Chapter 1 Part 2: A Normal Day


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“Get on with it already!  Or else!!” –Sanzo.


Hakkai followed the mysterious young woman as they wove through the streets.  He soon became very lost, “Miss, can you please tell me what this emergency is?”

“I’m sorry.  I am so very sorry.” said the woman suddenly stopping.  Hakkai almost ran into the back of her when he noticed that it was a dead end alley.  He jumped back as the woman suddenly brandished a knife and swung at him.

“Nani?!” he exclaimed very confused.

“You don’t understand.  This is the best for you.  You don’t want them to get you.  It’s horrid.  Horrid!” Said the young woman almost at tears.

Caught between going to defense and wanting to help her, Hakkai didn’t have enough time to dodge and the knife carved a long gash up his arm.  Wincing he jumped back and threw up his barrier to block her continuous swings.  She was only a human so Hakkai didn’t want to hurt her.  He moved in for an incapacitating punch to the stomach only to receive another gash as she dodged.

“Stop this.  What is wrong?” asked Hakkai dodging again.

“They’ll get you.  They’re already after your friend.  He won’t survive the night.  You can’t escape there are too many.  This is the best that you go quickly before they get to you.” Cried the woman.

“What will?” asked Hakkai.

“The eight legged ones.” she said in a hushed whisper not once stopping her attack.

Eight legged ones?  Spiders?  Goku said that he saw spiders at the dinner when I asked him what happened to upset him.  Maybe there is a delirium sickness going around this town and driving these people crazy…but a sickness that effects youkai as well as humans?  Thought Hakkai as he dodged.  He was perplexed. 

Gojyo stepped into the tavern and saw the personnel washing and cleaning up.  There were no customers in there at this time.  He took a seat and propped his feet up lighting a cigarette.  The waitress from earlier walked up to him.  Gojyo smiled.

“Is your shift over babe?” He asked putting on his most winning grin. 

“In a few more minutes.” she replied with a smile.

“Well, in that case babe, how about a sake?” said Gojyo.  The waitress giggled.

Sanzo stalked quietly and quickly through the streets.  He could sense a strong presence nearby but as Goku had mentioned upon entering this town, it was strange and not quite youkai.  It was something different all together.  It seemed to be all around but yet not.  Rounding a corner, Sanzo saw Hakkai dodging a knife-wielding girl.  He was bleeding heavily from his arm.  She looked insane, her eyes wild.  He raised his gun and without one word fired into her shoulder knocking her to the ground.  She passed out.  He walked over to Hakkai.

“What is going on?” He demanded leveling his gun at Hakkai.

“She just started attacking saying that it was better to die now than let, “Them” get you.  Whoever “They” are.” said Hakkai.

“Ch.” said Sanzo then kneeling down and picking the woman up. “You let your guard down to a mere human.”  He frowned and started to walk off.

“I’m sorry, Sanzo.” said Hakkai quickly healing his wound and walking behind Sanzo.

Sanzo made a B-line for the tavern.  That’s where Gojyo was sure to be.  He motioned Hakkai to take the girl across to the small hospice while he got Gojyo.  Sanzo entered and stalked angrily to the table that Gojyo was seated at.  He swatted the red haired man’s feet off the tabletop and glared.

“We’re going, Gojyo.” He snapped.  Gojyo started to open his mouth to protest when he found a gun pointed at his forehead, “Now.”  The command was not to be disobeyed.

Gojyo decided rather quickly that he should do as Sanzo asked of his and got up to leave when the waitress appeared again now off shift.  Gojyo smiled slyly, “I was just leaving.” He wrapped an arm about her waist and miraculously was able to now find the inn.

Sanzo gave Gojyo one last glare as the red haired man and his girlfriend at the time disappeared into his room.  He bandaged Hakkai claiming that Hakkai was not wrapping the bandages right then glared.

“Don’t leave this room or I will kill you.” said Sanzo forcefully shutting the door. 

Hakkai smiled.  That was just Sanzo’s way of saying ‘rest’.  He closed his eyes and went to sleep politely ignoring the loud sounds that were emanating from Gojyo’s room.

Sanzo unlocked the door to his room and just as he opened it, Goku came flying out.  He looked crazed.  He collided with Sanzo and grabbed the monk’s robes tightly crying.  He nearly caused them both to lose their balance.  Sanzo glared and raised his gun looking into the room.  There was nothing out of the ordinary in the dark room.  He tried to push Goku away but failed miserably against the iron grip.

