looked much longer, had to smell that wonderful male skin, he would go insane. "I..."

He was cut off in midsentence when he felt Richter sliding into his lap. The young man straddled his waist, naked buttocks pressing into the hard length that was still trapped in black leather. Soft arms wound around his neck, and warm lips brushed across his right ear.

"Take me Alucard. I'm willing... On my own volition, I ask you to take me like you did in the belltower. I can't forget it, not matter how hard I may try. The sound of the rain, the look in your eyes, the feel of your cold skin heating up as soon as you entered me. Nothing satisfies me anymore."

The husky whispers ribboning into his ears made Alucard wish he could just melt. Without knowing it, he had moved his hands to Richter's waist, his long fingers wrapping around the slender man.

"You don't know what you ask." Even though his words denied it, his body defaced his lies.

"I ask what you are unwilling to give, but you know you must. Someday, someone will fall prey to your unbidden desires. I want it to be me."

Richter was so warm, so hot, so living. Alucard's hunger was raging inside him, threatening to explode, to implode, to overwhelm him. "Richter, I can't... control myself much longer. I don't want to hurt you."

The slayer leaned back, his thighs tightening around the Vampire's slim waist. "Take me. Now. I will never be satisifed until I have you again."

"Why do this now, Belmont? You spend your life slaying Vampires, training, battling, and now you want me to... take you? I will not stand by idly and watch you..."

"Alucard, my life is empty. Dull. Lifeless. Even the exhiliration of the Hunt has worn away. That day in the belltower, I have never felt anything akin to it. I felt like I was dying and being reborn inside you, Alucard. I don't know if it's your dark magic causing me such agony, or the fact that I am growing weak inside, but I want you as I have never wanted anything else." His fiery eyes burned into Alucard's like liquid flames.

The Vampire turned away from them, unable to look inside them. They were making him hurt. He felt warm breath across his face, and he opened his eyes in time to see Richter closing the infinite gap between their lips. Everything that was human told him that it was wrong to want this, wrong to feel this intangible desire for a creature unbound by death. The sweet scent of Richter's breath intoxicated him like some drug.

Alucard was spinning into an endless void of no return. If he had been watching Richter from a distance, he would have been able to control it, but having the slayer willing in his lap, arms wrapped about him, and lips now slowly pressing into his own, it was more than he could handle.

"Alucard, kiss me," the slayer demanded gently, exasperated that the creature was still avoiding his caresses.

"Richter...!" he gasped, his shaking hands trickling up Richter's neck and gathering in his long hair. He grabbed a handful of the shining locks, pulling the man's face to him.

Alucard kissed him savagely, deeply, and passionately. The feral joining of their lips crashed like a crescendo of thunder from the sky, a storm that could never be soothed, a rain that would never cease. Alucard was fierce and dominant. He tore into Richter's mouth with the ferocity of a long-starved Vampire, his incisors leaving small scratches in the wet, thin flesh.

Richter moaned and pessed his now hardened manhood sharply into the Vampire's stomach. He broke the kiss and threw his head back, moving his hips to a slow rhythm. The feel of Alucard's cool skin and slick leather made him cry out with lust; it took all the will he owned to tear himself from the pale creature's lap.

They looked at one another through half-lidded eyes. Alucard's thin cheeks were blushing with a new heat. The leather that overlapped his groin had been stretched to its extent as it struggled to hold back his strong erection. He wanted to take Richter hard enough to make him scream, to make him beg for his release. He wanted to take that throbbing hard cock in his mouth, wanted to bite him until he could take no more, wanted to destroy him...

Richter, making sure that Alucard was watching his every move, flowed toward the bed, his body slipping like a serpent onto the sheets. He spread his legs and licked his lips, trailing his hands down his slick chest, inching closer and closer to the focus of his desire.

Alucard had never seen anything like it. He would never have imagined this in his wildest of fantasies. Richter Belmont, slayer of Vampires, innocent in earthly matters, was seducing him! And like a winter rose to the light of the sun, he blindly followed every move. The mouthwatering aroma of his male body was making him buckle inside, to fold in upon himself. Alucard took the bait, hooked by the pure sexuality that the man radiated.

He watched as Richter sighed, parting his soft lips, and arched his neck back. His hands had now reached his erection, which he began to touch gently. Capable fingers wrapped around the silken hardness and stroked to an agonizingly slow rhythm. Richter threw his head to the side, the vein in his neck pulsing as his heartbeat quickened.

"Richter, this is your last warning." Alucard still sat in the chair, his hands clutching the armrests as if they were the only things holding him back. "Go. Away." It wasn't only the thought of hurting Richter that frightened him, but of the beast he would become as soon as his mouth met that sweet human skin.

"I will not go away," he breathed in hitched gasps. "God Alucard, take me now! I am tired of this game! Why not take me now, and save yourself the pain of killing some innocent, unwilling victim tomorrow?"

The half-Vampire gave out a strangled growl and stood from his chair, approaching the slayer like a stalking wolf. "Fine, we will play your game Richter." he hissed dangerously.

With a feral growl and the baring of sharp teeth, he joined Richter of the massive, silk-clad bed. He grabbed the slayer by those long chestnut locks and lifted him to his knees before him. Alucard laid his cheek on Richter's smooth, white back and breathed in the scent of his luscious hair and sweet skin. Already he could feel his incisors vibrating with the thirst for hot blood.

