Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own these character. Darnit. "Seducing Memories" is just a sweet and simple fic about Omi's awe of Yoji and the blonde's refusal to get over Asuka, the former love of his life. Cute lil' Omi-chan!


Seducing Memories

Can a day get any more boring?! Yoji pondered as he flipped through the television channels. His chin rested in one sinuous hand as he gazed lazily at the screen, not really seeing what was on it. His mind was elsewhere, wondering if there was anything to do other than stare fixedly at the tube. Sighing, he set the remote down on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch in order to get comfortable. Perhaps this would be a good time for a nap.

Wrong. He was jarred into full awareness as a small body bounced onto the couch beside him.

“What are you watching Yoji-kun?” Omi asked brightly.

Yoji suppressed a groan. “Nothing. Here.” He handed the boy the remote control and resumed his previous attempt at dozing.

He was disturbed yet again when he felt Omi pressing into him. Opening one eye into a thin slit, he glanced at the boy, who was trying to inconspicuously snuggle up against him. He grinned and laid back into the cushions.

“Why are you squishing me? There’s plenty of room on the other side of the couch.”

Omi blushed and cast his gaze to the television. “I’m cold.”

“Considering what you are wearing, it’s no wonder you’re cold.”

His feral green eyes ate up the image of Omi in a pair of cut-off khaki shorts and a black undershirt. The young assassin’s arms were pale and slender, especially when outlined against the ebony material. His blonde locks were tousled, most likely from a previous nap, and his slim legs were thrown casually over the arm of the couch. He looked at Yoji innocently and smiled. Smooth pink lips curved upwards. The man found himself being tempted to kiss them. This thought disturbed him, and he quickly focused his attention on the TV.

Omi changed positions and situated his legs in Yoji’s lap.

He tried to ignore this. He really tried... but then they began to move around, brushing up against him in intimate places. Unaware or not, Omi had to stop. “Omi, are you gonna keep those there?”

Those innocent sapphire orbs looked up at him. “If you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t.” He gritted his teeth in vexation. It was impossible to say anything cross to Omi-chan.

The boy took the controller and began to flip listlessly through the channels. It wasn’t five minutes before he found a show to his liking. It was some corny anime show featuring a boy named Satoshi and his ‘pokemon’ or something. Yoji took the time while his comrade was distracted to admire those perfect and hairless legs. The calves were muscular yet slender, gliding in gentle curves to delicate ankles. He had never seen skin so soft and completely devoid of hair...

“Yoji-kun? What are you staring at?”

Yoji was pulled roughly out of his musings. “I was just wondering if you shave your legs,” he lied, knowing that the silken skin was completely natural.

“Nope!” His smile was pure and unadulterated. “I don’t have to shave my face either.”

One thin brow arched in amusement. “Are you this smooth everywhere, bishounen?” he asked, putting a seductive hint in his voice.

As was expected, the boy blushed profusely. “Well, um, I guess...”

“How positively delicious.”

Omi looked at him in surprise for a moment before gathering a scowl. “You’re always teasing.” He crossed his arms angrily and glared.

“Aw, don’t be so offensive. I was merely playing with you.” *If only I was really playing with that hot body...*

He stuck his tongue out and made a face.

“I can think of some better exercises for that talented little tongue of yours,” Yoji drawled, winking one glowing eye.

Those round cheeks flamed scarlet. “Yoji-kun!”


“You’re impossible.”

“No I’m not. All you have to do is ask.” He licked his lush lips and surged toward Omi, grabbing those petite arms and pinning him to the couch. The youth struggled for only a moment, then went completely still.

His fair features twisted into a scowl. “I’m not in the mood for your games.”

The man smiled, forever patient. He ran a hand up one of the arms that he was currently holding down. “I can make you in the mood.”

“Yoji, stop!” His small body writhed under the man as he attempted to escape. Those beautiful legs were constantly rubbing unconsciously into Yoji’s crotch.

“How can you tell me to stop when you’re being so zealous?” His laugh rang though the living room.

“Damn it Yoji! I said to stop!”

Yoji sighed and released the boy. “Fine. Have it your way. You have no idea what you’re missing, though. You’ll regret this in the morning when you wake up alone and horny.”

“I don’t want to know what I’m missing. And waking up alone is something I’ve done all my life. No big deal there,” he said in an agitated voice. The glare that he had acquired never left his face.