“What’s wrong with you, you stupid monkey.” Growled Sanzo.  It was not a question but a demand.

“Don’t let them get me Sanzo!! Onegai!!” cried Goku shaking as he tightened his grip on Sanzo’s robes.

“Who?” asked Sanzo looking again, “There’s no one in there you crazy ape.”

“T-the spiders!” choked Goku between sobs, “I tried to hit them but I couldn’t.  They have sharp fangs.”

“It bit you.” said Sanzo.  Then after getting an affirmative nod, “Show me.”

Goku held out his arm for Sanzo to see.  Sanzo raised an eyebrow.  He saw no wound on the arm, not even the slightest of scratches.  He glared up at Goku expecting a sick joke but all he saw was panic and fear.  He touched the arm feeling it for a wound on the inside but found none, still Goku winced and cried out as if it was really hurting him whenever Sanzo applied pressure.  Sanzo frowned.  He thought for a moment then put his hand to Goku’s forehead checking for a fever but that was not the problem either.

“Please don’t leave me alone!” cried Goku.

Sanzo sighed and put a hand to his own head, “Do you see the spiders in there now?”

Goku looked up and turned back toward the room, “No,…but-but…they were there.  They were!”

“Come, then.  Let’s get some sleep.”  said Sanzo sternly, taking Goku by the shoulders and guiding him back into the room.  He tucked Goku into the left side of the bed then looked over at the nightstand, “Where is my fan, baka.”

Goku pulled the fan out from under his pillow and handed it back to Sanzo, “I thought they got you.” He whispered.

Sanzo hit Goku over the head a bit lighter than he would have normally, “Bakasaru, I don’t die that easily.”

Sanzo walked to the other side of the bed and after stripping out of his robes slid under the covers.  He had just settled in to sleep when he felt Goku curl up against his back shivering.  Growling Sanzo turned around to face Goku, “What, you dumbass ape?”

“S-Sanzo…there’s a spider in the corner.” whispered Goku shaking.

Sanzo looked over at the corner and his perpetual frown returned at full force.  There was absolutely nothing there, but Goku’s eyes were locked as if he were really seeing it.  That’s when Sanzo noticed it.  He hadn’t before but now that the moon light shown down on Goku’s diadem he saw a long crack going up the side.  His emotional surge of fear must be causing the crack.  Much like wherever something happened to Sanzo himself.  He looked down into the wide fear filled eyes of the little youkai and did something that he would have never allowed himself to do under normal circumstance.  He hugged Goku.  Much out of necessity to bring Goku’s, fear down and out of worry.  He’d find out what was going on in the morning.  Right now, Genjou Sanzo was very tired.  So there, they slept.  Goku curled up tightly into a ball and hugged securely to Sanzo’s chest.  It looked much like a parent trying to calm a frightened child telling them that there was no such thing as the boogey man.  And…that’s how Gojyo found them the next morning.    

“Ahhahahahahahhahahah!!!” laughed Gojyo upon sighting as he walked into the room.

Sanzo woke with a growl as he sat up sending Gojyo his first glare of the morning, “Shut up, Kappa.”

“You and the monkey sleeping together, who would have thought.  Ahahahahah!!!  You are such a pervert, Sanzo. AHAHAAH!!” laughed Gojyo.  He had to dodge very quickly as the Smith and Wesson made its first appearance that day and a bullet went sailing past his head.

“Shut up!” shouted Sanzo, “The dumbass ape was hallucinating so badly last night that he nearly broke his limiter.”

“So you had to ‘comfort’ him I see.” grinned Gojyo as he dodged a rain of bullets.  Gojyo loved to set off Sanzo’s last nerve.

The door was suddenly opened by the still sleepy Hakkai who managed to make his way over to a nearby chair, “What’s going on?”

“The kappa’s dead.” growled Sanzo still firing.

“Sanzo, please.  We have to pay for all these damages.” pleaded Hakkai.  Sanzo fired once more then stopped with a ‘Ch’ for good measure.

Without another word, Sanzo got out of bed and picked up his paintbrush and a sutra paper.  He began to write on it.  Gojyo who had noticed that the bullets had stopped coming, crawled out from behind the chair that he was using as a hiding spot and sat in it.  Sanzo finished his writing. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Hakkai again.

