ELC- Blessed by the Spirit of Fire

Innate Power: Fire


             Background: He was born to a tribal family who were blessed by the fire spirit.  When he was only 5 (Arc was 7), Andel, advisor to the king of Sumeria, sent the Silver Noah, the greatest of all Sumeria's military airships, and others to seize the statue of the Spirit of Fire.  Unwilling to give up the statue, the tribe was slaughtered, all except Elc who was taken captive as a test subject for White House due to his connection with the Spirits.  There he spent several years with Meril and Jean before successfully making his escape into the desert where he wandered lost and alone.  He was finally rescued by a hunter named Shu who took care of and raised him.  He grew up with a bitter hatred for the Silver Noah, his one memory of his wretched past, and thus hates Arc who stole the ship during his flight from Sumeria when his uncle was killed.

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