Disclaimer and AN: None of the WK characters are owned by Crimson Drake. Please enjoy this little PWP ficlet about Aya's undying lust for his boytoy. Omi is such a dirty little boy! Aya needs to punish him!



He ran down the hall as fast he could, not daring to look back as he entered his room and slammed the door behind him, locking it snugly. He looked around himself for a weapon of some kind. His big blue eyes landed on a sharp letter opener fashioned to resemble a sword. The boy grabbed it even as the first knock sounded at his bedroom door.

“Omi! Let me in!” Aya bellowed, the voice very unusual.

The boy backed toward his bed. “No! You’re going to hurt me.”

Aya laughed coldly, the sound sending shivers down Omi’s frail spine. “I would never hurt you Omi-chan. Now be a good little boy and open the door.”


He could hear the red head growl in frustration. “Fine then. Have it your way.”

The door burst open with the splintering of wood. Aya kicked right through the lock and strode into the room angrily. His sharp purple eyes landed on the small blonde who was holding the letter opener in his tiny fist. A cruel smile spread across his face. He approached his teammate fearlessly, licking his pale lips in anticipation.

“Are you going to fight me little Omi-chan?” he asked in a velvety voice, his words dripping with lust and seduction.

Omi gasped as Aya moved forward and, in one quick motion, grabbed his delicate wrist with those strong hands. “Aya-kun... please! Don’t... don’t hurt me.”

Abyssinian took the flashing blade from the boy’s fingers savagely. “Were you actually going to use this on me?” he asked dangerously, his grip tightening painfully on Bombay’s wrist.

All he could do was swallow hard and look up at the young man with big, watery eyes, tears beginning to fall down his cheeks. A sniff escaped him, and he was mildly surprised when Aya gathered him into his strong arms. Long fingers ran down his back, caressing the tense muscles.

“Don’t cry now, Omi. I’ll make this pleasurable for you as well. I promise.” He grabbed the boy roughly, pinning him to his own body and moving toward the bed. His lips crushed against his captive’s with a hungry, brutal force.

Omi pushed desperately against the red head’s chest as he was thrown onto the bed. Aya never ceased kissing him, lying on top of his slender body as they fell onto the soft mattress. Abyssinian pried the boy’s lips apart with his own and shoved his tongue inside, exploring every inch of sweet wetness. Omi still struggled, but less now, his manhood beginning to harden as the young man thrust their hips together roughly.

“Omi-chan... you’re so fuckable.” He licked his lips yet again and sat up, straddling his captive’s petite waist. “The things I’m going to do to you...”

“Please don’t Aya-kun,” he sobbed, the tears sliding down his cheeks. “I’ll be good. Just please don’t hurt me.”

“That’s more like it.”

Aya ran his fingers lovingly down the boy’s chest inside his shirt, caressing the silky flesh. “I’m going to the bathroom to get some lubricant. When I get back, you had better be naked and lying in that bed, legs spread wide open. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a delicious young boy waiting for me.”

He nodded slowly. “O-okay.”

Brandishing the letter opener, Aya grinned. “And if you don’t, I’ll punish you.” He slid the blade warningly over his shirt. “Got it?”

This time Omi nodded vigorously.

“Good boy,” Aya breathed, leaning down and kissing him softly before making his way to the bathroom.

Omi undressed quickly, ashamed of his cock as it jumped into life, ready to be touched and fondled by Aya-kun. How could he be so dirty? The red head hadn’t exactly treated him with the utmost gentleness, and here he was with a hard-on that would make Yoji proud. He lay down on the bed and, as commanded, spread his perfect legs wide, exposing his frail opening and leaving his dick to stand straight up. He hit his head repeatedly on the pillow, trying unsuccessfully to will his erection away.

His captor came back only moments later. He held a tube of lubricant in one hand, among other things that Omi couldn’t make out.

“Very good job, my pet.” Smiling that evil and sexy smile, he sat down on the edge of the bed and let his eyes greedily eat up the image before him.