“Monkey was so frightened last night that he nearly shattered his diadem by sheer force.” Said Gojyo relaying the message.

“Frightened by what?” asked Hakkai.

The sutra paper glowed along with Sanzo’s hand as the cracks sealed over.  He didn’t bother to look up, “Spiders.”

“Spiders?  The bakasaru afraid of teeny tiny spiders?” asked Gojyo. 

“No, was it the big spiders that he said that he saw at the tavern yesterday?” asked Hakkai.

“I don’t know but whatever it is does not exist.” Said Sanzo crossing his arms, “He pointed one out for me and I didn’t see anything.  He claimed to have a bite on his arm but there is no wound.  He seems to see it though.” He flicked Goku’s ear, “Bakasaru.”  The boy didn’t stir.

“I don’t know about the rest of you but it is time for breakfast.” Said Gojyo getting up.  He shook Goku, “Hey, food-for-brain, its time for breakfast.”  Goku still did not move. Gojyo looked up in alarm, “Hakkai, something’s wrong.”

Hakkai frowned and pushed his way over.  His hand didn’t even need to touch Goku’s forehead to feel the heat emanating off it, “He’s burning up.  Gojyo please get me some water, quickly.”

Gojyo quickly made his way out of the room and down the stairs to fetch the water.  Sanzo frowned, “He didn’t have a fever last night.  How could he have been hallucinating before the fever.”

“Hmm.” Said Hakkai thinking back to last night, “Something weird is going on.  That woman last night attacked me claiming to be saving me from ‘Them’; she called them the eight-legged ones.  She was talking about spiders I’m sure.  They way she was going on they sounded like the same ones Goku was ranting about.  Maybe it’s the same thing.”

“That woman was crazy and so is the ape.” Said Sanzo, “If the delusions get worse, I’ll just shoot him.”  Turning Sanzo abruptly left.  Hakkai just looked blankly at the door; Sanzo could be so cold sometimes. 

Gojyo entered with a basin of cold water.  Hakkai thanked him and rolling up a cloth began to try to cool Goku down.  Gojyo frowned noticing the lack of Sanzo but shrugged.  That monk hated their guts what could he say.  He grinned on the outside, well, that’s what Sanzo would like them to think.  Gojyo had believed that when they had first started traveling but he soon got used to finding the subtle signs that Sanzo cared.

“Hakkai.  Not like I’m worried about the bottomless pit here, but…is he going to be all right?” asked Gojyo looking down at Goku who was still unmoving.

“Probably, his fever is going down very fast.” Said Hakkai then he looked up at Gojyo, “But if you wouldn’t mind, can I ask you to get some herbs from the store just in case his fever flares back up.”

“No problem, it’s on my way to pick up some smokes.” Said Gojyo shrugging as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Oh, and Gojyo.” Said Hakkai as Gojyo started to leave the room.

“Nani?” asked Gojyo looking over his shoulder.

“Have you seen Hakuryuu?  He wasn’t in my room this morning.” Said Hakkai worriedly.  Gojyo shook his head.  He hadn’t seen the little guy since yesterday.

Sanzo walked through the town.  He had no doubt that Hakkai would take good care of the stupid monkey so his presence there wasn’t needed.  There was something that he needed to take care of after his daily muttering at the Three Aspects for putting him with this crew of idiot youkai.  Well, two youkai and a half.  He was going to find the person who was messing around with them and make his pay.  He was quite sure that there was some main entity causing all of this trouble and no one crosses Genjou Sanzo and gets away with it.

Gojyo paid for the cigarettes and herbs with some of the money that he had attained from his card games at the last town.  He smiled slyly to the cashier on his way out.  She giggled.  Stepping out onto the road Gojyo felt the world spinning about him as he became very dizzy.  He grabbed the railing to the store porch and held on till the world stopped moving and things leveled back out then he tried to find his way back to the inn and became once again very lost.

Goku finally woke up.  His heavy eyes blinked slowly then Hakkai’s face came into focus.  He was wringing out a cloth.  Goku’s stomach remembered what time of day it way and made its protest known very loudly, “Ano…Hakkai, I’m hungry…”

“Well, seems you have recovered rather quickly from that fever.” Said Hakkai smiling.