“What about being horny? How are you going to fix that?”

Omi flushed and cast his eyes to the floor. “I...”

“At a loss for words Omi-chan?” Yoji whispered, leaning toward him once again. He ran a hand down his bare thigh, caressing satin skin.

The boy felt shocks of pleasure racing through his body as those talented fingers trickled down his thigh. They brushed against but did not earnestly touch his most secretive area, leaving him wanting and his heart pounding. He immediately became hard underneath Yoji’s hot body. His cheeks bloomed pink with a dark blush when he realized that there was no way to hide it.

“Omi, you are so...” Yoji searched for the right word as his hand traveled down that silky leg, past a smooth kneecap and over a slender calf. “So damn hot.”

“Yoji-kun, no...” he whimpered quietly. “Stop touching me.”

“You don’t want that,” he whispered huskily, moving down to kiss Omi’s legs gently.

The soft rim of his lips fluttered over the boy’s inner thighs, his tongue darting out to touch them only briefly before moving down for another moistened kiss. Omi gasped beneath him and let out little squeaks of pleasure. As Yoji worshipped those perfect legs, Omi had a million thought running through his head at once.

*Oh that feels good*, he thought to himself. *I shouldn’t let him keep doing this... Oh god don’t stop... No I can’t... Mmm Yoji-kun how can someone be so talented... NO! Oh god YES!!!*

“Yoji-kun STOP!” he screamed suddenly.

“Omi-chan?” he asked with concern, leaning away and looking down at him with wondering green eyes.

The ginger-haired boy lay trembling on the couch, his clothing tousled and eyes glazed with desire, but burning with defiance. “I can’t. We shouldn’t.” It was all he could say before he burst into tears.

Yoji looked at him for a moment in genuine shock. *What happened? He was enjoying it so much.* He gathered the tiny body in his arms and held him close. “Omi, what’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”

Omi sobbed uncontrollably and buried his face into the man’s muscular shoulder, embarrassed of his tears but unable to stop them. Waves of depression flew over him with dark wings. He held Yoji as if the man would be swept away at any second. “You didn’t hurt me Yoji-kun,” he said between breathes. *Not in the way you’re thinking.*

“Then tell me what’s the matter.” He stroked Omi’s back affectionately, worried.

“I can’t tell you.”

“Omi-chan, you can tell me anything. Yoji Kudou has seen and heard everything.” He leaned back and looked at Omi, smiling at him and brushing away his tears with his knuckles. “I’m your friend, Omi.”

“Don’t look at me!” he said, shielding his tear-streaked face with his hands. “I look stupid when I cry.”

Yoji sighed with frustration and grabbed the boy’s hands, taking them away. Omi turned away and looked out the window. “You’re beautiful no matter what.”

Omi shivered at the sincerity he heard in Yoji’s voice.

“Now tell me what’s the matter.”

“I can’t!” he gasped, looking back at Yoji with searing eyes. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Don’t you ever say that I wouldn’t understand!” he said back angrily.

“But Yoji-kun, I don’t even understand,” Omi whispered.

Yoji leaned forward to kiss the boy’s forehead, and was very shocked when Omi tilted his face upwards and instead kissed Yoji full on the lips. His luscious little mouth caressed Yoji’s gently, even affectionately.

“Yoji, I love you.”

Yoji’s eyes widened in realization. “Omi...”

“I’m sorry! I can’t help it! I’m in love with you Yoji and there’s nothing I can do to make myself hate you. I’ve tried to stop loving you, I really have. I tried to find all your bad points so that I could tell myself that you weren’t worth the trouble, but your faults only make me want you more. I’m sorry!” His body trembled savagely as new tears sprung from his eyes.

There was nothing Yoji could say. He had expected anything but that. Omi in love with him? Omi who was always badgering him about being late for work, who was always telling him to keep his mind off women and on his work, who was always teasing him and making him ache with desire and hurt for release and want and need and lust....

“Omi, you can’t be in love with me,” he said softly.

“I knew you would say that Yoji! You’re always putting yourself down and refusing to accept that others care. You’re still not over Asuka!” He twisted his way out of Yoji’s grasp and leapt from the couch, ready to run away.

Yoji leapt from the encucherment as well and grabbed him, holding his fragile arms in a possessive grip. “Don’t tell me you love me and then run away,” he said in a barely audible voice.