Omi was panting with fear and excitement, his thin ribs expanding violently as he breathed. His beautiful blue eyes were wide with excitement and fear. Small white teeth fretted at his bottom lip as he struggled to remain still as Aya devoured him with his gaze. He closed his eyes tightly when those delicate hands began to move up one inner thigh. Every muscle tensed.

Aya caressed those slender thighs gently. “Get in the floor, Omi.”

The boy shrank back against the pillows. “W-why?”

“Don’t ask questions, just do as I say.”

“Yes, Aya-kun.”

His face flushed scarlet as his teammate guided him onto the floor, making him kneel between Aya’s spread legs. The young red head grabbed a handful of ginger hair and brought the boy’s head down to meet his large, throbbing erection.

“Suck my dick,” he ordered. “Now.”

Omi gasped in shock. “I can’t!”

“You will!” He twisted the handful of hair painfully.

Omi choked back a sob and hesitantly took the tip of Aya’s cock into his mouth. Not knowing what to do, he closed his eyes and began to suckle softly, almost enjoying the smooth skin that slid between his lips. Its smell was so strong that he almost gagged, and yet it also turned him on in some strange way. He caressed the tip with his tongue, sampling the bead of precum that rested there, his breath incredibly ragged.

Aya grabbed the sides of the boy’s head and shoved him forward, burying himself down that smooth, moist throat. He growled low in his chest and moved Omi's head up and down his turgid length. He fucked the small blonde’s mouth wildly, shoving himself in and out of the hot cavern of wet flesh.

The boy choked on the hard length that was currently raping his mouth. Hot tears seared his cheeks as he gagged on it, but still he sucked even as he struggled for breath. His big blue eyes were shut tightly, wet lashes resting against his blushing round cheeks. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was urging Aya on, enjoying every bit of rough treatment, savoring every thrust of that thick cock in his throat. He could feel his own erect dick pulsing with need, wanting to be touched and ravaged.

“Touch me,” Aya growled between gasps for breath. He took one of Omi’s hands in his own and placed it on his balls.

Omi kneaded them thoroughly. Soft almost hairless skin was caressed with his fingertips. He squeezed them almost painfully as Aya pumped his mouth., pinching the shaft with his lips and scraping it with his teeth. If Aya didn’t cum soon he was going to die of suffocation. He moved closer to the young man, still kneeling between his legs.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled, tightening his grip on Omi’s head and slamming himself into the boy’s mouth. “Swallow my cum, Omi.”

He did so almost enthusiastically. Hot, salty cream sprayed down his throat in liquid spurts of passion. Thick strings of semen fell from his lips as Aya drew out of his mouth. It dribbled down his chin and mingled with the tears that he had shed.

“Your mouth is deliciously fuckable,” the red head murmured, tilting the boy’s head upward by placing a hand on his chin. “But your face is all dirty.”

Aya drew Omi into his lap, making the petite young assassin straddle his narrow waist, and licked every last drop of cum from his face. The erotic display left Omi panting for breath, and his cheeks burned with shame at his own arousal.

“I think it’s your turn for a little fun.” Aya smiled at him and laid his slender body down on the bed. “Put your arms above your head.”

Omi, shaking with apprehension, did as he was told without a word. His eyes widened when he saw Aya pick up a pair of padded cuffs and slide them between the bars of the headboard.

“Give me your hands,” he commanded.

He took the boy’s wrists and clasped the cuffs over them, locking his arms in place. Making sure they were secure yet comfortable, he then moved down and kissed his captive very softly on the lips. Omi’s mouth opened on instinct, and he was filled with lust as a wet tongue probed his gums. A low moan escaped him when Aya slid his hand down to a nipple and began to pinch it rhythmically. His flexible back arched into the touch like a cat’s.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” the red head said in a husky whisper.

“Please don’t do this Aya-kun.”

“But Omi, you know you’re enjoying it. You’re already begging for more with that luscious body. The way you bend yourself into my touch tells me that you want more. So much more...” He took Omi’s pulsing jugular between his lips and sucked on it gently. “You taste so young and fresh.”