“Was it from that bite?” asked Goku slowly sitting up.

“There are no spiders, Goku.” Said Hakkai firmly, “You don’t have a bite.”  He would have to put a stop to these delusions before they really hurt the young youkai.

“But I do!” emphatically insisted Goku looking down at his arm.  He saw no bite, “Eh, nani?”  Suddenly there was a light cracking sound and a jagged line shot up his diadem.  Goku blinked in confusion as the bite returned to his vision, “Nani?!”

“You limiter!” said Hakkai, “I’m going to get Sanzo.”  Hakkai stood up.

“Wait, Hakkai!” said Goku as he held up his arm for Hakkai to see, “Do you not see the bite?”

Hakkai raised an eyebrow with a sad frown, “Goku, there is no mark on your arm.”

“But it’s there.” Insisted Goku gingerly touching the arm.  The pain was real enough.

“Goku, you’ve had a fever and its still going down.” Said Hakkai gently.

“No, it’s not that.” Said Goku trying to think.

“Just stay here and rest.  I’m going to get Sanzo to fix your limiter.” Said Hakkai moving toward the door.

Goku’s eyes went wide as realization suddenly hit him like Jeep at full speed.  The limiter!  He had vaguely remembered hearing it crack last night just before he saw the spiders, “Hakkai, wait!”  He jumped out of bed only to get that sick dizzy feeling.  Hakkai caught him by the shoulders and sat him on the bed’s edge.

“Goku you need to stay.” Said Hakkai but before he could react, Goku’s hand shot out at the ear cuff limiter’s that Hakkai wore and he squeezed.  When he heard a slight crack Goku let go.  Hakkai stepped back in shock, “What’s wrong with—” he choked on his words as he saw the scabbed bite on Goku’s arm, “The bite!”  Hakkai wrapped the wound still in semi-disbelief.

“What’s going on?” asked Goku wanting an explanation.

Hakkai thought for a moment then he seemed to understand, “There must be an illusion on this whole town.” He speculated. “And by releasing some of our power we are able to see through this farce.  Your instincts must have known that something was wrong and worked on their own to protect you hence the crack in your diadem.  Nevertheless, I wonder how such an illusion was cast on us.  Any clues?”

“I…I’m hungry Hakkai…”said Goku his stomach rumbling again.

Hakkai smiled and shook his head.  Just when he thought that Goku had started thinking like an adult…all well, “Come on Goku.  Let’s get something to eat and find the others.” He checked once more on Goku’s fever before they walked out, it was nearly dissipated.  He thought, “The fever must have been from some kind of poison being in the bite.  Probably some kind of paralysis.  You didn’t move an inch the whole time.”

They went down to the inn ground floor and saw nobody.  It was if the whole inn had been deserted.  Not even the keeper was there.  Hakkai frowned but he and Goku helped themselves to the kitchen where Hakkai cooked some eggs, which Goku happily ate, and ate, and ate.  Hakkai was finishing his cup of coffee when Goku looked up at him.

“Hakkai, there’s one thing.” Said Goku, “Every time I see the spiders, I can’t move.  I don’t understand.  If I moved then I could hit them better.”

“Are you afraid?” asked Hakkai.

“I don’t know.  I know that Nyoibu could splat them before they got to me but…I just can’t move to fight.” Said Goku then he poked another egg and gobbled it, “Your food tastes very different from the food we had last night.  It had a funny after taste.”

“Funny after taste?” repeated Hakkai then he figured out how the illusion had completely evaded all of this senses, “They drugged our food yesterday!  Come on, we have to find Gojyo and Sanzo.”

Sanzo turned angrily for the fifth time gun raised.  He was so certain that something was following him but every time he turned to shoot it dead, there was absolutely nothing there.  He growled, who ever this maniac was, he was going to die in a horrible messy manner when Sanzo found him.  He pointed his gun in air at nothing in particular and fired.  Maybe this would scare that loser out of hiding.  The bullet disappeared into mid air.  Sanzo’s eyes opened wider.  What in the world?  He heard something hiss in pain.  He had hit something that wasn’t there, no something that he couldn’t see.  It must be invisible.  He shot again but didn’t make a hit.  He took a ready stance and waited to hear the slightest noise but heard nothing.  He waited when he heard a call.