“Why not? You don’t love me in return.”

“Just like you can’t make yourself hate me, I can’t make myself love you.” His eyes clouded over with something that Omi could not identify. ‘But that doesn’t mean that we can’t share friendship.”

“Yoji-kun, I can’t...”

“Help me, Omi. Help me get over her.”

The boy looked deeply into his eyes, searching for an answer in their emerald depths. Those hands were bruising his arms, but he did nothing to remove them. They were desperate, needing, gripping as if Omi would run away.

Omi made his decision and stood taller, tilting his face upwards and capturing Yoji’s lips. Their mouths twined together slowly, almost hesitantly, until the passion overwhelmed their conscious thought and they fell onto the couch in a writhing mass of limbs. Omi moaned as Yoji’s tongue swept into his mouth and plundered him. The sleek muscle probed him until he melted completely, unable to resist such beautiful kisses.

The only thing he could think of was Yoji. Yoji’s tongue in his mouth, Yoji’s hands in his hair, Yoji’s body against him, Yoji’s thigh moving between his own, Yoji’s shuddering breath in his ears. He whimpered when the man stopped kissing him, tugging at his shirt with tiny fists. Yoji’s thigh hardened its friction between his legs, and he could feel it grinding against his erection. He forgot about the kiss and focused on the new pleasure.

“Yoji-kun... ahhhh!” he cried, throwing his head back.

The man replied by leaning down and kissing down Omi’s neck passionately. His mouth was less than gentle, nipping and biting carefully as he gave the boy pleasure. His breath had quickened until he thought his lungs would explode. Omi’s body was so hot and so sexy, making him hard just from looking at it. Now, actually kissing it and touching intimately, he found his cock fairly pouring precum. The front of his pants was actually wet.

“Omi...” he groaned, kissing him again savagely as he removed his own clothes quickly.

The ginger-haired boy also removed his own clothing. He was wanting Yoji so bad that it hurt... it ached! Throbbing and pulsing and wanting and drooling, his cock was demanding touches and release. Yoji slid his heated, naked body over Omi’s and licked his chin, running his tongue up his neck until he met those tender lips. Passionately he kissed them, leaving the boy completely under his spell of chaotic lust. They ground into one another and thrust their hips to a sharp rhythm. Omi cried out as Yoji breathed heavily.

“Yoji-kun! Oh god, I think I’m going to die.” Inside he was screaming, shuddering, and shattering. It felt like he was falling into a dark abyss that he would never find his way out of.

“Calm down a bit Omi,” he said, leaning back and caressing his sweaty chest with the palms of his hands. “Don’t die on me yet.”

Omi smiled weakly, his back arching when Yoji’s fingers met his nipples, rubbing them and pinching them, lubricated with sweat. “Oh Yoji-kun, when did you get so good?”

“Comes with experience, my sweet.” He kissed him again and reached down with one hand to wrap around his hard little cock, still pinching his nipples with the other. “How experienced are you?”

“I... um... I’ve only made out with two or three guys,” he admitted with a blush, raising his hips into Yoji’s hand as it stroked him. “Uuunhhh...”

Yoji smiled and stroked him a bit faster, slicking him with precum as he gathered it in his palm. The boy was weeping gallons of the thick juices. It made him incredibly horny. The smell, the awesome feel of it slick under his palm as he fucked Omi with his hand, and the taste as his tongue reached out to lick it off like honey from a spoon...

“OOOH god!!!!” Omi cried at the feel of Yoji’s tongue laving the tip of his cock, swirling around the very sensitive head and dipping into the slit.

Yoji groaned in response and licked with a rougher force. He slid his tongue up and down the shaft, caressing each vein, and nibbled very gently at the boy’s hairless balls. This caused his partner to arch off the couch and scream with pleasure. Sweat had begun to run from Omi’s forehead in small glistening beads. Yoji purred and took Omi deep in his throat.

They went on like that for a while, Omi struggling to hold back his release as Yoji mouth-fucked him, both breathing so harshly that their lungs threatened to implode. The man sucked Omi gently, just the way his little affection liked it, taking him to the hilt and feeding him pleasure through his own hot, wet, slick mouth.

“Y-Yoji-kun, I’m cumming!” he screamed, his body shaking uncontrollably as he released his essence into the man’s mouth.