“A-Aya-kun,” the boy moaned, throwing his head back into the pillows. “Ahhh...”

Aya chuckled and sucked harder. He drew small bruises on the creamy flesh with his vicious lips and tongue.

“Why are you doing this Aya?”

He replied between licks as he fed greedily upon the boy’s silken skin. “Because you’re so damn hot. Because when I look at you in those shorts that you always wear, I feel like tearing them off and raping you.” He bit deeply into a collarbone and gracefully licked up a small droplet of blood. “Because I know you want me to.”


“You mean you don’t want this?” He slid his mouth lower to tightly encase a hard nipple. Rolling the jagged nub around with his tongue, he glanced upward to see the boy’s face twist in shock and desire.

“Unh! N-no!”

One hand worked at the left nipple while his other glided slowly down. He rubbed the heel of his palm into Omi’s erect cock very lightly. That caused Omi to arc off the bed and cry out, his young features drawn into a mask of lust. Aya wrapped his fingers around the stiff length and pumped it ever so slowly, denying his small captive the satisfaction he needed. Bombay moved his slender hips with the thrusts and gasped when Aya nibbled tenderly on his sensitive nipples.

“Tell me to stop whenever you’re ready,” the young man said.

“Aya-kun, please!” He was going to cum any second. The fire in his groin was threatening to explode...

Aya stopped his slow stroking and leaned away from Omi. Sitting on his knees at the foot of the bed, he observed the boy in all his flustered glory. Ginger hair was tousled from misuse, big blue eyes were closed tightly, round cheeks were rose with passion and shame. His sexy bishounen body was trembling with its effort to stay in control. Omi suddenly closed his slim legs and tried to scoot away from Aya as he was assaulted.

“Spread ‘em. I didn’t tell you to close them.” He glowered at the boy, his electric purple gaze sending sparks through Omi’s blood.

Placing his hands on Omi’s smooth thighs, he drew them apart. “Now keep them open and maybe I won’t punish you for that.”

Omi had begun crying again. “Aya-kun, don’t hurt...”

“Shhh. I’m not going to hurt you. Just relax.”

He tensed but closed his mouth, waiting for Aya’s next move. He watched as the young man drew a tube of lubricant from the hidden pile of stuff from beside the bed. He took the cap off and looked deeply into Omi’s eyes as he thoroughly lubricated one finger, then spread a little extra around the tip. His smile was definitely evil as he crawled over to the boy and stood on his knees above him.

He ran his finger lightly over Omi’s sensitive opening. The boy closed his eyes and tried not to struggle against the alien feeling. Aya soothed him with soft whispers as he pushed it inside gently. Warm, smooth walls closed in around his finger, almost sucking him inside with their tightness. He let out a groan and pushed it farther in.

“Aya! Ooooh...” he crooned, throwing his head back yet again. His lips parted as he let out a series of luscious moans.

“Is it good baby?” He took the tip of Omi’s delicate cockhead between his lips and licked it all over. He swirled his tongue around the slit and sampled the precum that stained its tip. His finger had begun to move in and out of that tight ass, slick with lubrication.

Aya stopped suddenly and drew yet another object from beside the bed. He held it up for Omi to see.

“Where did you get that?!” he said in shock.

Aya took the slender dildo and coated it with lubrication. “I borrowed some things from Yoji.”

Omi bit his bottom lip in order to restrain his fearful whimpers. “A- and he didn’t mind?”

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Don’t worry, I sanitized them well, and I will again when I’m through using them on you.”

“Ah.” The boy braced himself as Aya slid the latex-coated object into his little ass. It glided over his inner muscles and reached deep inside, hitting that wonderful erogenous spot inside him. He bucked and arched off the bed. “Oh gods Aya-kun!”

“Yes, right now I am your god.” He drew the dildo out and pushed it in again slowly. “You’ll do everything I tell you to.”

“Yes Aya-kun! Everything!” he whimpered, tears falling over his cheeks and wetting the pillows.

“My darling,” Aya whispered, running his hands down that smooth chest as he pumped the false cock in and out of the boy. “I have wanted to do this for so long.”