Sanzo looked around.  Someone was calling him and he had a very good idea of whom, but how had that damn monkey recovered so fast.  He frowned.  It the bakasaru came this way then he could get hurt by whatever this invisible thing was.  Suddenly something knocked him down.  He struggled to no avail to throw the thing off.  It had his gun arm pinned with the wrist twisted awkwardly.  He couldn’t fire for the pain.  Suddenly he felt something tear open the flesh of his arm.  He hissed in pain, he Genjou Sanzo would never scream.  Looking down he saw no wound but he could feel the blood gushing out of the deep gash.  Where was the blood?

Goku heard a gun shot.  Sanzo must be close.  He ran down a few more streets giving wide berth to the spiders he saw scurrying all over the ground.  A cold chill swept over him at the mere sight of them.

“Saaannnzoooo!” He shouted.  He knew Sanzo would never respond but it would tell Sanzo that he was coming.  He didn’t want to meet the wrong end of the Smith and Wesson.

Goku bolted down a side street only to see Sanzo at last…with a huge spider pinning him to the ground.  Goku felt his body solidify as if lead weights were attached to his limbs ceasing all movement at the mere sight of the monster.  He couldn’t convince himself to go near it.  ‘Sanzo.’ Goku knew that the monk was in danger but, but…  A scent crossed his noise and guided his eyes down to see a long trail of crimson, which had made it’s way to his feet; it was Sanzo’s blood.  Following the blood Goku saw a long gash running down Sanzo’s arm and blood on the razor edged leg of the spider from where it had ripped into his flesh as it licked the blood off cleaning the leg.  Sanzo was hurt and trapped.  Goku felt a rage build up inside him. There was a loud sound as another crack ran up the diadem as Goku’s eyes narrowed.  In a flash the Nyoibu staff appeared in his hand and he rushed forward catching the spider with his shoulder and slammed it away from Sanzo.  The creature was thrown into the alley wall and Goku, half-crazed, leapt after it.  He hit the spider so hard with the staff that it actually began to rip the creature to pieces splattering blood and gore everywhere.  Even in its death he couldn’t quit, the bloodlust was strong.

Sanzo quickly got to his feet recovering his gun then holding a hand over the pouring wound that he couldn’t see.  He tore off a piece of his robe and wrapped it thinking of how many more robes would he ruin on this dumb trip West.  He looked up, he had seen Goku but where was that stupid ape now.  Hearing the sickening sound of rending flesh, he turned around to see Goku, his staff descending upon something unseen.  Sanzo frowned.  The thing had to be dead by now, what was going on.  Finishing with wrapping all he thought was bleeding Sanzo walked over and put a hand on Goku’s shoulder turning him around.  He nearly didn’t duck in time as a clawed hand cut through the air.  He was not greeted with the I-Am-So-Happy-To-See-Sanzo face but with a cold half crazed glare.  Goku’s ears now held a sharp point thought they hadn’t grown much longer.  Sanzo glared back for a moment eye’s narrowing in the stare down; his gun held ready to fire at hostility.  The diadem was still there so what--- he saw not one but three full length cracks snaking their way up the front of the diadem.  One more and it would surely burst asunder. 

“Bakasaru.”  Sanzo wrote something on a sutra paper and started to hold it up to the diadem to mend the cracks when the staff came down across his hand in a swift precise stinging stroke.  It made him drop the sutra paper and wince.  Sanzo glared at the youkai then leaned over to pick it up only to receive another strike of the staff to his hand, “Stop that you dumbass ape!” He was getting angry as he tried again only to receive another stinging blow.

“San…zo…” The crazy golden eyes watched him intently.

“You still in control saru?” asked Sanzo.

“…” It was silent for a moment.

“Goku?” Sanzo asked again readying his gun to fire.

“…Hunger…” growled the youkai that was not quite Goku but still enough to count.

“Let me fix the diadem, bakasaru.” said Sanzo picking up the paper successfully this time.

“NO!” hissed the youkai suddenly striking the paper from Sanzo’s hand, “Come.”

Sanzo had to run after the monkey as Goku raced off following a different scent.