"Alucard..." the man moaned deliciously, arching his back and sitting directly on Alucard's leather-bound cock, rubbing into it slowly. He threw his head over the Vampire's shoulder and licked his jawline, then sucked gently at the tiny crevice below his ear.

Alucard gasped with lust and grabbed Richter's slim hips, bringing the man down on himself roughly. The feel of his cold chest slipping along the slayer's warm back was exhilirating. He began to rip at his pants, eager to have them off and done with.

The sound of leather hitting a stone floor was drowned out by Richter's throaty moans. Alucard's long-fingered hands were wrapped around his waist, and the creature was behind him, now completely naked and beautiful. They moved against each other as if imitating sex, kissing each other's faces and trying to resist the overwhelming urge to lose control.

"Alucard," he whispered again, urgently, the name rolling from his lips like the sweetest tinkling of a crystal bell.

He answered the call by pressing his blood-engorged cock into the soft split of Richter's backside and thrusting his hips sharply into it. The slayer cried out and rolled his own pelvis fluidly, urging the half-Vampire on, begging to be taken. Jewel-blue eyes were half-lidded and glazed with desire. Alucard inserted a finger between Richter's parted red lips and slid them over the man's smooth tongue.

As his fingers were sucked and thoroughly wettened, Alucard ran his mouth all over his lover's slender neck, kissing gently and licking spontaneously. Tendons flexed beneath his fingers, muscles trembled beneath his every touch, and husky whispers filled his ears. He was completely lost from everything and everyone but Richter. Richter's hot mouth around his fingers, Richter's voice surrounding him, Richter's scent permeating his very entity, and Richter's body hot against his own. Nothing could spoil the perfect moment of having a willing, living man in his arms; a strong slayer with a beauty rare to humans.

Alucard slid his fingers from the man's mouth and positioned them at his entrance, using the saliva coating to lubricate as he gently pushed one inside. Richter moaned and tossed his head back, throwing it over Alucard's broad shoulder. His hips rocked into the touch as if to beg for more.

"Take me," he said, curving his head to the right and exposing his throbbing, heated neck.

Alucard's entire world reeled. His mouth bared into a vicious growl, exposing sharp, carnal teeth that glistened an unnatural white. His breath became erratic and hitched, his vision spun, and he was sinking his incisors deeply into hot, yielding flesh...

Richter suddenly screamed and went rigid. His lips parted in a mute gasp as Alucard removed his fingers and dove into him with one sharp, solid thrust. It shoved the man onto his hands and knees, and he had to lean on his elbows to maintain balance. Alucard lay across his back, his cold skin now burning as if a fire lay beneath it, his breath coming out harsh and grating in Richter's ears.

The slayer panted with pain as Alucard continued to pommel inside him. It was what he had wanted... for Alucard to lose himself in a willing partner. His pants became moans as the creature reached one hand around and began to stroke his length to a quick, circular rhythm. The burning, caustic poison of Alucard's lethal kiss was sending electric shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body. His bite was dangerously pleasurable and yet so painful that tears welled in his tightly shut eyes.

Warm blood seeped from Richter's pulsing vein and filled Alucard with a new vitality. His own blood was boiling inside him, threatening to make him the monster he so feared. Richter was tight and hot around his cock as he thrust hard into him. The man's sweaty back slipped across his chest and stomach, teasing his sensitized flesh. It was all too much and yet not enough. He strengthened his wildly pivoting hips, stroked Richter faster, and sucked harder at his still-flowing jugular.

Richter let out a strangled groan as crescendos of intense orgasm beat upon him.

"Alucard! Uuuuunh!" he screamed as loudly as he could, his voice echoing off the stone walls. His muscles trembled as he released himself into the Vampire's waiting hand.

Alucard growled as pure animal lust consumed his senses. He vaguely heard Richter's screams, as if far away, and barely felt the man's anal muscles begin to stroke his exploding cock. There was a rage of thunder in his ears as the fresh blood sang through him. His every vein pulsed with temporary energy, one which he had not felt in so long. Was that his voice whispering Richter's name? Was it his body shuddering with a powerful climax that seemed to branch passion throughout him?

Slowly, Alucard came to his senses. The room once again came into focus, and the knowledge that Richter was unmoving before him quickly snapped him into consciousness.

"Richter," he said, surprised by how thick his voice sounded and how out of breath he was.

The slayer did not answer, but moaned and stirred slightly on the rumpled silk. His neck wore two small holes, and they had been seared closed by Alucard's hot new mouth.

Alucard lay Richter on his back and stared at his face for long minutes. The man was pale from loss of blood, and completely unconscious. He would come to eventually, though. Fortunately, he had not taken enough blood to kill the man; only to leave him in a dreamless sleep that could possibly last for days.

He ran his long, trembling fingers over that beautiful face before laying down beside him. In the evening when he awoke, he would decide what to do with the one man that had seduced him. He could still feel his blood hot inside him. It would last all day as he slept.

Outside, the sun had risen, painting an old, delapidated castle with golden rays. It did not touch the subterrarean room where a half-Vampire and his new mate slept, undisturbed by the outside world.


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