Yoji took it into his mouth but did not swallow. After Omi’s body stopped spasming and his slender cock began to shrink, he leaned away and spat the cum into his hand.

“What is that for Yoji-kun?” he breathed heavily, his rib cage expanding violently.

“For this,” he murmured, taking that hand and sliding it between the round globes of the boy’s ass, lubricating him with it.

Omi didn’t know whether to like it or be grossed out. But it felt good, and already he could feel himself hardening, even though a bit slower than before, so he decided that it was better than it was worse. He moaned and jerked his hips upward as one of Yoji’s long and graceful fingers dove inside him. It went slowly and gently, taking time to massage his virginal walls and open him before inserting another.

It felt so good that Omi could do nothing but moan fervently and toss his head from side to side. The second finger began to hurt, but the pleasure was much greater as Yoji hit something inside him that made him almost die with ecstasy.

“Omi-chan, are you ready for me?” he asked the boy beneath him, getting on his knees and draping those beautiful legs over his shoulders.

“Yes Yoji-kun! Yes!” His body ached with the want.

Yoji positioned himself and looked down at Omi as he slid his cock over the wet opening. Omi arched up against him and moaned.

“Stop... teasing me... you’re always... teasing!” His lips parted in a gasp as Yoji pushed inside.

The blonde man stabbed into Omi slowly, each centimeter of his impressive girth burying itself inside the tight body, stretching him and splitting him apart. The boy surrounded him with velvet heat, squeezing him into oblivion, the pressure so intense that he was afraid of cumming too soon.

Omi whimpered from the pain. It was so intense that he ended up crying, but Yoji kissed his tears away and held himself inside until he was all the way in, his balls resting against Omi’s buttocks and his legs straining with muscle as he attempted not to shove in and out immediately.

Yoji drew out and slid back in, loosening that incredibly tight ring of muscle that bound Omi’s virginity. He had broken the seal in Omi’s soul, and he made sure to be as gentle as possible as he dove in and out with long, trained stroked that brought the boy into immediate hardness.

“Oh Yoji... It hurts...” he breathed, choking back a sob.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said gently, repositioning Omi’s hips and sliding in once again. This time he stroked across the youth’s prostate, sending him into a whirlwind of sensation.

Omi screamed and lifted his upper body off the couch, taking Yoji even deeper. The man sunk into him until he could go no farther, then withdrew completely before slamming back inside. Omi clawed at the back of his neck with his nails and grabbed handfuls of long, lustrous blonde hair. His blue eyes were dark with desire as Yoji made love to him quickly but gently. Each thrust went deeper, each thrust brought them both closer to one another.

It didn’t take another three minutes before Omi came. He sobbed with pleasure as his body spasmed, and his seed shot forth yet again. Yoji’s hand stroked him as he came, pumping him of his essence with a trained precision.

Yoji looked down in shock as Omi had a double orgasm, his slender body wracked with lust and pleasure. “Yoji-kun! Oh my god... uuuunhhhh.... I l- love you!”

The incredible sensations of Omi’s ass stroking him and the knowledge that his lover was cumming yet a third time sent Yoji spiraling over the edge of pleasure. He cried out once and dove inside harder than before. His seed filled the boy beneath him and spilled over. Yoji let out one more sharp yelp and then went completely limp against Omi.

The ginger-haired youth panted heavily and wrapped his arms around the man’s sweaty torso.

“Yoji-kun, that was so good. So good...” His voice was strained as he spoke in a soft whisper, rubbing his cheek into damp blonde hair.

“Mmm, Omi. You’re just so... I can’t get enough of you.” Already he wanted him again. That was the best sex he had ever had. He ran his palm idly down Omi’s slender, sweat-slicked chest and kissed him gently. “My hand is very sticky... How about we take a shower?”

Omi blushed as he gazed at the man’s hand. *Very sticky indeed,* he thought. He stood on wobbly legs, then almost fell on the floor. Yoji caught him and held him close, a bit woozy himself.

“Sex takes more out of you than any other workout. And you had three orgasms you naughty boy.” After kissing him gently and making sure he could stand on his own two feet, Yoji released him and they made their way to the shower.

Hot water soon poured down on their weary bodies. Omi lifted his face to the heavy spray, sending it dripping from his hair and cascading down his back. His legs still trembled from the awesome sex with Yoji, but he could feel his strength returning. His breath caught as Yoji’s soapy hands found his back, and they began to massage tendrils of thick suds into his skin, washing him. Omi moaned and leaned against the cold tile in order to stay on his feet. Yoji was ungodly talented with those hands.