Gojyo suddenly felt very sick.  The world was spinning, whirling around before his eyes as if it were caught in some kind of strange dance.  The buildings seemed to change from one to another different building and back again.  It was as if the town could not make up its mind of how that it was set up.  He stumbled forward and grabbed hold of the nearest wall until the dizzy spell passed.  He wasn’t even sure if he was walking back toward the inn or not.  Sometimes he could swear that he saw some of those spiders that Goku had been wailing about.  Gojyo closed his eyes a sudden anger sweeping over him.  What was wrong with him?  This place was driving him crazy.  He stepped forward only to run into somebody.  He growled a curse then looked up.

“Hakkai.” he said a little surprised.

“Gojyo, I’m glad that I found you.” said Hakkai, “This whole town is an illusion.”

“An illusion, huh?” Then what is this hell hole really?” asked Gojyo trying to make the town stop flashing.

“From what I can tell it is a giant hive of spiders.  The illusion is to coax unknowing victims into their trap.” said Hakkai.

“Spiders?  So the monkey wasn’t kidding, huh.” said Gojyo, “So why haven’t they eaten us yet?”

“I don’t know.” said Hakkai, “They seem to be waiting for something.”

“Like what?” asked Gojyo.

“Like…” Hakkai stopped to think then a sudden loud chattering sound filled his ears.  Hakkai looked up to see a spider about half the size of the inn heading straight at them, “Like that!”

Gojyo turned in the direction that Hakkai was pointing and saw nothing, then to his horror after a few seconds of concentrating an enormous spider entered his vision.  His eyes went wide, “Well…one should always wait till mommy eats first…”

Hakkai backed up as he saw a swarm of the little spiders heading toward them, “They-they’re everywhere!”

Gojyo looked down, “How come you can see these things and it takes me a whole forever to notice.”

Hakkai shot a blast of light at the swarm of spiders, “Well, I didn’t see them until Goku cracked my limiter.”

Cracked your limiter, oh shit.” said Gojyo pulling out his shaku jou and closing his eyes for a moment concentrating to find out where the spiders were, “Are you sure that’s safe, Hakkai?”

“No, but it’s the only way to see through this illusion.” said Hakkai splattering another group of the endless little spiders as he jumped back to dodge being bitten.

“You are NOT going to tell me that the saru is walking around with a cracked limiter!” said Gojyo pulling back his shaku, which was now stained with the spider’s black blood.

“Well, I guess I won’t tell you then.” smiled Hakkai throwing another attack.

“We are all going to die.” groaned Gojyo mournfully.  He whirled his weapon clearing the path around Hakkai, “So if it’s your youkai powers that makes these things visible then since I don’t have a limiter shouldn’t I see them?”

“Your human half must be interfering with your senses.  Sanzo should be completely blind to them.  All it takes for you is to focus your energy.” said Hakkai.

“Geez, these things are everywhere!” shouted Gojyo kicking one off his boot.

“Hey.” smiled Hakkai, “I said that earlier, why’d you just now notice.”

“Well, they weren’t messing up my good clothes earlier.” said Gojyo giving the offending creature a stab from the sharp end of the shaku.

“Where are the?” came a voice.

“Just about that building.  What, can’t you see?” said Gojyo turning around expecting to see Hakkai only to meet the dangerous end of the Smith and Wesson between the eyes.  He expected to feel a ventilation hole in one of his shoulders at least but the gun raised and shot toward the building.  Gojyo looked slightly relieved until the gun pointed at him again.

“Another crack like that and you will get likewise.” said Sanzo, “Now, how many and where.”  It was not a question.

Gojyo started to answer and he looked up to direct Sanzo’s gun in the direction of the giant spider; there was no way that Sanzo could miss that even if he couldn’t see it.  That’s when he saw a flash of a person then it disappeared, reappearing for a moment to strike the Nyoibu staff across the huge creatures head sending blood spurting all around only to disappear again.  Goku was moving at an incredibly fast speed.  Gojyo’s eyes were open wide, “Wha…”

“The ape obviously has the one that you are gaping at kappa so choose me a different one.” said Sanzo impatiently.

“Is h-his limiter broken?” asked Gojyo flashbacks of the last few times that had happened rushed through his mind.

“Not entirely but if the battle lasts it might.” snapped Sanzo, “So hurry up.”

“There are hundreds of these little spiders all over the place.  You could start with the left.” said Gojyo, “They are currently at the wall and closing in fast.”

