Saiyuki-Just Above the Normal


A small disclaimer that I do not own Saiyuki though I wish it to be so or at least Goku.  So I will just have to live with pictures until I get the plushie!  Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!   Any who, there is no yaoi, sorry.  Don’t have that here, or shonen ai…yet…maybe…any way they are all very good friends I think even if Sanzo is a mean person on the outside, Hakkai smiles too much, Gojyo needs a steady relationship, and Goku whines a lot…….  On to the story!!!

“I’m hungry.” –Goku.

“Shut up and read the story, baka!” –Gojyo


                                                                        Chapter 1

“I’m soooo hungry!  Are we there yet?” whined Goku wriggling about in his chair.

“It’ll be a few more hours, yet.” Smiled Hakkai as he made to swerve around a turtle.

“B-but I’m starving!!” cried Goku.

“Eat your foot, you dumbass monkey and stop that hole from making those irritating sounds.” Said Gojyo, frowning, “You haven’t shut up since we left the last town!”

“Who are you calling dumbass you red ero-kappa!” snapped Goku.

“What was that you brainless ape?!” shouted Gojyo.

“Red. Ero. Kappa.  You hard of hearing cockroach?” demanded Goku.

“You wanna rumble you dumbass!” shouted Gojyo.

“Both of you shut up now!” shouted Sanzo his eyebrow twitching as he landed two precise and well practiced blows to their heads with his paper fan. *thwack* *thwack*

“Itai…” whined Goku holding his head.

“Why’d you hit me?” complained Gojyo.

“One more word and you’re dead meat, got it.” snapped Sanzo.

“You’d deserve it, you cockroach.” Laughed Goku.  *thwack* He shut up.

Hakkai sweat dropped as he checked the map.  Why was everyday just like this?  Goku would whine about food, then he and Gojyo would get into a fight, and Sanzo would then administer the Fan of Punishment.  He shrugged.  All well, just another normal day heading West.

After a few more hours of driving they came to a town.  Hakkai stopped the jeep and they all exited it then it turned back into Hakuryuu.  The little white dragon flew up to sit on Hakkai’s shoulder.  He petted it on the head as it nuzzled him.  Gojyo looked around then put his hands behind his head in a stretch.  He surveyed the town with a wide grin.

“So many hot chicks, so little time.” He said then he turned to look in the direction of the nearest tavern.

“Gojyo, wait.” Said Hakkai seeing that Sanzo was stopped and looking at Goku.

“You’ve been awfully quiet since we got near this town.  What’s with that?” Sanzo demanded.

“I don’t know.  This place doesn’t smell right.  I don’t like it.” Said Goku frowning.

“Youkai?” asked Hakkai.

“No, I know that scent.  This one is strange.” Said Goku.

“Then we will just be careful.” Said Sanzo without further comment.

“We should stay together then, just in the case that it is youkai.” Said Hakkai.

“Ch.” Grunted Sanzo then turned to walk toward the inn to reserve some rooms.  The others followed.

 “I will get three.  I do not want to see any of your ugly faces tonight. Or hear your disturbing noises.” Said Sanzo the last part directed at Goku and Gojyo. 

Leaving the inn they went in search of the tavern and supper much to one hungry monkey’s delight.  Walking in Goku spied an empty table and ran to it grabbing a menu as the others came to sit.  Hakkai just shook his head.  Not too long after a waitress came to their table.  Gojyo looked her over as she walked up.

“Hey, babe.  After work how about you and me go to the inn for a little dessert?” said Gojyo grinning slyly.

“Oh, my.” Giggled the waitress instantly enamored with his looks.

“May we order now?” politely asked Hakkai.

“Oh!” said the waitress starting to then pulling out her pen and paper pad.  She turned to Goku, “And what do you want?”

“I want fried noodles!!  And roast chicken, meat buns, rice,….”said Goku.

“Enough.” Said Sanzo with a hand to his head as if he had a headache and would rather be anywhere but there.