Large sapphire eyes looked at him. “Am I really that hot?” he gasped between breaths.

“Yessss.” The red head moaned at the look he saw in those depthless blue eyes and forced the dildo in deeper, harder, faster. He watched every emotion that fluttered through the boy’s lust-darkened orbs.

Omi cried out and moved his hips into each thrust. It felt so good moving in and out of his wanton young body, caressing his inner walls and diving so deep. He wanted more though --- wanted Aya to pound into him with that large, thick cock that was definitely in the process of getting hard again. It had felt good in his mouth... he couldn’t imagine how it was going to feel moving inside him.

“Are you ready for me?” Aya asked in his velvety, seductive voice.

All Omi could do was nod, blushing with shame at his own eagerness. He licked his dry lips and watched as Aya pulled the dildo out of his ass and threw it in the floor, clumsy in his haste.

Abyssinian raked his nails down the boy’s slender ribs, leaving thin pink streaks. He gripped that immaculate waist in his two powerful hands and lifted Omi’s hips off the bed. He considered lubricating his large dick, but decided that there would be no more waiting, no more drawing out the moment of pure completion; he wanted to shove into Omi’s tight juvenile ass, and he wanted to do it right now.

“This may hurt a bit,” he said evilly before ramming inside.

Omi screamed and went completely rigid. “Oh god Aya-kun!” It hurt to be so brutally impaled with no lube on that stiff cock.

Aya gritted his teeth and shoved as deeply as he could into the boy’s ass in one swift thrust. Growls rose from his throat as he hammered like a wild man into the youth underneath him.

Bombay strained his wrists against the cuffs. He arched his pelvis into Aya’s and screamed with the painful, beautiful, erotic torture. His pink, swollen lips were covered with the red head’s mouth, and he grunted into the kiss as each solid thrust struck hard across his prostate, bringing him quickly to the brink of orgasm. His tiny body couldn’t handle the waves of pleasure that rode his veins like the hottest of fires.

Aya slammed his pulsing dick into his boy-toy with a chaotic roughness. Those slick, hot walls were so tight that they sucked him in, beckoning him with their perfect fit. He sank over and over again into satin heat.

“A-Aya-kun! I’m cumming!” Omi yelled even as he began to fall over the edge of climax.

He grabbed Omi’s cock and fondled it as the boy released strings of white semen into his hand. It splashed onto the youth’s sweating chest as Aya stroked it. He leaned down and kissed Omi as he screamed passionately.

Aya came not long after. He arced his back and growled as he pumped white hot cum into the small, tight body beneath him. His own body shuddered with delicious convulsions as the boy’s anal muscles milked him. They squeezed and caressed him with an almost painful tightness that left him gasping for breath.

Finally, Aya collapsed atop his small lover. They breathed heavily against one another as they recuperated.

“Oh... my... God...” Omi drawled lazily.

Aya lifted his head to look at him. “What is it my koibito?” he asked him in a whisper.

“I liked that! It’s fun to pretend! Let’s do it again!”

“What? You can’t be serious little one. That was... very tiring for me. And you cried so realistically. I almost stopped a couple of times.” He smiled and withdrew from Omi, slipping out of him tenderly. “You’re so sexy though.”

“I know!” He grinned, exposing perfect teeth. “Can you get rid of the cuffs now?”

Aya unlocked them, threw them into the floor with the rest of their things, and drew the exhausted boy into his arms. “I want to rape you again tomorrow.”

“Mmm... you can rape me any time you want Aya-kun!” He sat up for a moment to look at the door. “Oh, what we gonna do about that broken lock?”

“I’ll fix it tomorrow. Right now I could use some rest. Pretending to rape you took a lot out of me.”

“You’re so strong!” Omi sighed and collapsed against the red head, resting into his chest. “I love you, my Shakaku.”

“And I love you koibito.” He kissed his lover’s forehead and brought him closer.

They soon fell asleep, the smell of sex and fulfillment filling their senses and promises to play more pretending games floating through their conscience.

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