“Good.” said Sanzo firing bullets at the area near the wall with a practiced mechanical swiftness.  Empty.  Reload.  Empty.  Reload.  There were absolutely no questions to be asked.  He was rewarded with several dead bodies though he could not see them.  Only 10% of Sanzo’s bullets completely missed their target.  Gojyo was just glad that the gun was not aimed at him.

Hakkai was all too soon growing weary from throwing the blasts, but the spiders just kept coming.  There was no telling how many of these creatures were still in reserve and hadn’t made it to the site yet.  He had the bad feeling that they could possibly die here.  He looked up as something flashed by him he looked up to see Goku attacking the mother spider.  He noticed also with much relief that the diadem was still very much in place but Goku just wasn’t acting normal.  The little saru would have swept the enemy out of his and Gojyo’s paths giving them a bit of relief before starting in on his own battle.  That worried Hakkai.  Goku was a creature of habit, it wasn’t like him to do something out of order.  Hearing Sanzo’s gun fire would usually make Hakkai feel a bit of relief but since he knew that Sanzo couldn’t see, Hakkai began to worry that a spider would crawl up behind Sanzo and injure the monk.  No, Gojyo was over there he would take care of Sanzo.  Everything was going to work out, he kept telling himself.  Still the battle raged on its hour and just when Hakkai thought that he could not fire one blast more he saw the huge spider finally manage to swat Goku slamming him into the ground.  There was a bright white light.  NO!

“Goku!” shouted Hakkai.

The blood was thick in the air as Goku raced on with Sanzo following him.  At this moment he didn’t care whither the monk was behind him or not, there was a battle ahead and he was hungry for bloodshed.  The smell drew him like a moth to flame through the streets until he emerged in the town square where spiders were crawling everywhere.  His eyes lit up with eagerness when he noticed the smell of a youkai and a half youkai.  His sharp narrowed eyes quickly found them and he considered for a moment.  No, I know them.  He turned his attention to the fight to see a huge spider making its way over.  MY enemy.  He rushed forward all too eager to spill the blood of combat.  He jumped forward and swung at the spider’s head as it got close enough and began to dodge and attack accordingly.  It was thrilling.  Suddenly during the fight he lost his concentration.  A voice inside said, “I’m hungry…”  In that moment the spider struck him down into the ground.  He felt the back of his head strike something hard then a shattering sound was the last thing he consciously remembered.  The new being had only one thought one desire as of the moment in its blackened mind.  Kill.  My.  Enemy.

Gojyo’s arm was growing tiered as well as his voice from having to shout directions at Sanzo.  He swung again only this time it wasn’t a well-placed swing and the chain wrapped around a piece of porch.  He pulled; the shaku was stuck.  Seeing its chance a spider jumped out at him going toward his face.  Gojyo threw up a hand to shield his face when a bolt of chi light slammed into its hairy body.  Blood exploded everywhere as the hairy remains fell to the side.  Gojyo gave Hakkai a grateful look, received a smile in return before he managed to yank the shaku free, and resumed his sweeping attacks.  He had just splattered another row of the creatures when he heard a crash and watched the enormous mother spider slam Goku into the ground then the white light followed. 

“SHIT!” shouted Gojyo and he meant Super Heinous Inevitable Trouble.

Sanzo noticed as well but he shrugged it off.  They were too busy right now to be bothered by that.  If Goku finished his enemy off and came after them, he would just shoot him.  That would put an end to that miserable little youkai.  He continued firing at the invisible creatures with a vengeance.  He watched carefully to see if his bullets disappeared into invisible flesh or if they ricocheted off the cobblestone street, in which case, he would adjust his aim.  Suddenly the illusion dropped and he saw the spiders.  He shot the two closest to him then turned to see an exhausted Hakkai and a very blood splattered Gojyo.  He looked up adjusting his gaze to see a blood soaked Goku standing on the remains of the mother spider still tearing away at the flesh.  He shot another spider as it crawled toward him then reloaded keeping an eye steadily on Goku.  Now that his enemy was dead, he would choose a new target but the question was who? 