“…and roast beef, and tempura, and---“ he continued.  *thwack*

“Enough, bakasaru!” shouted Sanzo withdrawing his fan and putting it back to wherever he hides it.

“Itai….” Whined Goku, once again holding his head.

“And you, sir?” she asked Hakkai.

“A little sake with that meal please.” Smiled Hakkai.

“Sake for me.” Said Gojyo, “Some wine for the monk.”

“Milk for him.” Said Sanzo pointing at Goku.

“Ok, …” said the waitress looking at the long list as she walked back into the kitchens.

She opened the door and stepped in.  Wading though the cook’s mess she made her way to the very back and handing the slip of paper to the cook continued to the far corner where something stood in the dark corner.  She looked afraid.

“There are four of them.  Two youkai, one human, and a half.” She said trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“Doonee weelll.” The thing said.

A few minutes passed and their meal was served.

“Yum!” exclaimed Goku hopping up and down in his chair as the food was placed on the table.  He immediately began devouring meat buns.

“Monkey’s happy.” Commented Gojyo sipping his sake as he took a chicken leg.

“As he should be.” Said Hakkai sipping his drink as well.

“Ch.” Hissed Sanzo then ignoring the whole lot of them.

Goku grinned happily and reached for another mat bun taking a bite but then to his sick horror inside the basket of meat buns sitting with the food were several had sized hairy black spiders with their fangs dripping poison.  His eyes grew wide and he looked down at the one in his hand only to see half a spider.  He pat out the mouthful with a scream to the floor dropping the half in his hand immediately then hit the basket with his hand sending it flying across the room and into the wall.  He felt very sick.  As soon as the basket hit the wall the spiders crawled out and scrambled to his chair.  Goku drew up in fear and closed his eyes tightly trying to dispel the nausea.  The other three started at his scream only to watch him send a basket of meat buns flying.  Hakkai leaned toward the frightened boy and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Goku, Goku, what’s wrong?” he asked the shivering brown haired youkai.

Slowly Goku opened his eyes to see not spiders but meat buns at his chair and half a meat bun on the table.  His wild golden eyes looked up at his companions.  Gojyo frowned.

“Dumbass ape.  Now everyone is staring.” Snapped Gojyo, “Why’d you go and throw away such good food.”

It-it was---but…” stammered Goku.

Gojyo grabbed the half eaten bun and tore off the part Goku had bitten and ate it, “It’s fresh.  What’s wrong with you, bakasaru?”

 “What happened?” asked Hakkai.

He made note to ask the boy later for right now Goku’s attention was now on Gojyo as he watched the half water youkai eat his meat bun.  He whined.  The meal continued on in silence with Goku gobbling the food but eying it warily as he did so.  Sanzo just frowned.  However, unnoticed was a small crack forming along the side of Goku’s diadem.  Later, they retired to the inn.  Gojyo glared over at Goku who was bouncing up and down on the second bed in the room.  Sanzo had forced them to share a room.  He had wanted to trade with Hakkai but the only room with two beds was on the outer set of the three and Sanzo did not want to be kept up by Gojyo’s evening activities and had stated with the end of the infamous Smith and Wesson.  He just growled.   He’d send Goku to Hakkai’s room anyway. 

“I’m going to go pick up a chick, so you’d better be gone by the time I come back, bakasaru.” Said Gojyo.

“Why?  Can’t I talk to her too?” asked Goku curiously.

“Talk?  I’ve got far better things in mind.” Said Gojyo.

“Like what?” ignorantly asked Goku who stopped jumping.

“Never you mind you dumbass ape.” Snapped Gojyo turning to leave, “Just be gone or I’ll have to throw you out.”

Goku glared at the door then crawled beneath the covers of his bed.  He’d make Gojyo tell him when he got back.