“Is that good baby?” he whispered in Omi’s ear, licking it slowly and moving his fingers lower to caress the pale globes of the boy’s ass.

“Uuunh, Yoji,” was his quiet reply.

“Omi-chan...” he answered, slipping a finger between those creamy buttocks and teasing the boy’s opening.

“Not again. I can’t handle it Yoji-kun!” But instead of moving away, he arched back into the touch. He had begun to harden, pressing painfully against the smooth tiled walls.

Yoji inserted his finger, and was rewarded with a delicious moan from Omi. He didn’t know why, but he felt as if he could never get enough of the tiny assassin. His mouth watered just from thinking about him. His heart pounded when he looked into those sapphire depths. Moving the finger in and out slowly, he turned Omi around and got on his knees, face to face with that throbbing, five-inch cock. He took it into his mouth and sucked so gently, taking in its clean taste and smooth contours.

Omi almost screamed at the feel of Yoji’s hot mouth enveloping his length after being pressed into the cold tile. “Yoji-kun... AAAHH!” His small body was racked with indescribable pleasure. He gritted his teeth and tried as hard as he could to remain standing.

Yoji groaned with pure pleasure. Omi felt so good in his mouth, pressing into the back of his throat. Every moan from the boy made him harder until it ached for release, but he concentrated on his ginger-haired beauty instead.

Minutes later, Omi came down Yoji’s throat. His mouth opened in a scream as he released his seed, his body shoving itself forward repeatedly as each burst of essence was released.

Yoji licked his lips clean and stood to capture Omi in a savage kiss. The boy melted against him completely. “Mmm, you taste good,” he breathed.

“Yoji-kun,” he sighed in return, reaching down to stroke Yoji’s hard cock. He ran the palm of his hand up and down all nine inches rapidly. It felt good in his hand, smooth and hot and leaking juices. Yoji grunted and shot semen into the boy’s hand, arching his back and kissing the boy hotly.

They panted and leaned against the wall as they finished up their shower.

“Yoji-kun... have I...Have I helped you to forget her?” His voice was unsure and meek.

Yoji drew him close and ran his hands down his back. “I haven’t thought about her once since we began,” he stated truthfully. Ever since Asuka had died, he had seen her face with all his lovers, but Omi was different. With Omi, it was only Omi he was making love to.

“I love you,” he whispered to the blonde, trying not to cry. Yoji was so beautiful and so talented, but could never love him back...

“Omi-chan, I think I love you too.”

Omi’s head snapped up to look into Yoji’s deep green eyes. “Honto?!”

“Yes, Omi. It’s different with you than with anyone else. With you, I feel... complete. What I felt when Asuka died disappears. I guess I just never noticed it before.” He smiled gently and kissed him. “And when you say ‘I love you’, I feel my heart beat a hundred times faster.”

“Oh Yoji-kun!” He wept and threw himself into the man’s arms. “I love you so much! I have for so long... Please don’t let go!”

“Omi-chan, I wouldn’t dream of it. I’m not losing another lover.” His voice was strained with an inner pain, and he hugged Omi even closer as they exited the shower.

Yoji grabbed a soft yellow towel and wiped Omi dry, admiring the soft slender body as he did so. Omi’s petite waist fit so perfectly in his hands as he lifted him. Yoji carried the boy in a very romantic way to his bedroom.

“It isn’t fair,” Omi remarked as Yoji laid him down on the canopy bed. “Your bedroom is much bigger than mine.”

“It’s your room too, you know. You can come over here whenever you want. I love you, Omi.”

“I love you too Yoji. Itsumademo.”

Yoji chuckled and kissed his tiny lover on the cheek as he covered them up with a thick blanket. “Get some good rest, because I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night with a hard-on.”

“You’re hornier than I am Yoji-kun!” he joked.

“I’m going to make sure you get at least four orgasms a day. Think you could handle that baby?”

Omi smiled shyly and blushed. “Only if you do too.”

Chuckling, Yoji drew the warm body against him. “Then it’s a deal. Now get some sleep!”

“Hai, Yoji-kun. Oyasumi. Ai shiteru itsumademo.”

“Me too Omi.”

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