Don’t make me hurt you. Thought Sanzo at Goku as the saru turned from his kill and stalked toward them.  Sanzo mentally sighed in relief as Goku started in on the slaughter of the smaller spiders.  Apparently, the job wasn’t done until all the spiders were corpses.  They still had time.  He saw, however, that Gojyo was watching Goku nervously as he continued slashing the spiders.  The pour of the little spiders was constant and the battle raged on of two over hours more.  Soon, however, they didn’t have to lift a finger at all with the battle as Goku dashed about slaying them like no tomorrow.  Sanzo managed to catch the exhausted Hakkai by the elbows as ho collapsed and set him down gently.

“Don’t move.  You are even more useless than you already are dead.” said Sanzo.

Hakkai shook his head and smiled gently, “Why can’t you just say what you really mean?”

“Are you saying that I don’t say what I mean?” demanded Sanzo his eyes trying to frown at the wise youkai.

“I know you don’t say what you mean.” said Hakkai still smiling.

“Chi.” said Sanzo loudly a slight grin crawling over his face, “We’ll see.”

“Sanzo, you dumb monk!!  We’ve got a problem here!!!!” Came Gojyo’s panicked voice.

Sanzo looked up to see Gojyo go flying into a wall.  Leaving Hakkai, he ran between Goku and Gojyo his arm held out, “Bakasaru!”

Gojyo propped himself up and watched Sanzo take care of the monkey.  Once the diadem formed again, Goku promptly collapsed.  Gojyo put a hand to his shoulder.  That had been an exceptionally hard strike.  The bruise that he imagined would be there the next morning was assured.  He looked around at the corpses.  There was not one spider left alive.  The whole place smelt of blood and was starting to reek of dead flesh.  And there was a LOT of that.  He felt a bit queasy.  Damn stinky spiders, then again the worst smell was coming off Goku.  He was covered in gore, flesh pieces, and blood mixed with his strong fighter’s sweat.  He wanted a bath, now!!!  Gojyo struggled to his feet and moved away from Goku.

“We need to leave here before something comes attracted to this rotting stink.” said Sanzo frowning.

“I don’t know where Hakuryuu is.” said Hakkai shaking his head. 

“We won’t get far in this condition, Sanzo.” said Gojyo plopping down beside Hakkai.

“I am not staying here.  I will go find Hakuryuu.” said Sanzo wandering off with meaning.

Sanzo started toward the inn then stopped.  If Hakkai didn’t know where the little white dragon was then he wasn’t at the inn.  He thought for a moment, and then stalked toward the tavern.  That’s where all this trouble started and that’s probably where it will end.  He walked in and saw no one.  He stepped in further undeterred by the absence only to hear a shuffle of clothing and then a dish fell from its precarious balance and to the floor in a crash.  It shattered followed by an ‘owch’.  Sanzo quickly made his way over to the bar and looked behind it only to seethe two waitresses and the inn/bar keeper cowering there.

“You are humans.” he said then he caught the bar keeper in his most dangerous glare, ”You didn’t try to warn us.”

“T-the spiders would have killed us too.” stammered the barkeeper.

“Ch.  And where is the white dragon.” Sanzo demanded.  One of the waitresses pointed over to a wooden barrel.  He walked over to the barrel, “You’d better leave now.  The spiders are dead.”  With out any further attention paid to the humans Sanzo broke open the barrel top and Hakuryuu looking very distressed flew out and flapped beside Sanzo awaiting permission to alight upon his shoulder.  The little dragon knew better than to assume, “Ch.”

Sanzo turned and walked back to the others with Hakuryuu on his shoulder.  Upon sighting of it’s master, however, the little dragon flew up and over to him worriedly.  Hakkai smiled.

“Are you all right Hakuryuu?” he asked petting the little white dragon.

“Kyuuuu!!!” it said affirmatively.

“Can you turn into Jeep?” he asked.

In answer the little dragon transformed, “Kyuuuuuu!”  The engine revved.

“Good going Mr. Worldly Monk.” said Gojyo smiling as he got into the jeep.  Sanzo growled and flashed him an obscene hand gesture before walking over and helping Hakkai into the jeep even though Hakkai insisted that he was all right.  Hakkai just shook his head and smiled.  Sanso cursing under his breath collected Goku’s unconscious body and deposited him unceremoniously into the backseat of the jeep then got in himself. 

“Sanzo…” came Goku’s voice, “…I’m hungry…”

“Even semi-conscious all he can think about is his stomach.” said Gojyo shaking his head.

“West.” commanded Sanzo.

Hakkai nodded and pulled out of the town.  Yes, just another average day.


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