Hakkai sat by the window in his room.  He had been glad enough to get a room all to his own.  He felt a bit of amusement that Gojyo and Goku had to share.  Still, he had no doubt in his mind that his peace would be shattered in very few minutes by Goku having been thrown out by Gojyo and his girl and looking for a place to sleep.  He had started making a mat of blankets for Goku to sleep on and when he had finished had decided to sit by the window and think.  Hakuryuu was snoring lightly on the nightstand.  Hakkai was about to get up and turn in for the night when he saw a girl in the street.  She pointed up at him and beckoned.  Hakkai shook his head.  Obviously, she had gotten Gojyo’s room and his mixed up.  He got up from his chair.  Better go direct her to Gojyo.

Gojyo hadn’t gotten too far from the inn when suddenly the town looked completely different.  He turned back to find the inn but it had vanished.  What the hell?  He glared, what was going on.  He turned retracing his steps but only succeeded in getting even more lost.  The night’s darkness made it only a minor side difficult, so Gojyo could not understand how he had lost his way.  Then he saw the tavern.  It was the only building that he recognized.  It shone with warm welcoming light.  He started toward it expecting to see the roof of the inn somewhere about but when he didn’t he decided to go on into the tavern and accomplish his first goal.

Alone.  Nobody around, just silence and the moon and the sun at times.  It was so cold and so dark despite the sun.  Every time he moved he could feel the weight of the chains, could hear their clanking.  So hungry and so very, very lonely…  Goku bolted up from his bed a cold feeling covering his heart.  He looked around quickly.  Where was Gojyo?  Where?  He felt a little scared.  Quietly slipping out of bed Goku walked out into the hall.  He needed reassurance.  He knocked on Hakkai’s door and receiving no answer opened it.  He knew that the older youkai wouldn’t mind.  Hakkai never minded.  He walked in but saw no sign of the man, neither had the bed been slept in.  Goku felt a cry well up inside him.  Had they left him?  Abandoned him?  He was all alone.  He felt tears form in his eyes then walked out of that room and to Sanzo’s.  He didn’t knock but walked right in.

“S-Sanzo?” he called at the lump in the bed.

There was a growl, “Get out of my room, dumbass ape.”

“C-can I stay in here?” came Goku’s voice a bit of a waver in the tone.  He didn’t want to be left alone.

Sensing such a tone in the little youkai’s voice one angry violet eye shot open to see the near tears eyes staring back at him.  It reminded him of the first time he saw those eyes.  He frowned and turned his back, “No.”  Sanzo moved from the middle to the far side of the bed leaving a large space behind him.  Let the bakasaru think what he wanted.  He had said, ‘no’.  Sanzo frowned as he felt the weight of the small youkai as Goku climbed into the bed.  There hadn’t been the customary ‘yea!’ from the saru.  His keeper’s frown deepened.  Goku was actually scared this time; not pretending like always.  Sanzo turned around to ask why Goku hadn’t gone to bother Hakkai instead when he noticed that the boy was already asleep.  He had the feeling that something bad was going on.

He lay quietly for a few minutes then slipped out of bed without waking Goku and pulled his robes on.  He started to leave when he heard a soft cry.  Cussing under his breath, Sanzo walked back over to the bed and roughly ruffled the sleeping baka’s hair and took out his paper fan.  He set it on top of the nightstand in plain view so that if Goku woke up he would see it.  A reassurance that Sanzo would return for the fan.  He locked the door on his way out.  Sanzo glared at nothing in particular as he stalked to Hakkai’s room, “Dumbass ape.”  He muttered.

He didn’t knock on the door to the room that would just be a waste of his valuable sleeping time.  He looked in Hakkai wasn’t there.  He raised an eyebrow.  This was odd.  Hakkai, unlike a certain red haired kappa Sanzo knew, never left his room at night.  Just to be sure, however, Sanzo barged into Gojyo’s room to check for the half-youkai.  He saw no signs of the man.  Sanzo got angry.  Here he was trying to get some sleep and having to go on an idiot hunt in the middle of the night.  If he weren’t so very sure that this was out of their league Sanzo would have just left them to the problem.  Goku was enough to look after; he didn’t need to be the caretaker of two healthy grown youkai.  Sanzo loaded his gun and walked out of the inn.


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